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Fast, Reliable, and Secured Server Colocation Solutions to Meet Your Distinct Business Requirements

What is Server Colocation?

Server colocation is the method of deploying and hosting an enterprise-owned server amid a managed service environment.

It permits a corporation to deploy their concerned servers at a pre-existing data center or IT services facility. The server related services, software packages and various applications are all managed by the client, whereas the managed service provider (MSP) delivers the resources of the physical plot, power and network connectivity.

Under server colocation, the server stays the property of the consumer, however it is handled and managed by the MSP or in some cases, the cloud service supplier (CSP). The customer or business owner accesses the specific server across the web or over a VPN link. The major objective behind the idea of server colocation is to consume increased IT support services and key Information Technology framework or servers without escalation of significant operational prices. Additionally, for various support services, multiple servers also are supplied along with bandwidth, power, physical security and backup services for the co-located server.

It is almost like dedicated server hosting, in which a dedicated server is hosted within the MSP facility or data center, set apart by the indisputable fact that the server is owned in effect by the client or business enterprise.

Server Colocation Plans & Pricing

Value Series
INR 4,995/mo
1 U Server Unit Space
100 GB Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
Free Set Up
1 Server
Select & Configure
Professional Series
INR 9,495/mo
5 U Server Unit Space
200 GB Data Transfer
4 IP Addresses
Free Set Up
2 Servers Max
Select & Configure
Enterprise Series
INR 19,995/mo
10 U Server Unit Space
300 GB Data Transfer
4 IP Addresses
Free Set Up
5 Servers Max
Select & Configure

Why Server Colocation Hosting in India?

Server colocation in India is a great business approach as a result of the advantages of colocation outstripping the lesser advantages of managing in-house servers. In colocation hosting, customers will be able to plot their servers in Go4hosting’s robust rack space. Thus, after the client selects Go4hosting server colocation hosting services in India, they will be able to attain our unmatched bandwidth, networking related equipment, nigh-unbreakable security along with software support, air-conditioning and supply of power. This is the most cost-effective remedy for businesses - notably those businesses that notice it is quite laborious to keep up their private servers on-premises.

There are a number of great advantages of selecting Go4hosting as colocation server partners in India. To begin with the most basic yet important advantage, Go4hosting data centers and colocation spaces are set far from regions expected to be prone to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes and is protected against various fire hazards. The more business-centric advantages are outlined below for our clients.

Advantages of Go4hosting Server Colocation in India

Most assuredly, our clients will enhance their business output by selecting Go4hosting colocation solutions. They need never be compelled to throw away a fortune on shopping for expensive networking equipment, or on maintaining an in-house IT team for maintaining servers. Once our customers log in, Go4hosting processes manage their servers and free them of unwanted capital investment and operational expenses.

TColocation hosting is most well-liked as a result of Go4hosting offering you progressive set-ups for managing sensitive business and user data, especially with the Reserve Bank of India’s rules about local data storage. Compared to outdated server rooms, the Go4hosting server colocation configuration offers much better arrangements for server storage and operation in perfect climate-controlled environments.

With Go4hosting services, customers will thus get fast networking and higher speed web connection at cost-effective rates. Also, colocation hosting leaves you free to choose your preferred network.

A major merit of selecting Go4hosting server colocation in India is that customers will get free from inexperienced piling on of legacy technologies. Our data centers have the latest resources so that our clients’ businesses are ready to curtail their carbon footprint and increase profits through energy-saving processes, with many other advantages:

  • Minimized capital prices, because the networking, firewalls, power, cooling, and rack are offered by Go4hosting in exchange for minimal rent, which decreases further as more of the total rack is shared with other consumers.

  • High accessibility, as the servers use redundant network routes, have backup power, communication lines from various service suppliers, centralized HVAC and safety features.

  • All of our data centers have centralized observation controls for all the servers hosted under them, utilizing dedicated personnel to confirm that consumers are alerted if a server or application faces issues.

  • Centralized benefits are offered with colocation service suppliers for simpler remote administration of the server from the client’s premises.

  • Scalability may be attained quicker and without direct capital expenses, because the client will only need to rent additional rack space to host extra servers when the need arises.

  • Server colocation is incredibly helpful for hosting essential applications, as it is a valuable method to supply the high levels of network accessibility required for a large user base.

  • To a definite extent, colocation minimizes the prices of handling the data center framework of a large business if the servers are hosted in-house.

Go4hosting offers Cage, Cabinet, Half Rack and Single Server colocation


Data center cabinets that seem like massive lockers, and even their open rack versions, are basically selected for utilizing their internal dimensions in the most efficient way. The depth of the various cabinets differs by small amounts from constructor to constructor, usually built with 36” with some of them as deep as 42”. They are closed on all the sides. Data center cabinets are outfitted by 2 pairs of posts, one being front and the other rear, called a “4 post” configuration cabinet. These are most typically obtainable in half cabinet and full cabinet configurations.


Cage area is usually rented by measuring in square feet. Colocation cages are often organized with a dedicated access system for extra physical security. Since server cage areas are basically private, the entry to a client’s cage, which can easily be more than a hundred square feet, is mostly beyond the scope of unauthorized personnel.

Thus, cages offer unmatched security and durability. A caged space or private cabinet provides the customers extra management of their colocation atmosphere without involving the significant price of designing their own server system and related infrastructure. Resilience and security at Go4hosting are often bespoke, made to match every client’s requirements.

Half Rack colocation

Racks are basically open (no sidewalls), in fact some of the racks possess just one mounting point on all sides, placed within the center of the rack; this can be what is generally called a “2 post” rack. Racks are usually equipped to be utilized within private cages. A half rack is used by clients for hosting their servers and instruments under their own private rack area, with their own front and rear access giving higher physical security as compared to shared colocation.

A half rack is totally committed to customers, with optional combination code security. Every racks is powered by primary and backup power feeds as standard, and quite obviously provides double the quantity of rack area compared to the quarter rack.

Key Features of our Server Colocation India Facilities

  • Economies of Scale

    Colocation permits clients to reap profits from economies of scale, which will not be obtainable for them with an in-house choice of server hosting. Housing server hardware under a colocation center such as Go4hosting provides access to extreme levels of bandwidth as required, at a very cost-effective price.

  • Low Network Latency

    It is a win-win situation when network latency may be made so much lower with colocation, while dependability gets considerably higher. There is also higher protection from power outages and 24/7 support for any issues which might arise.

  • Physical Security

    Clients can also opt for colocation services because of higher levels of physical security as compared with in-house server hosting.

  • Flexibility

    Selecting a tailored build of servers permits users to individualize their colocation strategy and choose the specific aspects of their system that they need to specialize in, selecting from a spread of choices from Go4hosting for clients’ needs and budgets.

  • Data Centre Infrastructure

    Colocation permits customers to take advantage of advanced data center infrastructure in maintaining compete management of the maintenance and configuration of their servers, enhancing workplace productivity and application effectiveness.

  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

    By placing servers under Go4hosting colocation instead of at an on-location space, clients integrate an additional layer of protection and disaster recovery, enabling them to retain business vital information in untoward scenarios.

Go4hosting Colocation Zones – Jaipur / Delhi/ NCR / Raipur

Go4hosting has established colocation zones in India in multiple regions like Jaipur, Raipur, New Delhi, along with NCR so that our customers can select any of these zones for their exact requirements, thus opening up the path to greater success in their chosen field of business!

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