5 Reasons Why Your Next Hosting

5 Reasons Why Your Next Hosting Should Be In The Cloud

Nowadays, most companies are shifting to the cloud for leveraging the variety of advantages that come along with it. In the modern era, the cloud is constantly evolving and developing for managing the further modern demands of the companies. However, you have also experienced several terms associated with the cloud that describe the technical differences Read more>>

serverless functions

Serverless Functions: A Complete Guide on the Future Trends of Cloud

Everyone knows that serverless functions are trending these days but do you know how it starts trending. Let’s understand the concept of serverless functions. For Instance, if you are going to buy a dress for your baby. But in a few months or a year, you’ll be back at the same dress store for the Read more>>

dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server: A Complete Guide For Better Understanding

To serve the needs of every business, Go4hosting unbeatably provides excellent server hosting options, that include cloud solutions, Colocation, and Dedicated servers. Probably, like many other organizations, you also go for cloud computing for launching your first web application, database, or mail server. After all, cloud computing services seem flexible and convenient. But other than Read more>>

Serverless Computing

What is Serverless Computing, and How does it Work?

In a serverless system you can continue to write and deploy codes without having to worry about the physical infrastructure. In a serverless arrangement organizations are only charged for the service they use. However, even though it is referred to as serverless that doesn’t mean there are no physical servers. In the past if you Read more>>

future of cloud computing

What is the Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud based technology has significantly changed how people do business. Cloud technology has become an essential part of many business operations. It is being used to perform a wide variety of tasks such as remote work, data management and software development. Cloud computing is being used by small and large scale organizations around the world. Read more>>


What is virtualization and how does it work?

Virtualization refers to the process of creating virtual computers on top of a single physical computer. These virtual computers are known as virtual machines. Virtual machines use the hardware of the physical computer, but they do have their own operating systems. Each virtual machine functions as an independent computer. Virtualization allows the organizations to utilize Read more>>

Multi cloud System

What are The Pros and Cons of a Multi-cloud System?

In a multi cloud system an organization utilizes multiple cloud computing platforms to run their business operations. This way organizations can take advantage of the unique services that each cloud vendor has to offer to their clients. Multi-cloud system can be a combination of software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as Read more>>

Conversational AI

What is Conversational AI and How Does It Work?

Conversational AI refers to the technologies that enable human-like interaction between a computer and a person. Conversational AI is a combination of both science and art making it more relevant and personalized. Conversational AI can be used for both voice and text modalities. Conversational AI can be used for SMS, web chat, smart speakers and Read more>>

Myths and their facts you need to know about Virtual Machine hosting

Undoubtedly, the sphere of cloud computing and virtual machine hosting is becoming popular every single day. At the same time, this popularity also increases the myth and misconceptions among users for VM hosting too.   Therefore, we are come out to clear all the myths and misconceptions related to online VM.  So, let’s start.  Virtual machine Read more>>

Edge Computing

What Is Edge Computing and How Does It Work?

Data is at the core of every successful business operation. It provides deep insights that enable organizations to further improve their business strategies. The traditional data centers are no longer capable of handling vast amounts of data being generated on a daily basis. This is the reason why many organizations are deploying Edge computing to Read more>>

The Future of Ai

The Future Of Humanity: Artificial Intelligence

Alan Turing, the man who cracked the Nazi code laid down the foundation for artificial intelligence. Alan simply asked himself ‘can machines think? The Turing test introduced by Alan Turing in 1950 is used to determine whether a machine can exhibit human intelligence. According to the test, the machine should be able to fool a Read more>>

Metaverse The Next Frontier For Internet

Metaverse: The Next Frontier For Internet

Metaverse is a virtual reality platform that allows people to interact online. It goes beyond the dull and mundane net browsing experience that we have become so used to. Mark Zuckerberg introduced Metaverse as the next frontier of social networking that transcends our online experience into a three-dimensional virtual reality. Next in line is the Read more>>

Infrastructure Status On Data Centers In India

The Impact Of Infrastructure Status On Data Centers In India

Data centers have been given infrastructure status in the budget 2022. The recent development will have a significant impact on the data center industry in India. It will attract new investors from home and abroad. Data is the most valuable asset of any organization. Data management plays a significant role in the success of every Read more>>

Between Dedicated Server in India And USA

Is There Any Difference Between Dedicated Server in India And USA

One of the most common questions that every beginner to web hosting asks is what is the difference between a dedicated server in India and a dedicated server in the USA. When it comes to web hosting, we usually look for the location of the data center. It is believed that the closest server is Read more>>

Dedicated Server in India – The Only Guide You Need in 2022

Rapid digitization has made everything accessible over the internet. Businesses need plenty of resources to grow and expand especially in the Indian market. Growing your business website is not easy due to heavy competition and lack of resources. Also, to beat your competitors, you need a better business strategy and a reliable hosting solution. Creating Read more>>