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Buy Bulk IP Addresses

An IP address or an Internet Protocol address refers to a numerical tag which is provided for every device that is connected to any computer network using Internet Protocol to communicate. So, the IP address basically serves two important functions, namely for identification of the network interface and for location address. So the IP address helps to identify the location of a system in a network in much the same manner as we use a street address for identifying a specific house within a city block.

Just like the street address stands for a unique house the IP address also stands for a certain device. The IP address will have a network ID and the host ID. This network ID is unique to the Internet network. It identifies all the systems which are housed in the same network and bounded by IP routers. The host ID, on the other hand, refers to a server or workstation or a router or TCP/IP host inside a network.

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Why Have Bulk IP

There are several reasons why you should have multiple IP addresses instead of a single address for all your IT operations. Major reasons include –

  • Host Multiple SSL Sites:

    To have multiple sites and with SSL certificate is not achievable with a single dedicated IP. Having several IPs will not only ease things for you but also black-box your websites from one another, thus making it more secure

  • Preserving Addresses:

    When combining services from several hosts, bulk IPs can preserve your addresses.

  • Retain Performance:

    When one of the IPs is not working correctly, you can map one or more IPs to that site and keep the performance under check.

  • Prevent Traffic Exchange:

    Different addresses can help avoid traffic leaking from one IP to the other. You would not want visitors to be misdirected to a wrong website.

  • Run Multiple Services:

    Think it this way. You cannot run the two business from a single store, but from multiple stores, you can.

  • To Not Establish Link Between Sites:

    You can run multiple sites from the same IP, but there are bound to be consequences. Different IP for each would ensure one site is not penalized along with the other.

Go4hosting – Best Bulk IP Lookup

Go4hosting has provided clients with multi-varied solutions ranging from cloud server hosting to bulk IP since day one. We have focused on developing into an organization that stresses customer satisfaction. The team of experts we have at Go4hosting know the trade to the core. A dedicated support sits 24/7, waiting to troubleshoot problems at the slightest discretion of encountering a glitch. Go4hosting is indubiously the name you can look forward to buying bulk IP addresses. We can provide as many addresses as you want.

Here’s Why Go4hosting is the Epitome of Trusted Bulk IP Service

  • Monitored Network –

    We always keep an eye on how our network is performing. We now follow safety guidelines more rigorously than ever. When things look suspicious, we monitor even more closely.

  • High Uptime –

    High uptime allows your network to work efficiently for a longer duration.

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure –

    We have the latest infra and the manpower proficient enough to handle it.

  • Trusted Name –

    Go4hosting has existed for almost two decades. Hosting and IP now comes naturally to us.

  • Dedicated Support –

    We not only have the latest hardware but also the best support team. Our support is live 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why buy Bulk IP addresses?

There are several reasons you should buy bulk IP addresses instead of one or two.

It saves cost

Buying in bulk helps save cost because the price per IP is way less than when you buy individually. IPs that are unused can be sold at a later date at a much higher price, so you can also make some profit out of it.

It is more secure

The more IPs you have, the more you can secure your network because you are in control of IPs that have access to the network. Say there are 20 devices. By assigning each device its own IP you can secure connection to your network by limiting the IP channels through which connection is facilitated.

It offers scalability

It’s good to have some head room and things sitting in spare in this dynamic world. Multiple IP hosting will give you that extra buffer using which you can utilize to scale your network should there be any need in the future.

Buy Public IP Address in India or anywhere in the world

There are several ways to get public IP in India.

  • First, if you need a very high bandwidth, the best way is to lease a dedicated line. However, do note that the IP will be static and will cost you dearly.
  • Second, if you are on a tight budget, go with a broadband. That would be comparatively cheaper, then but not as robust as a leased line.

Who should Buy Bulk IP?

  1. Websites that have a very high traffic should buy bulk IP because this way the FTP access can be made faster.
  2. Email marketing companies concerned about mass email deliverability.
  3. Websites that need SSL certificate. Though some host provide SSL certificate to just about everyone, some are very peculiar and ask dedicated IPs before they let you buy SSL.

Go4hosting Bulk IP Customer Reviews

We have been associated with Go4hosting for two years now and the only experience we have had with their dedicated IPs is with the one they gave complimentary with dedicated hosting. We had not used dedicated IPs before and saw that it can make a lot of difference in your website.


We are in the business of reselling and buy almost all our service in bulk from Go4hosting, including IP. I find Go4hosting’s IP secure and robust. We haven’t had many problems so far. Satisfied.


We approached Go4hosting when we couldn’t find out how to buy multiple IP addresses in India. Their representative quickly got in touch with us and helped us identify a solution that was the best fit for us.


Some of our IPs got blocked because the client supposedly carried out illicit activities. We got in touch with Go4hosting and they quickly escalated the issues and allotted new IP addresses. I recommend purchasing bulk IP addresses from Go4hosting.


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