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Cloud Migration Services
Encrypting the Cloud from the inside out

When analyzing transformation to cloud, it's important for companies to work out whether or not a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is ideal and the concerned order during the applications is transformed to the cloud.

Attain a successful transition towards the cloud with absolute zero business influence

Cloud migrations are typically a lot more sophisticated than simply a fast lift-and-shift. Our consultants have monitored many winning cloud migrations, and that they can make certain customers’ is fast, while not having a disruption, and operates the customers up to scale back prices, automatize, and simply benefit of the information.

Go4hosting Migration approach provides complicated methods of migrations in a very mess free and organized manner. We offer quicker, affordable, and winning transition with absolute zero business influence.

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Go4hosting Cloud Migration

With productive experience in offering supreme client expertise and information analytics-based applications, Go4hosting guarantees application-driven speed with various cloud migration services and will enhance accessibility with the third-party tools and various templates constructed for particular workloads.

With uprising business-oriented specifications, IT capability for modification is minimizing. The framework is all gathered up with numerous applications. To complete the bridge between the enhancing business requirement and IT capability to assist the latest services, the framework must be freed up.

Our Cloud Migration services facilitate in migrating framework, various applications along with business methods of a corporation to cloud, therefore liberating the architecture. Cloud migration is critical to fulfilling the distance in business requirements and IT capability. Cloud Migration Services establish regions of threats and chances for raising the performance and accessibility of crucial business operations. Our solutions productively mitigate threats, embrace performance, and invoke strong, continued methods resulting in upcoming business enhancement.

“Dexterous and adaptable, Go4Hosting’s cloud migration service streamlines your venture migration to the cloud”

Go4hosting cloud migration services comprise

  • Migration factory
  • Cloud-to-cloud movement
  • Migration of workloads
  • Validation and performance testing
  • Operations run books

Advantages of Cloud Migration Services with Go4hosting


  • Infrastructure Migration

    Go4hosting offers some services for infrastructural migration to cloud unitedly with top cloud service providers

  • Data Migration

    Our Unified Data Migration infrastructure could be a standardized, consistent, and recycled interface to allow ‘end to end’ associated Data Migrations.

  • Platform Migration

    We possess hands-on-experience in processing and transforming applications across many high interfaces.

  • Application Migration

    Go4hosting Migration of Applications to Cloud (MAC) could be a verified ecosystem for correct, sure, and accelerated transformation to the cloud. The infrastructure is assisted with factory model execution for continuous and ensured performance.

Go4hosting's Professional Services Team Is Your Cloud Migration Service Custodian

Contribution to Business

  • Accelerate time to value and ROI realization
  • 30% reduction in migration cycle
  • 40% reduction in operational costs
  • Toolset based migration with up to 70% automation
  • Proven framework and execution approach

Benefits of Cloud Migration in India

The common objective about any cloud migration is basically to host various applications and information within the best IT surroundings available, supported across factors like value, performance, and security.

For an instance, several corporations perform the transformation of on-premises based applications and information from their native data center to the concerned public cloud framework to require the benefit of advantages, like larger flexibility, self-service supplying, redundancy, and a versatile, pay-per-use model.

Cloud Migration Method

The methods a company obeys throughout a cloud migration changes relying on factors like the sort of migration it desires to perform and also the particular resources it desires to maneuver. Common components of the concerned cloud migration strategy embrace assessing performance and encryption needs, selecting a cloud service provider, scheming prices, and creating any mandatory structural changes.

Relying across the features of the migration, a company could favor to shifting a concerned application to its latest hosting surrounding with null refinements, a model typically remarked as a lift-and-shift migration.

Cloud Migration Tools and Services

There are numerous tools and various services obtainable to assist a company plan and implement a cloud migration.

Go4hosting’s Expertise in these Cloud Migration Tools

  • AWS Migration Hub
  • Azure Migrate
  • Google Cloud information Transfer Service
  • AWS Snowball
  • Azure Import/Export
  • Google Transfer Appliance
  • Cloud migration is the method of moving information, several applications or alternative business parts to cloud computing surroundings.
  • There are varied forms of cloud migrations a corporation will perform. One famous model is that the transfer of knowledge and concerning applications from an area, on-premises data center to the general public cloud.
  • Although a cloud migration might additionally necessitate migrating information and applications from a single cloud interface or service provider to a different, a model called cloud-to-cloud migration.
  • The 3rd kind of migration is basically to uncloud, additionally called a reverse cloud migration or also as declouding wherever the information or applications are stirred off of the cloud and return to a native data center.
  • Usual challenges a corporation confronts throughout a cloud migration embody ability, information and application movability, information integrity and encryption, and business consistency.
  • Without correct designing, a migration might negatively have an effect on performance and result in increased IT prices, thus denying a number of the most advantages of cloud computing.

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