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Cloud CDN Server Solutions

Building on more than 13 years of experience, we add real value to an organization’s upliftment through domain expertise and influential solutions. Go4hosting help enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through explicit solutions and world-class data center services.

Content Delivery Network – Overview

CDN or Content delivery network/content distribution network (CDN) brings the content from a server closer to the end user with an aim to minimize data delivery time. So, with CDN your data loads faster and contents render better than ever. The purpose of content delivery network is to improvise page load times and response time for users.

CDN Mitigates Problems like Network bottleneck, packet loss, jitter, delay and increases the accessibility of your data. This is achieved by increasing bandwidth access and redundancy, while reducing latency, thereby making content distribution easy and affordable at high data transfer speeds.

How CDN Works

Cloud CDN Server

When a visitor reaches your website and requests files from the fastest CDN edge servers

Cloud CDN Hosting India

The request gets robotically directed to the nearest DNS server

Cloud CDN Hosting India

DNS Servers resolve the requested URL and convert it into IP address. Thereafter, it looks up for the closest cloud CDN server using ping routing algorithm

Cloud CDN Server

The fastest edge cloud CDN server delivers a cached copy to the user. If the requested file is not cached, it pulls the content from the originating server and delivers it to the user.

Cloud CDN Server Pricing and Plans

INR 9.0 per GB for all traffic you route through the services*

Cloud CDN – How Go4hosting Stands Apart

  • Cloud CDN Hosting India

    Geographical Search

    We allow you to choose desired location from our POP's list to ensure expeditious delivery of content to your respective users in that location. Our can swiftly customize as per your requirements.

  • Cloud CDN Hosting

    High Data Accessibility

    An efficient Cloud CDN aims to cater to content delivery needs of businesses and individuals, irrespective of geographical location and scale of content distribution. It stores original copies of your content, and makes it accessible worldwide using global delivery network.

  • Cloud CDN Hosting India


    Our hundreds of available Cloud CDN POP's allow choosing better fit for your business. All the information regarding the uptime, rating and costs are available through CDN panel, which helps you optimizing CDN cost.

  • Cloud CDN Hosting

    Latency Reduction

    Cloud CDN optimizes content distribution by reducing latency and improving data transfer capability of the Internet. This results in alleviating end-user frustration linked to long load times and minimizing the potential for customer drop rates.

  • Cloud CDN Hosting

    Massive Scale Implementation

    Cloud CDN maintains faster data transfer rates and as a result, it allows delivering large objects to end-users at huge scale. A good CDN service has high scalability to accommodate the changing demand of end-users.

Go4hosting CDN Resources

  • HTTP Pull Technology - Delivers your static files at lightning fast speed

  • HTTP Push Technology - Seamlessly delivers cached huge files larger than 10MB

  • Video Pull Technology - Instantly delivers video files hosted at main server

  • Video Push Technology - Quickly uploads video files to stream storage server in advance

Content Delivery Network – Features

  • Cloud CDN Hosting India

    Increased Conversions

    CND case studies have shown mind-blowing results. It is amazing how much effect a fast loading site has on your conversion rate. Mozilla's optimized experimental variation took 2.2 seconds off the average page load time and increased download conversions by a whopping 15.4%!

  • Cloud CDN Hosting

    More Revenue

    If your e-commerce site is making $1,000 per day, a one second page delay could potentially cost you $25,000 in lost sales every year. Amazon found that one-tenth of a second of load speed is worth one per cent of sales.

  • Cloud CDN Hosting India

    Happier Customers

    Studies have discovered some factors regarding how loading time affects customers. Nearly half of viewers expect a web page to load in less than two seconds! Also, 52% of online shoppers claimed that loading speed is important for their loyalty to a site.

  • Cloud CDN Hosting

    Better SEO

    Google has said that page speed is a factor used in their ranking algorithm. Pages that load faster are shown higher in search results. Maintaining a high SEO rank is hard work; don't let a slow page ruin your efforts.

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