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Virtual Data Center

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A Virtual Data Center combines a vast pool of resources to enable a highly efficient cloud infrastructure for enterprise customers. It is one of the most sought after products in the category of Infrastructure as a Service in cloud computing.

Overview of Virtual Data Center (VDC)

In terms of its basic characteristics, a Virtual Data Center closely resembles a brick and mortar data center with availability of all fundamental resources such as networking bandwidth, storage, processor, and memory among others. Virtual data centers rely on physical data center for hosting virtual spaces to facilitate combination of networking components servers, and storage clusters.

Basic objective of a virtual data center is to help business enterprises avail additional resources of IT infrastructure without investing in costly hardware that would consume additional space, energy, and manpower. Organizations can leverage Virtual Data Centers for expanding their existing IT capacity or building new IT infrastructures right from the scratch.

Many enterprises are using services of virtual data centers to minimize or completely eliminate dependence on hardware intensive IT infrastructures that account for huge costs and efforts required to build, operate, and maintain on-site IT infrastructure resources.

Since a virtual data center can provide all services, which are available in physical data centers it can fulfill any and every need of IT departments. In addition to fulfilling the basic storage and networking needs of enterprises, virtual data centers can also cater to more complex requirements that need public, hybrid, or private cloud environments.

Apart from guaranteed cost savings, a virtual data center can also assure seamless availability and excellent redundancy. This makes virtual data center, an ideal resource for supporting mission critical workloads that must deliver flawless performance.

IT administrators and decision makers need to consider availability of a broad assortment of features while choosing between hybrid, public and private cloud environments to support critical applications. Virtual data centers simplify the process with assured availability of all significant elements of these cloud models.

Unique features of VDC

Virtual data centers are built to offer a large assortment of attributes in addition to a seamless access to self-service facility. Typical features of a virtual data center include:

  • Unfailing availability of demand-specific resources
  • Round the clock service support
  • Swift and proactive resource deployment
  • Management of access and identity
  • Responsive allocation of resources for diverse business scenarios

VDCs add value to enterprise IT

Virtual data center solutions offered by reputed service providers are designed for offering a highly secure and unrestricted access to enterprise customers. Hybrid environments to support diverse needs of applications can be provisioned by virtual data center plans that facilitate a wide spectrum of availability zones complete with disaster recovery and assured availability.

Customers can bank on established virtual data center providers that offer single SLA based support for wide range of SaaS as well as IaaS solutions. Moreover, enterprise users need not bother about complexities of technology management and can therefore focus on their growth objectives. Virtual data centers enable optimum utilizations of capital expenditure and in many situations the CAPEX can be totally obviated.

Important aspects of VDS plans

One must look for some of the most critical aspects of ideal virtual data center offerings before finalizing the plans. A VDC must be capable of enabling creation of a computing environment and a private network between server layer and cloud ecosystem.

The entire gamut of resources provided by virtual data center must be backed by independent architecture that supports a broad choice among operating systems, server virtualization software applications, and combinations of hardware instances. In view of emerging technologies, a virtual data center must be built to accommodate advanced technologies with seamless flexibility.

Artificial infrastructure of a virtual data center must be capable to support customization and should be delivered at the doorstep. This provides a gratifying data center experience to enterprise customers who are anticipating VDC to provide all attributes of in-house IT resources. The only difference between a physical data center and VDC needs to be the aspect of virtualization.

Key benefits of VDC

Modern business scenario and a highly competitive market situation, leaves no room for organizations that are not able to move swiftly in order to remain a step ahead of peers. Maintenance and operation of physical on-site IT infrastructure is an overwhelmingly cost intensive proposition and hence is slowly being abandoned by forward-thinking enterprises.

A virtual data center is the most ideal and cost efficient alternative to onsite infrastructures that help organizations stay ahead of the curve without impacting their budgets. Adoption of a virtual data center can therefore pave way to gain leadership position in respective business domain of the organization.

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