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Cheap Domain Registration in India


  • .in
    Rs.695.00 INR
  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .BIZ
  • .ORG
  • .CO.UK

Cheap Domain Registration in India

Go4hosting’s premium domain registration services help businesses register their online brand presence. We provide - .com, .net, .edu, and .biz, and domain extensions – that have the potential to make your business-critical website more search relevant and descriptive on the global platform.

With Go4hosting, registration of your domain name is easy and simple. You can choose from a wide range of domain names, buy and renew at competitive prices. We allow you to search for the availability of domain names that perfectly suit your business, so that you can get a remarkable jump-start.

Our business offerings span across a variety of customized dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting, domain registration, shared hosting, and cloud hosting solutions. With more than 15 years of extensive experience in the web hosting industry and the right technology in place, we ensure a best-in-class experience through our personalized domain registration services.

Two Simple Steps to Registration….

  • Enter your preferred domain name to check availability
  • Proceed to buy (You can also add hosting service in your plan)

Suggestions for the chosen domain name will also be displayed on the screen. With Go4hosting, you can avail DNS Management, Email Forwarding, and ID protection for free. Additionally, you can also avail personalized business email services to give your business a professional touch.

How to Search Ideal Domain Name?

The domain name is an identity card that represents the idea of your business. Therefore, when choosing a domain name from registrars, you need to understand your audience type and its relevance with trending keywords.

Let’s say you are planning to choose an ideal domain name for your website dealing with cooking recipes. Here it is advisable to choose the domain name that brief the idea of the website that deals with food and cooking-related stuff.

For better results and domain name, you can further choose semantic keywords for cook or food with excellent search volume, as it will help you to reach the potential audience easily.

How to Choose the Right Extension for Your Domain?

Go4hosting offers the cheapest domain name in India with more than 30 domain extensions. You can choose the extension for your domain by considering the following factors-

  • The popularity of extension in targeted geographical location.
  • Choose the right extension by understanding the go-to move of the targeted audience. (e.g., your targeted audience mostly uses .com and .in).
  • Re-evaluate your decision for choosing the extension with price structure and plan available at the end of the vendor.
  • Choose the extension type considering its versatility for the type of website.
  • Choose .com, .in, .ca,, .us, .au, etc., if you are looking for specific country-code domains.

Why Choose Go4hosting for Cheap Domain Registration Service?

  • Go4hosting brings a smorgasbord of domain names to select from at the most reasonable prices.
  • Our experts are available round the clock to assist you with the smooth registration process.
  • We are a trusted service provider, catering to the needs of startups, midsize, large size, and even, Fortune 500 companies, located across the globe.

Domain Registration: Key Features

  • Easy and hassle-free registration process
  • Hundreds of domains to choose from
  • Round the clock assistance for domain name registration
  • State-of-the-art data center architecture for hosting your website
  • Wide-breadth of offerings, all backed by stringent SLAs
  • Add multiple years – right from 1 year to 10 years
  • 99.95% guaranteed network uptime for hosting services
  • Competitive Pricing

Get Affordable Domain Name with Go4Hosting

Go4hosting is one of the leading domain providers that provide cheap domain names in India and worldwide.

We promise you a hassle-free process with guaranteed uptime, where you just had to choose what best for you and your business.

You can choose the TLD from the varied list available at our end with a minimum of 1 year of subscription that can be renewed on the customer’s will to continue with our services.

TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
com 1 Rs.995.00 INR Rs.995.00 INR Rs.995.00 INR
net 1 Rs.1,225.00 INR Rs.1,225.00 INR Rs.1,225.00 INR
biz 1 Rs.1,725.00 INR Rs.1,725.00 INR Rs.1,725.00 INR
mobi 1 Rs.2,527.00 INR Rs.2,527.00 INR Rs.2,527.00 INR
tv 1 Rs.3,697.00 INR Rs.3,697.00 INR Rs.3,697.00 INR
in 1 Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR
info 1 Rs.2,219.00 INR Rs.2,219.00 INR Rs.2,219.00 INR 1 Rs.3,434.00 INR Rs.3,434.00 INR Rs.3,434.00 INR 1 Rs.2,109.00 INR Rs.2,109.00 INR Rs.2,109.00 INR 1 Rs.855.00 INR Rs.855.00 INR Rs.855.00 INR 1 Rs.595.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.595.00 INR 1 Rs.595.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.595.00 INR
nl 1 Rs.625.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.625.00 INR
ro 1 Rs.595.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.595.00 INR 1 Rs.1,214.00 INR Rs.1,214.00 INR Rs.1,214.00 INR
ca 1 Rs.1,447.00 INR Rs.1,447.00 INR Rs.1,447.00 INR
.uk 1 Rs.855.00 INR Rs.855.00 INR Rs.855.00 INR 1 Rs.855.00 INR Rs.855.00 INR Rs.855.00 INR
name 1 Rs.892.00 INR Rs.892.00 INR Rs.892.00 INR
us 1 Rs.922.00 INR Rs.922.00 INR Rs.922.00 INR 1 Rs.595.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.595.00 INR 1 Rs.595.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.595.00 INR 1 Rs.595.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.595.00 INR
ws 1 Rs.2,842.00 INR Rs.2,842.00 INR Rs.2,842.00 INR 1 Rs.3,877.00 INR Rs.3,877.00 INR Rs.3,877.00 INR
.cn 1 Rs.2,844.00 INR Rs.2,844.00 INR Rs.2,844.00 INR 1 Rs.595.00 INR Rs.0.00 INR Rs.595.00 INR 1 Rs.3,127.00 INR Rs.3,127.00 INR Rs.3,127.00 INR 1 Rs.3,127.00 INR Rs.3,127.00 INR Rs.3,127.00 INR
cc 1 Rs.1,139.00 INR Rs.1,139.00 INR Rs.1,139.00 INR
org 1 Rs.1,364.00 INR Rs.1,364.00 INR Rs.1,364.00 INR 1 Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR 1 Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR
.IN 3rd Level 1 Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR Rs.695.00 INR
.bharat 1 Rs.895.00 INR Rs.895.00 INR Rs.895.00 INR

Cheap Domain Registration in India – FAQs

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