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How to Setup Email Hosting

To setup an email hosting, you must first login to the cPanel account :

Go to the email section and click on email accounts.  

Fill in the details for the new account like the User ID and password in the Email text box. Retype the password to confirm. The email box will confirm the password strength. It is recommended to have a password that is a mix of alphabets and numbers. 

Go to Mailbox Quota, type the mailbox size in MB (megabytes) if you know your requirement. By default, you are provided 250MB. 

Click on Create Account. 

To modify an email account

Go to the email Section in the cPanel account. 

Click Email accounts. Select the setting that you wish to change. Click Password if you wish to change it (it is recommended to change the password frequently for security reasons). 

If you wish to modify your account Quota, click on Quota. If you wish to access the webmail, click on More and then click on Access webmail. 

Similar process for any other modification. 

In case you wish to delete an email account in cPanel, 

Go to Mail section after you log in to your cPanel account.

Select Email accounts. Search for the email account that should be deleted. 

Click on Delete. You may get a prompt: Are you sure? Type yes or press Enter. 

The same procedure applies to your Windows server. Instead of cPanel, you must use Plesk control panel.

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