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Single Server Unit Colocation

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Organizations usually start on a small scale and then gradually evolve into large companies. So, their IT needs keep changing from time to time depending on their growth. There may be web hosts which will try to convince you to purchase a lot of rackspace which you may not need initially. So, your business may actually benefit from a single server colocation solution given to you by a reputed colocation hosting provider.

When choosing reliable colocation service in India you can get single server units within their Tier IV data center facilities at affordable rates. With these options, you will not need to build or maintain private data centers that are costly and require you to employ staff to monitor them. So, when you have a server already and you plan on housing this server in a third party facility where you can get adequate bandwidth, space, cooling and power supplies, a single server unit colocation hosting plan is the best option for you.

When you choose a single server colocation hosting solutions, you will normally get backup generators, uninterrupted UPS power supplies, adequate cooling systems, robust security measures and multiple internet connections. The single server colocation plans will usually offer you space between 1U and 12U. This space is suited for single server hardware depending on its size. When your business runs on server size of 1U or you own multiple servers up to 12U the single server colocation option is the most lucrative option.

Prices for such single server colocation facilities will include the rack space which refers to the area that this server will occupy in the third party data center. This is measured as U or unit where 1 rackspace unit is 1.75 inches in terms of height. Power is measured by numbers of power supplies which the server is connected to. Bandwidth is measures according to amount of data transfer which is expected every month.

So, when you get a single server unit colocation solution, you will find that you can customize your requirements from 1U of usable space depending on your traffic demands. You will also benefit from uninterrupted power supplies so that your online presence is maintained. You can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities in the host’s Tier III and IV data centers. Besides, you will also be able to get round-the-clock technical supports from the hosting provider through chats, emails and calls. This makes single server colocation best suited for clients which have fewer needs, have less than a rack of equipments and are not keen to over invest in rack space. At the same time, these businesses opting for single server colocation will be able to house their server in a secure facility and enjoy sufficient bandwidth. The host will make sure power supplies are constant, cooling systems work optimal and provide all other things needed to ensure that the server works seamlessly.

Today, more and more businesses are choosing this option of colocation hosting because it is cost-effective. Instead of struggling to maintain a private data center, this solution is both cheap and effective. The data centers are fault-resilient and give you complete worth of your investment. You can continue to own the server and install tools which you wish to use. You do not have to get your host’s approval for this. You also have the flexibility to upgrade the servers if needed. So, when you find the server lagging in certain respects, you can always upgrade it independently without having to depend on your host.

Any reputed colocation host will have a secure facility which means that your server will be kept in a climate controlled and secure environment, far secure than what you could have provided for it. When you choose single server unit colocation, you can enjoy managed facilities where the service provider will oversee the complete maintenance of your single server for an extra fee. This is especially beneficial for companies which lack capable in-house IT staff. This proves that co-locating your server to a third party provider may be a good decision to save money and get better performance. However, decision to choose a good provider is what makes all the difference. You must not hurriedly choose a colocation provider because your mission critical equipments have to be kept secure from breaches and hackers.

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