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AWS Cost Optimization

Several Innovative Solutions In One Handy Package

Go4hosting encompass a wide breadth of services and budget friendly choices that provide the freedom to effectively optimize your AWS Cost and still keep the performance and capabilities your business needs.

Reduce your AWS Cost for the long Run with Go4hosting

With AWS, you'll be able to accurately right-size your services, leverage Reserved Instances, and use powerful price management tools to watch your prices, and so you will be able to consistently maintain the high quality of your services you are offering to your end users.

Right-size Your Services

With Amazon Web Services, you have the golden opportunity to right-size your services to fulfill precisely those capability needs you wish to fulfill, while not having to overprovision or compromise the overall capabilities of your system. Once you integrate Amazon Web Services into your system, you will see how easy it is to adapt your services to deal with the actual business requirements at any time, with no penalties or incidental fees.

Thanks to the flexibility of Amazon Web Services you can always opt for additional services that have the features which meet your existing business processes, and even if your business demands vary, you exploit the flexibility of Amazon Web Services to simply shift to the exact services that meet your new needs. With Amazon Web Services you have the option of additionally running multiple service choices at the same time, serving to scale back prices and still maintain best performance. This practically means that you will save cash by adapting your services to fulfill your business needs, instead of responding to changes after they have resulted in loss of opportunities.

Reserve Resources And Save On Costs

In the case of certain services like Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS, you will have the option to invest in reserved resources earmarked for your use. With these ‘Reserved Instances’, you access the opportunity to save quite a bit by tailoring resource usage to meet real time demand of your clients. Reserved Instances offered by Amazon Web Services come under three payment choices – All up-front Reserved Instances (AURI), partial up-front Reserved Instances (PURI) or no upfront Reserved Instances (NURI).

Common across all three choices is the direct correlation between your investment and long term cost savings. Simply put, the larger your direct payment, the bigger the discount. To maximize your savings, youmay opt for paying all resource reservation costs up-front and accordingly receive the largest discount. Partial up-front RI gets lower discounts, however it also provides you with the choice to pay less up front. Lastly, depending on your business performance and resource requirements, you might favor to pay nothing up front and receive a smaller discount, at the same time permitting you to unencumber capital to pay off outstanding receipts in other parts of your business.

Spot Market Prices For Flexibility

Amazon EC2 Spot instances enable you to bid on spare Amazon EC2 computing capability. Since Spot instances occur typically priced lower and at a reduced price as compared to On-Demand prices, you will manage to considerably scale back the costs of running your online applications, grow your system processing capability and throughput at a constant budget, and modify the existing style of your cloud computing applications in a cost effective way.

Spot Market pricing permits you to scale services up or down for short-run usage and serves to scale back your bill by up to 90%, as compared to paying for on-demand instances.

Keep A Sharp Eye On Resource Usage

You can use Amazon CloudWatch to gather and track metrics, monitor log files, set alarms, and proactively react to changes in your AWS resources. Additionally, you can make full use of Amazon Web Services to achieve system-wide visibility of overall resource utilization, specific application performance, and system operational health.

With a trustworthy consultant like Go4hosting, you make the call to provision your resources following best practices to boost system performance and flexibility, increase security, and improve visual appearances while saving lots of cash. With CloudWatch, you have the ability to shut down non-production instances and use Amazon Autoscaling to match spikes or reductions in demand.

Have An In-depth Look At Costs

AWS Price Explorer, a unique tool in the Amazon Web Services portfolio, bestows upon you the power to closely investigate your prices and resource usage. Employing a set of default reports, you can quickly start with distinctly identifying your underlying price drivers and usage trends. From there, you and your finance team can compartmentalize your information according to your business verticals to dive deeper into the nitty-gritties of your resource spends.

One powerful price management feature present in AWS Price Explorer is that it can filter and cluster your financial information while keeping your original resource tags intact. Tagging offers you the advantage to form dedicated resource teams that match your business structure, which makes it easier to map your resources and workloads to the suitable price center.

By making use of Amazon Web Services in coordination with Go4hosting, your organization will minimize risks, additional predictably manage budgets, and formulate consistent policies that result in longer-term client commitments.

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