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SAP HANA Hosting


Understanding SAP HANA applications

  • CIOs, IT managers, and programmers need to handle several types of challenges and they can leverage SAP HANA for creating precisely what is needed to meet such challenges. The highly advanced SAP HANA tool also makes it possible to build applications in real time for delivering feature-rich and secure by obviating the need to wait for periodic reports.
  • One can find SAP HANA to be an irreplaceable resource for supporting multiple situations that demand real time analytics. Right from optimization of supply chain to monitoring of energy consumption and monitoring, SAP HANA platform can be used to support a large gamut of situations.
  • SAP HANA can be effectively leveraged to monitor a telecom network or for detection of frauds to enhance security quotient of the organization. Organizations are also found to leverage SAP HANA for generating profitability reports and to forecast various parameters of the business.

Attributes of SAP HANA Hosting

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    Simple and economical

    By implementing a flexible and real time approach, SAP HANA hosts are able to allow easy processing of huge data volumes. The approach is also aimed at reducing costs while running data ware-houses and analytical application systems.

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    Quick and easy deployment

    One can easily get an access to real time transactional data for carrying out analysis and modeling workloads irrespective of the data source with help of SAP HANA tools. The entire operation is designed to be performed within a single environment so that no other applications are affected.

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    Industry best practices

    Reputed SAP HANA hosting service providers follow the best practices in terms of automated methodologies. This helps enhance the employee productivity while speeding up deployments.

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    Empowering businesses

    There are multiple services to support your cloud initiatives, if you choose SAP HANA hosting solutions offered by established providers. All these services are aimed at rapid deployment in order to facilitate speedy application development.

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    Cost mitigation

    Predictability of costs of operations for running infrastructure to support business critical applications improves focus on applications. Users are also able to enjoy guaranteed stability and efficiency of the infrastructure that supports SAP HANA tools.

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    Seamless integration of applications

    It is possible to achieve process as well as data synchronization from on-premise, cloud and third party sources while maintaining stringent levels of security. You can ensure robust collaboration among customers as well as partners for enhancement of performance and work efficiency.

Enhanced UX

Users can find a ripe environment to build user interfaces that allow ease of scaling so that the final products are highly responsive and user friendly. There is a vast scope for integration of mobile app development as well as administration due to cloud supported environment of SAP HANA hosting.

Since every business needs to build robust networks of partners and customers, SAP HANA has been designed to enhance efficiencies with help of cloud based tools. SAP HANA hosting services leverage state of the art technology of cloud computing to ingrate a large spectrum of information including equipment sensors or online sentiments that is generated from remote devices.

Selecting a SAP HANA hosting provider

Management of voluminous data workloads should be backed by a flexible and real time support. In addition to a highly available infrastructure for maintaining business availability, the provider must be able to allow the customers to focus on application development. The majority of infrastructure costs that are required to run SAP HANA tool should be predictable and optimized for supporting mission critical business applications.

While selecting a right provider of SAP HANA cloud services, one needs to confirm that the provider is backed by proven legacy of catering to an extensive gamut of data requirements that mitigate dependence on traditional and cost intensive systems.

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