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Server Rentals at Amazingly Low Prices

Rent out physical servers at prices slashed by up to 50%. Quickly move your business ideas online by renting a private space in dedicated hosts and give your business its much-needed makeover. We’ll help you transform your business ideas and turn dreams into reality with our affordable and customizable dedicated hosting rentals. Lease your first private server and break all barriers binding your business growth.

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If a physical server is rented correctly by your business, It is the best solution for short duration IT projects such as data center moves, contingency planning, application testing and much more. We at Go4Hosting supply short-term enterprise-level systems, selecting the best rented server for your requirements from world-leading companies. We have transformed the way people rent servers by providing customizable and flexible rental plans. We run industries most affordable and customizable private server plans and help businesses realize dreams by transforming their online presence. Get in touch now to uplift business.

Renting a Server versus Buying a Server

Undoubtedly, buying things is expensive in one go, but it is more cost-effective in the long run in comparison to renting them. But sometimes our finances do not allow us to buy things in such cases you can rent them. Likewise, if you think that you need a powerful dedicated server for your organization but can’t afford one then, you can rent it from the dedicated server provider company for a few months as per your need, before you make the big purchase.

Of course, buying a server can cost a massive amount to get a whole good quantity of power. Renting can cost you a few hundred a month depending on the kind of power and service that you’re paying for.

Renting can be a great choice, for the companies who don’t want to hire an in-house team or person to take care of server administration and maintenance. It is certainly of low cost than paying a salary to keep your server up and running.

Server Rental versus Other Hosting Options

As we already explain to you that renting a server gives your website a lot of power, security, and support at less cost, in case you can’t afford to buy a server for a long time.

Apart from server rental services, there are also other hosting options like cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and shared server solutions. All of these solutions will give you significantly less power but they are a lot more cost-effective than paying for a server rental. Thus, take the right decision between whether rent a server or a hosting service for a month.

Of course, with hosting options, you won’t get that much customization that you’ll get with a rental server. In fact, in most rental cases, you can make all the software-related customizations that you need and even some hardware modifications as per requirement.

How to Rent a Server?

  • Know Your Requirements

    Before you approach a host, analyze your requirement and decide whether you want a dedicated or cloud-based architecture.

  • Choose a Host

    Always choose hosts that offer 99.9% (and above) uptime on their network.

  • Avail Free Trial

    Run your website and apps for at least a week and check whether your apps are compatible.

  • Decide Service Duration

    Start with a short-term plan of 3 months. Upgrade to a long-term plan only when you are satisfied with the service.

  • Migrate To The New Environment

    Most hosts will help you migrate to their ecosystems. Always clarify whether migration is covered in your contract or not.

  • Make Payment

    Ask for receipt or payment confirmation from the hosting provider. The receipt serves as proof of payment in case disputes arise.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Server?

The prices vary significantly as per the configuration. A standard server charges around USD 450 per unit.

Renting a cloud server is cheaper than renting a VPS Server

Dedicated server rentals are the most expensive

You will end up paying less when you rent a Linux server. It costs more to rent Windows server

Replacement servers are for those experiencing issues on their primary servers. Professionals at Go4hosting can deliver perfect in-house hosting solution for you to meet short term goals.

  • Rental servers are available on monthly basis with discounts or concessions for various months.
  • Rented servers are easily customized and precisely configured to the business function specifications.
  • Rental servers are offered in blade form or rack mount configurations.
  • These servers could be preloaded with platforms such as Linux, SunOS software and Windows Server.
  • Rental servers have round-the-clock support with quick issue resolutions.
  • Rental servers are available from numerous top-notch brands.

Types of Rental Servers

  • File Server Rentals

    File Server Rentals

    File servers are critical for businesses as these servers offer a stable environment for storing files that are crucial for your business. File servers are more customizable and flexible than mainstream servers because these are built specifically for storage functions.

  • Rack Mount Server Rentals

    Rack Mount Server Rentals

    All rack-mount rental servers on Go4hosting provide high reliability and excellent performance. Rack mounts offer plenty of advantages as compared to outdated tower servers. Since these servers are mounted on a rack, they can be easily deployed, and are easy to maintain. The racks allow enhanced airflow, explaining the low power consumption of these servers.

