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How Do I Create A Gateway For My Virtual Private Cloud?

One of the most highly available component of a Virtual Private Cloud is and Internet gateway. It facilitates communication between the Internet and instances in user's virtual private cloud.

Hence an Internet gateway does not impose bandwidth constraints or any risk of availability on network traffic. Internet gateway provides a target in user's virtual private cloud route table and also undertakes network address translation for public IP address associated instances.

Following are the steps for creating an internet gateway and attaching it to Virtual Private Cloud. By opening the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud console go to navigation pane and select 'Internet Gateway'. You will be prompted with a dialogue box where-in you can name the Internet Gateway and thereafter select 'yes, create'.

By selecting the Internet gateway which was created by you, the same can be attached to computer by choosing Attach to PC. Now you need to attach the Internet gateway to your virtual private cloud. In order to achieve this, select your virtual private cloud from the list shown in 'attach to Virtual Private Cloud.

You can also delete the Internet gateway by choosing 'Internet gateways' in navigation pane and deleting the relevant Internet gateway by choosing it from the list. 

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