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How Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) Can Impact SEO?

CDNs or Content Delivery Networks do play a key role in improving and optimizing page speed which means it can play a role in the ranking of your page or website. Google does take loading times into consideration while ranking websites. Content Delivery Networks are network of servers distributed across various geographical locations with the intention of delivering web pages and other types of web content. The system is engineered to deliver content request based on the geographical location. Content Delivery Networks have the capability to deliver content of any size at great speeds smoothly and without any interruptions. 

Content Delivery Networks can definitely impact your SEO positively. By delivering content from cloud servers located closest to the user from where the request has originated, the system ensures that content is delivered in the quickest possible time.This can improve user experience as they won't have to wait endlessly for the desired pages to load. As they will have a wonderful experience with fast browsing of pages and instant access to data, they will come back for more and bring others along too, giving a boost to your traffic. Google will take note of this positive aspect and consider your website for better raking on SERPs.

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