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Node.js Server Hosting

Best node JS hosting to develop scalable apps

Launch Apps, Backup Data and Configure Updates with Go4hosting’s Node JS Hosting

Node.js is designed to be a server side platform built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It facilitates fast development of scalable network applications and is highly regarded as lightweight and efficient. It uses a non-blocking and event driven I/O model for real time as well as data intensive applications running across several distributed services. Our NodeJS server hosting is backed by a rich library of multiple modules of JavaScript for simplifying development of web based applications. Node.js can also efficiently work with client side JavaScript requests. Go4hosting’s Nodejs Hosting India enjoys remarkable popularity with smart phone apps that are governed with multiple small requests. Go4Hosting has earned sound reputation as one of the best node JS hosting providers among small as well as large sized organizations from all verticals of industry. We are backed by sound expertise of more than a decade and present an impressive suite of hosting solutions by stringently observing SLAs to meet our clients’ expectations. Run free trial of our node JS servers and experience yourself.

Why Select Node.js Hosting Platform?

You select Node JS server hosting because it simplifies a number of things including web development.

  • Simplifies web application development with help of rich library of JavaScript modules
  • Ensures excellent server scalability with help of event mechanism that enables server to respond I a non-blocking way
  • Offers an asynchronous and event driven performance
  • Uses a single threaded program that is able to service far greater number of requests in comparison with legacy servers
  • Remarkable speed of code execution due to Google Chromes V8 engine
  • Ensures data output in chunks without buffering

Go4Hosting range of offerings

Explore our range of offerings that include VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, Shared and JS hosting servers.

Why Should Businesses Consider Go4Hosting for Node.js platform Hosting?

Go4Hosting has facilitated optimized Node JS hosting India environment so that you are able to explore all functionalities of the application. We host Node.js on blazing fast servers that guarantee amazing page load speeds and provide unwavering network uptime to ensure high performance of your Node.js platform. We also allow you the freedom to run free trial of our Node JS server so you are sure our service is worth your money.
Run free Node JS trial. 7 day money-back guarantee
  • Nodejs Hosting India


    We protect your mission critical data with multi-layered physical as well as network security measures so that you can focus on your core development assignments without any hassles.

  • Nodejs Hosting India

    Resilient Networking

    Our carrier neutral data center infrastructure offers flexibility of choice by providing multiple telecommunication networks.

  • Nodejs Hosting India

    24/7 Technical Support

    Our dedicated Node JS hosting experts are available to attend to your support requests irrespective of day or time through email, live chat, or phone.

  • Nodejs Hosting India

    Scalable Infrastructure

    We have developed highly scalable infrastructure facilities to keep pace with your growing resource requirements. You can count on our vast capabilities that will ensure seamless availability of your mission critical applications.

  • Nodejs Hosting India

    Top Tiered Data Center

    Our Tier III data centers are designed to provide 99.95% network uptime backed by SLA. These are backed by highly redundant resources including power and cooling facilities.

  • Nodejs Hosting India

    Trustworthy Performance

    We source every hardware component from industry leading brands to ensure flawless performance of all systems. Moreover, our cutting edge performance monitoring tools offer round the clock support for uninterrupted website availability.

If you are in pursuit of any Node.js server hosting solution, then do get in touch with our knowledgeable experts for more details.
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