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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Based Knowledge Base

Cloud computing knowledge is really worth the while, given its widespread implementation and the convenience that accompanies it. Based on the trend that cloud computing knowledge base has shown over the past few months, we have compiled the requisite knowledge of cloud, definition cloud computing, and some essential steps on how to work in cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?

Definition - Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, in simple terms, is delivery of on demand computing resources on a pay for use basis. The word "Cloud" in Cloud Computing is used as the metaphor for the Internet. Cloud Computing involves use of different sets of hardware and software to work unanimously to deliver many aspects of Internet. In technical terminology, it is the virtualization of resource into separate units to make the individual sets act like standalone servers.

What are the different types of Cloud Computing?

Clouds can be classified in various ways depending upon service type or the architecture. However, in our cloud computing knowledge base, we will classify cloud into the following three types -

Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS is where the entire cloud is the requirement. The client will ask the provider to setup a computing environment; once accomplished, the control is handed to the client.

Platform-as-a-Service - PaaS is most suited for developers who only need a platform to work on their applications and are not too concerned with what goes into the background.

Software as a Service - The most comprehensive example of SaaS is ERP, HRM and account management software - even Gmail is SaaS. In Saas, it is not mandatory to install any applications on the computer. Most apps are web based and are accessed using web address.

How to work in Cloud Computing?

Though very different from traditional storage, cloud computing is relatively easier to work with, especially when collaboration and remote access is a necessity. Cloud computing is very much different from storing data at your home or office network. Cloud computing is considered when the data is accessed over the internet. The smooth accessibility that appears at your end, massive data processing is involved on the other end of cloud computing. It just needs an online connection and waits for the miracles of the cloud to happen.

Cloud Based knowledge base - Cloud Computing Resources

The resources required for cloud computing are data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software. In contrast to hard drive or local storage devices, cloud-based storage aims at storing data over a remote database. One just has to make sure that whichever electronic device is in use should have constant access to the web.

The best part of cloud computing is that the user need not be in a specific place to gain access to it and allowing the user to work remotely. Cloud hosting services can be either public or private depending on the based on the extent of accessibility. Public services are provided online in return for some fee, whereas private services are hosted on a network to specific clients.

Though it has not been long since the cloud has been introduced but the level at which it is spread is phenomenal. From big corporations to small scale businesses and even individual consumers are already being using cloud computing and have been profitable.  

Is Google Drive Cloud Computing?

Yes. Google drive is cloud storage solution - an online storage solution to upload and access files from anywhere. Drive's services are delivered over the internet and make little use of the resource of the local host (computer). From a technical standpoint, cloud computing and cloud storage are somewhat different terms, the former being a technology and the latter a service.

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