  • Storage Server Rentals

    Storage Server Rentals

    Centralized storage is vital for organizations that require storage consolidation and file sharing. Storage server rental could affordably address data growth challenges as well as provide versatile solutions for each kind of storage, from legacy data archiving to real time backups. Additionally, they could help in higher business continuity and flexible virtualization projects.

  • Tower Server Rentals

    Tower Server Rentals

    Organizations planning to expand their network to establish temporary office(s) need temporary connectivity and data storage. Server rentals are perfect for such branching out because they offer these businesses a temporary network to test, run and deploy apps. In addition, tower server rentals can be efficiently scaled to accommodate more workstations whenever required.

  • Blade Server Rentals

    Blade Server Rentals

    Blade servers are extremely popular among enterprises due to their capability of saving physical space and energy. As the name implies, blade servers are thin in design, which permits organizations with limited real-estate to save plenty of space and associated cost. Thus, blade servers are best suited for businesses planning to provision servers that can fit in a small space.

  • Mail Server Rentals

    Mail Server Rentals

    Essentially, mail servers exemplify a post office’s role, in the context of electronics and computing. These servers run routines and programs specifically planned for handling retrieval and message sending. These are good if you get involved in the tasks that need temporary usage of email messaging and communication.

  • Enterprise Server Rentals

    Enterprise Server Rentals

    Enterprise servers serve the requirement of an enterprise instead of just one user. Such workstations are robust enough to handle multitasking and easily integrate with existing systems. Since performance and flexibility are what most enterprises demand, enterprise servers are more powerful – and also more expensive – than low-end servers.

  • Database Server Rentals

    Database Server Rentals

    Businesses planning an expansion need temporary storage to store files before they are moved to their network. Database storage rentals are temporary solutions to an organization’s storage crisis. Businesses, regardless of the size, occasionally rent database servers to copy data and apps before moving them to their dedicated servers.

  • Application Server Rentals

    Application Server Rentals

    An application server is a software framework coded to regulate the execution of routines and programs on a workstation. Renting an application server allows you to unlock a plethora of other benefits. Application servers allow organizations to create a concentric model of apps, wherein several applications can work independently despite being hosted on the same platform.

  • Web Server Rentals

    Web Server Rentals

    Web server enables organizations to host their websites. Renting a web server is an excellent choice for those who need temporary hosting abilities.

  • Server Peripheral Rentals

    Server Peripheral Rentals

    Go4hosting provides an extensive range of rental peripheral servers including routers, hubs and switches. You can get in touch with our technical support executive and we will arrange peripherals needed for your storage requirements.

  • Replacement Server Rentals

    Replacement Server Rentals

    In case your server is temporarily out for diagnostics or repairs, then all you need is a temporary replacement to continue working.

Renting a Cloud Server vs Renting a VPS Server

Cloud Server

Virtual Private Server

Costs less for the same configuration Costs more than cloud servers
Scalable server ecosystem Not as scalable
Supports remote login May or may not support remote login

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Server Space?

Xeon Quad Core x3430

Starting From

INR 8995
  • 2.4 Ghz/8MB Cache
  • 4 Threads
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage
  • 5 TB Traffic
Select & Configure

Quad Core Xeon E3-1230v3

Starting From

INR 10995
  • 3.3 Ghz/8 MB Cache
  • 8 Threads
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage
  • 10 TB Traffic
Select & Configure

Hexa Core Xeon E5 2620

Starting From

INR 22995
  • 2.0 Ghz/ 15MB Cache
  • 12 Threads
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 2X1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage
  • 10 TB Traffic
Select & Configure

2 X Octa Core Xeon E5 2630 v3

Starting From

INR 34995
  • 2.0 Ghz/ 20MB Cache
  • 16 X 2 Threads
  • 32 GB Ram
  • 2X1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage
  • 10 TB Traffic
Select & Configure

FAQs - Dedicated Server Rental

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Go4hosting delivers excellent variations and combinations of servers for rental so that you do not add to your fixed costs! Give us a call or drop us a message to discuss how you can benefit from server rentals!

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