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SSD Hosting India

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What is SSD Hosting?

We are among the first to offer solid state drives (SSD) hosting. The secret behind SSDs high speed performance is that it does not contain any moving part which improves it performance. Go4hosting SSDs perform thousands of I/O commands every second. SSD is a highly advanced storage technology that gets the job done in a short span of time.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is an advanced data storage device, wherein integrated circuit assemblies store data or information. The technology helps in improvising user experience and facilitates a better web hosting environment for mission-critical websites.

Amplify your business performance by leveraging our SSD hosting solutions that offer enhanced I/O (input/output) rates and database access times. Our breakthrough technology delivers high availability and virtually removes the bottlenecks to ensure peak utilization of your server’s processing power and bandwidth.

SSDs are faster than HDDs

Solid state drives are purely electrical, transistor based devices and offer up to 2-3 times read/write speed than conventional hard drives. SSD servers are better for websites because they enhance your website’s performance and make them score high in SEO. The result is, your website performs better and ranks higher than it would normally rank. You may not experience tangible results if your website needs a lot of fine tuning but if properly coded, the impact of SSD is indeed perceptible.

SSD hosting for augmented business performance

We offer NVMe SSDs from known manufacturers with sufficient error correction and performance-tuning capabilities for your business. Get hosted on Go4hosting SSD hosting service and uplift your business to newer, unprecedented echelons.

Are SSD drives more reliable?

Go4hosting offers high speed performance of SSDs and on top of that we also guarantee 99.9% uptime for all our clients. Our support staff is available round the clock to assist customers with any hosting related queries. Our experts can help you with the installation process of numerous software applications like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The combination of our high speed SSDs and your website can truly boost your productivity and generate more revenue.

Faster Speed

Speed is the primary advantage of our SSD hosting. According to our observation SSD based hosting load much faster in comparison to HDD based hosting solutions.

Enhanced Reliability

Since SSDs are more capable of handling read/write operations, they are more suitable for dealing with rise in traffic. The fact that SSDs don’t have any moving parts makes them faster than HDDs

Environmentally Friendly

SSDs also consume less power in comparison to HDDs. SSD is an eco-friendly storage device that reduces the carbon footprint of your organization.

Why Your Business Needs SSD Hosting

Your website upload speed is directly proportional to the bounce rate, conversion rate, and visitor contentment. Improve your site’s speed by leveraging the benefits of SSD Hosting.

Our hosting solutions can significantly improve your business performance in the following ways:

Lightning-Fast Web Hosting Speed:

Ensure radical improvement in the input/output speed and reduce load time.

Reliable and Secure:

With less heat generation, outstanding random read rates, and high resilience, our services ensure minimal chance to damage the drives and data loss.


Our SSDs are highly stable; hence every single bit of data on your website is diligently stored.

High Data Transfer Speed:

In SSD hosting, servers don’t have moving parts, and therefore the data transfer speed is relatively very high. It is ideal for websites with multiple applications running concurrently.


We offer performance-driven SSD hosting solutions to deliver expeditious server speed and database accessibility. Equipped with Tier III data centers in various non-seismic zones, Go4Hosting maintains high security standards for storing your critical business data and web applications. Our experts work closely with your IT team to architect customized solutions in line with your business requirements. We are available 24*7 at your service.

SSD Hosting FAQs

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