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Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure cloud platform is designed to enable IT professionals and developers to gain access to a unified resource for application development, deployment and management. It is backed by Microsoft’s massive and extensive network of data centers, which are located in 140 countries, spanning 38 global regions.

Key Aspects of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an impressive assortment of a number of cloud computing services such as managed as well as hosted versions of open-source technologies including Linux distros that can be deployed within VMs. Microsoft Azure obviously supports proprietary Microsoft technologies.

The global scale offered by Microsoft Azure assures an ideal ecosystem to achieve the highest level of operational excellence by leveraging outstanding availability, compliance and data residency. Microsoft Azure is an ideal cloud hosting platform for organizations seeking rock-solid dependability as well as cost efficiency.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

  • Cost Control

    On-premise data center infrastructures are extremely complex to operate, manage, and maintain. These are also highly expensive from the point of view of hardware and software costs. Add to this the costs of securing and cooling the equipment. The list can seem endless if one adds floor-space costs, electricity costs, staffing expenses, and so forth.
    Microsoft Azure facilitates users to obviate the development of costly on-site server infrastructure or renting of server support through legacy data center services. It also offers better cost savings due to resource consumption-based payment method as compared with traditional payment modes.

  • Azure Enhances Productivity

    Developers can consistently deliver apps with superior quality through innovation. With Microsoft Azure, developers can aim for greater productivity of application development to reduce overall time to market. The highly resourceful cloud platform of Azure allows access to a great assortment of open- source technologies and tools that developers are already familiar with.
    In addition to this, Microsoft Azure backs great numbers of devices, frameworks, databases, programming languages, and operating systems.
    Microsoft Azure can be leveraged by all types and sizes of organizations including startups and fortune 500 organizations and everything in between. It is particularly beneficial for an enterprise which is passing through a phase of cash crunch. Enterprises can plan to grow steadily by leveraging outstanding scalability of Microsoft Azure that offers scalability on a global scale.

  • Flexibility and Consistency

    Development and deployment of applications is a breeze with Microsoft Azure, which is the one and only hybrid cloud that assures consistency. This is essential for ultimate portability for connecting on-site as well as cloud-based apps. Consistency of hybrid cloud is an important attribute of Microsoft Azure for greater security, smoother management, and guaranteed identity management throughout the entire gamut of data.
    Seamless data distribution can be achieved with Microsoft Azure besides enhanced ease of connecting with cloud and on-premise apps by eliminating complexity. You can experience dynamic scalability by leveraging real-time analytics that can cover all types and volumes of data. Azure data services can be combined with AI for offering innovative experiences.

  • Cloud with Microsoft’s Seal of Trust

    It is hardly surprising to note why 9 out of 10 organizations prefer Microsoft Cloud. Microsoft has earned great respect across the globe due to its transparency, security, compliance adherence, and privacy.
    Microsoft Cloud enables a centralized cloud view for reliable detection and mitigation of threats. There are as many as fifty offerings of compliance that makes Microsoft Cloud the most respected and dependable cloud.

Ideal Hosting Environment for Microsoft Azure

It is obvious that you should select the right hosting partner with proven and established association with Microsoft to experience Microsoft Azure, the way it is intended to be. Following are some of the factors that need to be analyzed before selecting a perfect Microsoft Azure hosting service provider.

  • Tailor-made infrastructure

    The hosting provider of Microsoft Azure must be backed by experts who are Microsoft certified. These professional can be safely relied upon for building a tailor-made flexible Microsoft infrastructure by understanding the nature and scope of the user’s business requirements.

  • Cloud management

    Cloud is a vital resource of modern enterprises and it must be managed by enabling proactive monitoring, seamless patching, and guaranteed backup support for mitigating threat of a downtime. This calls for responsible and proven managed cloud services offered by your service provider.

  • Growth enablement

    In order to ensure the availability of outstanding cloud services, one must always focus on growth objectives and choose managed Azure services with a robust track-record. Performance improvement and guaranteed Return on Investment is certain if the host is capable of facilitating maximum use of Microsoft Azure by providing proficient guidance.

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