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AWS Cloud Migration

Embrace Amazon's Amazing Cloud & Feel The Difference

AWS Cloud Migration

VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V/SCVMM, and Azure virtual machines are migrated to AWS Cloud by using AWS server migration service.

The flexible nature of Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes them a valuable addition to the tech services portfolio of Go4hosting. In keeping to provide the best services to all our clients, we have added AWS migration services to our ever-growing list of offerings so that our clients, both old and new, can benefit from the multilateral advantages this suite of technical, cloud-power-harnessing tools brings to the table.

A Bouquet of Amazon Web Services Migration Tools

Amazon Web Services has various methods for migration of existing networks and systems to the cloud.

AWS Cloud Migration

Plan Your AWS Cloud Migration or Initial Deployment

While it is completely within reason to jump into AWS and start using its features, perhaps a moment can be taken to eye the offerings and take your pick of the lot, ably aided wherever needed by the expert team members of Go4hosting, of course.

Physical limitations of having a singular or even multiple servers hosted on local data centers heightens the risk involved due to the vagaries of the internet. That’s right, the connected nature of the world wide web also affords hackers and malware progenitors the chance to steal your data or infect your servers. By migrating to the cloud, and specifically to Amazon Web Services, you can reduce this risk and buffer your security measures with the ones provided by Amazon Web Services. Additionally, data storage space and processing power become available to you in an easily scalable way.

AWS Cloud Migration

Make an Informed Choice. Choose Go4hosting AWS Cloud Migration

Amazon Web Services tools are well understood by the Go4hosting team, thus making them apt for suggesting the best migration tool for you. Amazon themselves have a rule of thumb to give you an idea how long (and which method) it will take to migrate your data successfully – simply dividing the total number of bytes (GB, TB or PB) by the product of connection speed, network utilization factor and the seconds in a day (86, 400). Leaving the approximation mathematics aside, it is acceptable to go for managed migration tools if your data exceeds 500 GB and you have a strong, upward of 10 Mbps connection to the cloud.

Go4hosting assists in migration to the cloud using Amazon Web Services either as a bulk data mover for large business or as a one-time data dump into the cloud storage of Amazon, depending on the feasibility according to your data quantity.

AWS Cloud Migration

Rsync/command Line Interface for Simple Storage Service or Glacier storage

Rsync is an open-source software for 3rd party systems to dump small amounts of data at a time into Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) object storage. The integral command line interface (CLI) can be used for both S3 and Glacier vaults, choosing which one to use is again dependent on how the stored data is going to be used. All this is obviously possible when you avail our AWS Cloud Migration service.

AWS Cloud Migration

Bulk Transfer of Physical Disks Containing Data

Physical disks Geographical location plays an important part in latency and download/upload speeds. Moving the existing data is also an option to be considered for bulk data already stored on hard disks or solid state drives. Alternatively, if time is less of an issue or you want to migrate on an ongoing basis, using the web interfaces on Amazon Web Services to link your disaster recovery, backup and streaming process flows to the cloud without disrupting business comes in handy. AWS migration services can extricate dependence on conventional physical disks and help you make the move to online virtual space.

AWS Cloud Migration

Compare and Combine Amazon Web Services Tools with Amazon Cloud Migration

Flexibility is of paramount importance when deciding which way to take to the cloud. Amazon’s own AWS Management Console provides multiple options, which may confuse novice network teams or technophobe entrepreneurs. Go4hosting makes it easy for migrating to the cloud with our practical knowledge garnered through extensive study and certification programs, making migration of your business systems a cinch.

AWS Cloud Migration: A Quick Glance

Virtual machine migration from on-premises VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V/SCVMM, and Azure to the AWS Cloud is automated through AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS). Your server VMs are incrementally duplicated by AWS SMS as cloud-hosted Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) prepared for deployment on Amazon EC2. Before putting your cloud-based images in production, you may easily test and upgrade them using AMIs.

How Does AWS Server Migration Service Operate?

Organizations moving to the cloud encounter frequent challenges. They are forced to make a trade-off between security and fostering rapid innovation among their developers, not to mention the difficulty of developing a cloud-first culture and process.

AWS cloud migration in India will enhance security and compliance, make use of existing tools and procedures, and maximize the benefits of the cloud. Based on our experience aiding millions of clients in moving to the cloud, AWS cloud migrations can quickly help you improve operational efficiency and application performance.

Charming Gains of AWS Migration Services

Moving your IT infrastructure to the AWS cloud migration has a lot of benefits. To manage your IT-related endeavors, AWS offers a wealth of computing resources, freeing up your staff, resources, and cash for tasks that directly improve your bottom line.

By switching to cloud infrastructure, you may access your data whenever and from anywhere without being restricted by the limitations imposed by physical data centers. Well-known companies like Netflix, Facebook, and the BBC are among AWS's clients.

Let's examine how Amazon Web Services, which is focused on the cloud, might assist you in maintaining lean IT operations and spending.

  • Minimal Cost

    As your SMB expands, you'll need to make hardware and administrative infrastructure investments to ensure that your present IT infrastructure can handle the escalating demand.

    You may run business apps and systems on the AWS cloud platform for no upfront expenses. The use of cloud computing resources is the only expense incurred.

    Additionally, scaling up and down to fit your current loads is much easier with cloud assets that can be deployed on demand, and cloud cost management tools enable you to keep your cloud expenditures under control.

  • Flexibility

    This shouldn't be a surprise if your current operating system and database are already AWS compliant. The majority of coding languages and computer frameworks are compatible with AWS solutions. Your developers will save time and resources as a result.

    Whether you're moving to the cloud, switching to a new cloud platform, or getting ready for DevOps, AWS' elastic design enables you to quickly deliver as many resources as you need.

  • Security

    The need for and cost of cybersecurity is more than ever due to an increase in global data breaches. Through a shared responsibility approach, AWS places a high priority on data security. AWS provides a globally accessible secure infrastructure and guarantees legal compliance.

    Contrarily, it is the responsibility of the customer to uphold integrity, confidentiality, and availability. You can secure your data and manage your content using AWS by best practices and regulations.

  • Recovery from Disaster

    You may get rid of the possibility of power outages, software failures, data corruption, and human error by using cloud-based disaster recovery techniques. Since the majority of processes can be automated, saving you time and money, these strategies are easy to put into practice.

To name them all in one go, they are (in no specific order)

  • Kinesis Firehose
  • Storage Gateway
  • Snowball, Snowball Edge, Snowmobile
  • Technology Partnerships
  • Transfer Acceleration
  • Direct Connect

All of them have different methodologies depending upon your existing architecture of hardware and software services. The path ahead for technical companies as well as non-technical industries is cobbled with the stepping stones of the cloud. Making full use of the collective advantages of this connected network of computing resources is the cornerstone of building a lasting legacy in any field, be it healthcare, sports training, financial investment and portfolio management, or core computing like that used in cryptocurrency mining. No matter which field your company or business seeks to flourish in, Amazon Web Services provides a host of features that let utilize the full potential of the cloud and the internet.

Versatile Business Models Served Well by Amazon Web Services

Go4hosting chooses the best way for migration to the Amazon Cloud with acute attention paid to your existing network characteristics and business needs.


Given the synergies between the two, the combination of Amazon Web Services and Go4hosting promises to be a potent one.

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