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Ever growing need for enterprise storage services is attributed to immense rise in adoption of cloud computing organizations across the globe. Cloud based solutions are backed by clusters of networked servers for assured redundancy and availability of compute power, storage, and networking bandwidth.

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There are multiple types of enterprise storage solutions that can cater to different users and a variety of applications. If you need to have a storage resource that can be actively accessed by users, then it is better to use a primary storage solution. However, in order to ensure compliance and protection of data, then a backup storage or archival of data is necessary.

Need for Enterprise Storage services

Enterprise storage is the most significant resource concerning mission critical business information since it not only acts as a one stop repository of data, but also facilitates a large spectrum of functions. These are:

  • Data sharing

  • Data protection

  • Routine data management

Enterprise storage services can be leveraged through a large array of similar or even disparate connections. Ideal enterprise storage solutions have capability to scale for accommodating huge volumes of data workloads in large organizations.

While handling the ever growing influx of business data, the enterprise servers need to perform seamlessly and without affecting other activities and business operations. Large organizations are usually multi-location establishment and hence these need to manage data in terms of diversity as well as scale.

Vital features of servers for enterprise storage

  • Efficient and secured data centers across significant global locations are chosen for positioning enterprise grade servers to provide a robust support to enterprise storage systems. These are also capable of delivering seamless performance irrespective of platforms without compromising availability.

  • Enterprise Storage services strive to offer total freedom from concerns of routine maintenance of servers. These reliable solution providers not only develop a stable and robust storage resource but also ensure that the enterprise storage infrastructure is well looked after for seamless performance.

  • The process of adapting to the enterprise storage service need not be a complex one and should be as simple and straightforward as choosing a cloud service. Cloud storage services should provide easy upgrades and should have seamless compatibility with existing resources as well as applications.

  • Storage Area Network is commonly leveraged for implementation of Enterprise Storage instead of systems that rely on distributed storage. These solutions are also built to provide other benefits in addition to storage of information. Enterprise clients can also count on enterprise storage services to gain remote support for a centralized admin console.

  • Enterprise Storage services are built for high performance and can be safely relied upon for secure sharing of data apart from advanced data restoration and disaster recovery options.

Deployment of enterprise storage

Enterprise storage systems can be deployed either at on-premise IT infrastructure of the organization or external cloud platforms that can be provided by cloud service providers. Organizations choose on-site infrastructures for implementation of enterprise storage systems for achieving greater control on business information.

In order to simplify management of data storage, cloud services can be leveraged for deployment of enterprise storage. This option guarantees significant cost savings as it eliminates cost intensive onsite infrastructures that must be built, operated and maintained by technical experts.

The third option of combining on-site and cloud infrastructures for enterprise cloud services is also explored by some of the enterprises.

Key aspects of enterprise storage services

The most significant benefit of enterprise storage service is seamless collaboration and sharing of important business information among a large number of employees. It is easy to implement security measures including user based accessibility. Most of the traditional storage services are not able to provide such features.

Organizations can look forward to greater performance by adopting enterprise storage solutions because these are designed for improving availability, scalability, dependability, and security of mission critical business information.

Benefits of using enterprise storage services

Although, implementation of enterprise storage is possible by using on-premise resources, there are a large number of complications and hurdles involved. This underlines the significance of using enterprise storage services that enable simplification of the entire process.

  • Users are not burdened with building networking and hardware infrastructure if they choose to avail the services of enterprise storage. Cloud vendor enables users to concentrate on more productive and business related activities.

  • Cloud storage is easily deployed since it involves simple process of choosing a cloud service which matches business needs. Service providers will look after configuration of enterprise storage to accommodate existing networks and business applications.

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