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Managed AWS Cloud Hosting

Catapult Your Business To Stratospheric Success With Managed AWS Cloud Services !

AWS Cloud Migration

The optimal usage of Amazon Cloud Services to support and extend your business offerings involves tremendous synergy between design & deployment. Go4hosting is here to ensure that AWS accelerates your business so much that you leave your competition in the dust! We have an in depth understanding of to make sure your Managed AWS Cloud Services are performing to the best of their capabilities and functionalities.

How Do We Do It?

To explain the process of migrating from other platforms to Amazon Web Services would be akin to reading encyclopedias due to the large extent of options and features this technology affords us.

Suffice to say that the process begins with drawing up a topography of your system, mapping each and every functionality and feature to the corresponding one in Amazon Web Services (as well as streamlining your current processes where possible for better server response times), and finally migrating your data, applications and interfaces to Amazon Web Services.


To begin with, the design of your Amazon Web Services has to be looked upon with a keen eye. After deciding the initial configuration, you must be prepared to change it in small ways or even major overhauls depending on the current situation in your business as well as when updates from Amazon are released to accentuate the features already included or newly added to Amazon Web Services. Go4hosting makes sure that your Amazon Web Services remain in peak configuration and also that all requisite updates are installed perfectly and delivering their intended effect.


The settings of Amazon Web Services range from the simple naming of your website and pages to the complex security processes and checks that protect your business data and client information. As the hackers who threaten websites in general change their methods of attack, so do Amazon Web Services security features, delivered through the updates as and when they become necessary. Staying up to date with these security updates is highly recommended for entrepreneurs at all levels of business.


With Go4hosting, you have access to the dependability of Amazon Web Services experts, who create system architectures that are built specifically for your business purposes, providing the results for which you chose Amazon Web Services. For every little change required or desired by your business, our experts implement Amazon Web Services features in unique ways to make the system exactly how you envision it. By having such a robust base to build on, scaling up and down becomes error-free, and making system wide changes does not derail the architecture due to the prior thought put into designing it from the ground up by our team.


Even if you have just taken the decision to migrate your online presence to Amazon Web Services, our team streamlines the process and ensures all your existing systems continue to function in even better ways when we shift them to Amazon Web Services. It takes careful mapping of the relevant components in your old system and Amazon Web Services to completely capture the features and processes running your business, and improve them wherever possible. This task is ably conducted by our experts who have diverse migration achievements under their belts.

The inner workings of the cloud on which Amazon Web Services run is essential in maintaining a smoothly running system, and Go4hosting cloud experts work in tandem with Amazon Web Services to make the best use of the flexibility offered by the cloud. From start to end, the process of migration is covered minutely without resorting to trial and error. By discussing all the steps involved and the options for each, our experts develop custom solutions that make your Amazon Web Services preform faultlessly. The knowledge of our experts comes in handy when tricky parts of your existing system need to be replicated in Amazon Web Services!

Go4hosting Make your Managed AWS Cloud Hosting Journey Smooth

  • Affordable

    The main purpose of shifting to the cloud is to reduce costs. Thus, we regularly analyze your AWS so as to help you decrease your AWS cloud cost.

  • Optimized

    We at Go4hosting used the advanced caching technology, to optimize your AWS and enhanced it to deliver better performance as your need increases.

  • Security

    We have a combination of well-built and capable AWS experts and tools used for management, it helps to safeguard your server and the data stored on it.

  • Expertise

    Based on your business needs our AWS-certified experts will build cloud hosting solution architects for your AWS environment. We at Go4hosting has a certified team of experts to take care of all these tasks.

Benefits of AWS Managed Cloud Hosting Services for your Business

  • AWS Certified Team

    We have a certified expert team to manage your AWS. They have complete knowledge of how to take care of your AWS server to make it powerful, secure, and hassle-free.

  • Time-Saving

    All the server-related tasks like patching, updates, or other daily operations required for AWS management will be done by our expert team.

  • 24x7 Available Support

    You can reach our team at any hour. We are ready to assist you 24x7x365 for your Managed AWS cloud hosting-related queries.

  • Server Monitoring

    To keep your AWS server up and running at the topmost extent our team will continuously monitor the traffic spikes, possible infections, and other issues.

  • Optimization and Growth

    We enhance your AWS server together with performance, expenditure, and security to embrace the cutting-edge AWS services.

  • Increased Productivity

    Rather than being concerned about administering your AWS cloud platform, let your team perform what they are best at- building products, making profits, and assisting customers.

Safe & Secure with Go4hosting Managed Amazon Web Services

Client data is one of the most important assets you have, and the onus of securing it in your suite of Amazon Web Services is a heavy one. That is why, we place data security as our top priority when migrating your system or building one from scratch. Due to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of threats to data security and system integrity, we also take into account the probabilities of attacks when devising ways to thwart such attempts. In addition, we enforce industry standards that are relevant to your business for you, leaving you free to expand your business to new horizons!

There are several components of Amazon Web Services which we stitch together at Go4hosting, to deliver results by exploiting the whole system of software. To have a good look at each of these would be a good place to start tweaking your Amazon Web Services for optimum performance.


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