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Cloud Backup

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What are Cloud Backup Services?

Cloud backup is a type of backup service in which an instance of the data is shared to cloud servers. The data can then be accessed from various access points or shared with other users for collaboration. Creating multiple access points with a backup serves two purposes – first, it allows data access irrespective of the location where the request is generated. Second, even while working with the data, the changes are simultaneously reflected over every access point on the cloud. Cloud backup solutions involve cloud servers that not only provide an extremely fast and reliable computing platform, but also come at a budget-friendly package. To ensure further safety, single data can have multiple instances on the same server. Thus, if any of the requests cannot be catered due to data unavailability, the central system will order other data-instance to serve the request.

Cloud backup services are only as good as the server on which they have been provisioned. A bad host can jeopardise the safety of your data rather than safeguarding it. A good host can help you reinforce better security of your business-crucial information.

Providers like Go4hosting offer managed as well as unmanaged backup-as-service, a term often used interchangeably with ‘cloud backup solutions’. A managed Backup-as-a-Service is a remote online solution that facilitates users with a back-up system for storage as well as recovery of their computer files. By deploying our BaaS, you can leverage breakthrough technology, design, and execute plans in a cost-effective way.

Cloud Backup Services

Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

Here are a few ways a cloud backup will help safeguard your privacy.

  • Reduced Cost

    Cloud hosting services have been long known for providing cost-effective solutions. Other backup services can cost as much as four to five times the price of the cloud.

  • Reliability

    No other backup focus on creating multiple instances as heavily as Cloud Backup Solutions. Because reliability is proportionate to the number of replicas of the data, an additional data instance can bump up the reliability to two-fold.

  • Better Management of Resources

    A managed service is always more convenient. Having your own backup to take care of can place an unnecessary burden on your IT staff that could already be loaded with work.

  • No Physical Backup Required

    Servers and hard disk backups are tape backups. A backup can safeguard your data only as long as it is guarded against theft. A physical drive is more likely to be stolen than an encrypted virtual cloud backup.

  • Accessibility

    Physical disks and backups tie you down to a particular location for work. Having a virtual environment extirpates reliance on a physical server, so you can access your data from anywhere, anytime.

Why Cloud Backup Data?

Without a safeguard, you can lose invaluable data, and with it, your business credibility. It is imperative to have a backup plan so robust that you lose no byte of your business-critical information.

Our cloud backup solutions can boost your business performance in the following ways:

  • Secure Critical Data:

    You can secure your mission-critical data and files by using our Backup services. We abide by stringent protection procedures as well as FIPS-compliant encryptions to safeguard your important files. We only allow authorized users with pre-set encryption keys to access your business data.
  • Minimize Back-Up Times:

    We follow industry benchmarks to ensure efficient usage of bandwidth while dynamically regulating the compression rates.
  • Optimize Data Storage:

    In the very first cloud backup, we capture the entire dataset on a new block. In the subsequent backups, we reduce the size of each file by nearly 98%.
  • Easy Data Management:

    We reduce data complexity by using a self-service interface, which makes it simple to configure backup schedules, choose retention intervals, and inspect alerts and job progress for restoring files.
  • Easy Data Management:

    We reduce data complexity by using a self-service interface, which makes it simple to configure backup schedules, choose retention intervals, and inspect alerts and job progress for restoring files.
Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup FAQs

Cloud Hosting India

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