Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

How to Leverage Bare Metal Dedicated Servers for High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Nowadays, in High-Performance Computing (HPC), where speed, reliability, and scalability are crucial, utilizing bare metal dedicated servers can be a game changer. Despite the rise in popularity of cloud-based solutions in recent years, bare metal servers have unique advantages for HPC workloads.  High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems have evolved since their debut as supercomputers in the Read more>>

Smartermail Hosting india

How to Manage User Permissions in SmarterMail Hosting?

In the rising demand for a solid email hosting option, SmarterMail Hosting has become immensely popular with its wide range of features and capabilities. As a SmarterMail Hosting provider in India, you must understand the importance of successfully controlling user rights. Besides, the level of access and authority granted to users within the hosting environment Read more>>

Plesk Dedicated Server

How to Secure Your Plesk Dedicated Server: Best Practices and Essential Steps

In the rising demand for digitalization, protecting your data is of utmost importance to each organization. Furthermore, businesses should opt for best practices to protect sensitive website data from malicious attacks. Plesk is likely the most popular alternative to cPanel, comes with numerous security and hardening options to improve server security.  Plesk offers comprehensive server Read more>>

SSD Server hosting

How to Secure Your SSD Server from External Threats?

In this digital age, where everything including businesses has become digital, security is one of the main concerns that everyone is facing especially for businesses. However, when we are talking about SSD (Solid State Drive) servers, they play a vital role to enhance their speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.  Including other servers, SSD servers are susceptible Read more>>

virtual private server

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues with VPS Hosting: Solutions and Workarounds

In this digital business era, whether small, medium, or enormous, virtual private server (VPS)  hosting has become increasingly popular. This is because having a dedicated server is an affordable alternative to the high costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a physical server. VPS hosting, however, could come with a unique set of issues. Well, here Read more>>

Reduces DDoS Attacks

How CDN Reduces DDoS Attacks and Improves Website Security?

Having constant service is essential whether you run a small business or a personal website. You risk losing users and customers if your website takes a long time to load or, worse, is completely unavailable.  There would be several factors that could affect a website’s performance. But, a sharp increase in visitors is one of Read more>>

Optimize Your Ubuntu VPS Hosting

How to Optimize Your Ubuntu VPS Hosting for Maximum Performance?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) refers to one of the more efficient and up-to-date methods of managing IT infrastructure that can support economies of scale.  In rising demand for VPS hosting may be ascribed to the rising number of websites and online applications. As well as, the wide array of hosting options available for hosting websites Read more>>

Email Hosting

The Future of Email Hosting: Trends and Predictions for 2023 and Beyond

Email has been a staple of communication for decades and continues to be an essential tool for both personal and professional use. However, the way we access and host email has evolved significantly over the years. With technological advancements and changes in user behavior, the future of email hosting is likely to see some exciting Read more>>

Data Center India

The Trend Towards Hyper-converged Infrastructure and its Impact on Data Centers.

Over the past decade, the IT industry has witnessed a growing trend towards hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as a more efficient and scalable alternative to traditional data center architectures.  HCI is a software-defined infrastructure that combines compute, storage, and networking functions into a single appliance or cluster, making it easier to manage and scale.  This trend Read more>>

G Suite vs Microsoft 365

G Suite vs Microsoft 365: Which Email Hosting Service Is Best in 2023

Once the creation of the website completes, the next step for any business owner is usually to get a professional business. A reliable and efficient email service for your business can help you focus on running and growing your business.  A professional business email address, such as [email protected], is a powerful branding tool that differentiates Read more>>

Cloud Technology

The Future of Business: How Cloud Technology is Changing the Game

We all know how technology has reshaped the world. So, business sectors must need to move with the passage of technology to sustain in this gigantic industry. In today’s scenario, cloud computing is one such thing that has completely reshaped the way of business models.  Cloud computing allows businesses to store and access data, programs, Read more>>

Go4Hosting Banner Cloud Computing-01 (1)

What Are Different Types of Virtualization In Cloud Computing

In these times, we often witness many startups coming up with ingenious ideas and solutions. In fact, these originations can create several impactful SaaS products or side projects, and people build the version of their application within a week and release it. All these powerful applications are possible due to several factors and one of Read more>>

Online Privacy

A Complete Guide to Online Privacy for Small Businesses

In today’s emerging and digitizing world, while using the internet people perpetually provide their personal information and details to websites and other applications. Online privacy is crucial to avoid misuse of the information for malicious purposes.  Not only for individuals but also for businesses, data protection is crucial for everyone. Especially, it is substantial for Read more>>

Blockchain Works

How Blockchain Works for Various Businesses and Industries?

It’s a fact that progressive technologies always push companies to change their complete business models, and inspire them to create new ones. Some companies successfully adopt such technical changes whereas others missed the opportunity. But the question is, which technologies of the future will impact your business in the most positive way. Over the past Read more>>

Databases to the Cloud

Key Tips for Successfully Migrating your Databases to the Cloud

With every passing year, the popularity of Cloud technologies increasing continuously. It grasps the attention of many people and moving to the cloud has become acquisitive for modern enterprises and startups.  The future of the DBMS market is cloud, according to Gartner. Gartner report says by 2022, 75% of all databases will be migrated or deployed Read more>>