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Reseller Hosting

to host from your reseller server.

Reseller Hosting from Go4hosting

Get hosted with the best reseller hosting in India and unleash a business of your own. White-brand, resell, redevelop Go4hosting’s robust data center network and create reseller hosting solution that suits you and your customer base.

What is the Go4hosting Reseller Hosting Program?

Reseller hosting program helps wholesalers to obtain hosting and other web services to purchase services in bulk and then remarket them as if the reseller had its own data center.

The reseller may completely rebrand the service and give it a name of its own. While the clients continue to get the same immersive hosting experience, the reseller remains the point of contact for all support-related issues.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller Hosting Plans Basic Standard Professional
Disk Space 30 GB 75 GB 250 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains Allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Price Rs. 995 Rs. 1695 Rs. 2995
Free Dedicated IP Not Available Not Available
Free Private SSL Not Available Not Available
Package Details Basic Standard Professional
Site Builder
24x7 Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Weekly Backups Not Available Not Available
No Contract!
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Free / Instant Setup
Domain / FTP Features Basic Standard Professional
Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Supported Web Hosting Features Basic Standard Professional
MySQL Databases
Word Press Hosting
Fast CGI
Ruby On Rails
Chilisoft ASP Not Available Not Available
GD 2
Image Magick
Streaming Audio/Video
Free Module Installation
E-mail Hosting Basic Standard Professional
POP3 Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web Mail
E-mail Alias
Auto Responders
Mailing Lists
Catch Alls
Spam Assassin
Mail Forwarding
IMAP Support
Control Panel Features Basic Standard Professional
Hotlink Protection
IP Deny Manager
Custom Error Pages
Instant Blogs
Instant Portals
Instant PHPnuke
Instant Forums
Instant Guestbook
Instant Counter
Instant FormMail
Redirect URL
Web Based File Manager
PW Protected Directories
Website / FTP Statistics Basic Standard Professional
AW Stats
Raw Log Manager
Error Logs
E-Commerce Features Basic Standard Professional
Shared SSL
Cube Cart
Annually Rs. 11,940.00 Rs. 20,340.00 Rs. 35,940.00
Beinnially Rs. 21,240.00 Rs. 36,600.00 Rs. 64,680.00
Triennially Rs. 28,620.00 Rs. 48,816.00 Rs. 86,220.00
Purchase Plan Chat Now Chat Now Chat Now

Comparison of Go4hosting with Other Reseller Providers

ParameterGo4hostingOther Providers
Admin PanelProvidedMay not Provide
Customizable PanelAdmin Panel will include as many features as you wantFixed controls. Some required controls may be omitted
SupportProvided to reseller’s clients as wellThe reseller is responsible for providing support.
PriceDepends upon the services you want. When you drop features from your bucket, we will drop the price.Fixed Price, regardless of what features you want and what you do not.
RebrandingAllowed. You are free to sell our servers as your own.The provider may cap any over-the-top rebranding.
Network MonitoringProvided.Not Provided.

Why Choose Reseller Hosting Instead of Other Hosting Servers?

  • Reseller hosting is the type of hosting that allows the business owner to earn big out of their company by reselling the set of resources and spaces to its own customers.
  • Unlike other hosting types, reseller hosting in India includes additional features that are more effective than basic plans of hosting servers.
  • Reseller hosting offers guaranteed unlimited domains, FTP users with assured 99.95% uptime.
  • With reseller hosting, you can expect to have 24*7 technical support from certified executives. Further, you can have perks to enjoy the customer support services from the admin’s end at a low investment of cost.
  • Reseller hosting allows its customers to build a brand by becoming a reseller and runs their own data center on behalf of their parent company without making an investment in network and hardware.

Who Should Purchase Reseller Servers from Go4hosting?

Reseller server hosting plans would likely suit you if –

  • You want to start a hosting business of your own but aren’t sure if you should invest in procuring a data center of your own. Put simply, our reseller hosting is best if you want to test waters or even if you want your hosting business to thrive for generations.
  • You are a web-development company and build websites for your customer’s right from scratch. Web-development companies purchase reseller accounts and get them customized for the end-users.

Which Reseller Hosting You Should Choose?

Reseller hosting in India offers the hosting services in different variants for two types of operating systems- Windows Reseller Hosting and Linux Reseller Hosting.

Both types of reseller hosting are famous among the resellers, who are actively looking for options to own the data center at a cheaper cost.

If you are still confused about choosing the type of reseller hosting. Given below is the detailed correlation of Windows reseller hosting and Linux reseller hosting-

Difference Between Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting

Point of DifferenceWindows Reseller HostingLinux Reseller Hosting
Disk Space & Bandwidth Windows reseller hosting offers a restricted source to unlimited disk space and bandwidth as compared to Linux reseller hosting. Linux reseller hosting offers unlimited databases, FTP users, and domains.
Pricing Windows reseller hosting offers promising results to resellers but it does come with a higher cost than Linux reseller server hosting. Linux reseller hosting serves the requirement of resellers at a cheaper cost in comparison to other server hosting.
Security Windows reseller hosting offers high security but slightly less than Linux reseller hosting. Linux reseller hosting offers an excellent level of security with additional layers of measures as compared to Windows reseller hosting.
Server Installation Installation for Windows reseller server hosting is easier as compared to Linux reseller hosting. Server Installation for Linux reseller hosting is difficult while configuring the applications for required operating systems.
Personalization Windows reseller hosting offers great personalization options to resellers, especially those who do not wish to be an admin. Linux reseller hosting offers a number of personalization features that are usually preferred by admins.

Why Go4hosting for reseller hosting accounts?

You should purchase reseller servers from Go4hosting because –

  • We sell unlimited disk space. You can purchase as many servers as you want without overshooting your budget.
  • We allow rebranding. You can sell our hosting service as if it is your own.
  • Our packages are extremely customizable. You can pair up Linux with Windows dedicated server. You will have root access to all the servers.
  • Security is our focus. We will extend our firewall, antispam & DDoS protection on your servers too. You need not worry a bit about the security of your data.
  • We will gladly extend support to your clients. If we happen to sign a deal, you can be assured of the utmost quality with zero-compromise.

Our Reseller Servers are hosted on Tier-III data centers with a guarantee of 99.95% uptime.

The reseller server hosting program designed by Go4hosting is purpose-built to enable you to reap the overall benefits of owning a hosting company without the need for devoting time and money to software solutions for server management.

  • A Glance at the Salient Features of Reseller Server
  • Automation, Accessibility, and Scalability
  • 24x7 phone and chat support
  • Separate control panel for each customer
  • Enjoy high-end technology backed by substantial storage and bandwidth limits with a 99.95% uptime guarantee
  • On-demand scalability

What Reseller Server is All About?

Reseller server is a web server hosting program that gives the subscriber an opportunity to host other websites on behalf of third parties in his or her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth. The reseller purchases the server space or takes it on rent from us with the intention of hosting a number of websites of individuals or companies for a profit.

Businesses and Individuals Benefit from Reseller Server Alike

While subscribing to a reseller hosting plan, any business or individual can get the ability to manage all aspects of the website in compliance with the needs. Our reseller hosting server is compatible for start-ups and those companies that intend to market their range of products and services on the World Wide Web.

All our hosting solutions are of the highest standards and can provide total transparency and control on your hosted applications.

Know more about our reseller server plan? Call our toll-free number or shoot a mail to us at [email protected].

Reseller Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

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