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How to buy VPS hosting


The VPS hosting plans work similar to an apartment in a condominium where every virtual server is like an apartment; a container on the same physical server but enjoys a definite amount of resources. Users have root access to this server and they get to install their choice of an operating system and custom applications.

You will need to
buy VPS hosting plans when you find that the shared hosting plans which you had signed up for your site are not enough to help you manage the high traffic that your site has started to get. But to buy VPS hosting, you will need to first see whether the plans are enough to accommodate your traffic demands. You will also need to choose between managed and unmanaged plans. The former is costlier but convenient as the host remains responsible for server management. Unmanaged VPS hosting plans are cheaper but you have to troubleshoot all technical problems as and when they arise.

When you have to
buy VPS, your job is to compare the features and prices offered for such plans by multiple providers. You can also check for reviews about the providers and read customer testimonials to be certain the host is reliable. Before you sign on the dotted lines, you must verify the amount of RAM or bandwidth you will get. In case of an increase in demands, you may need to provision more resources. So, your web hosting provider should be able to get you extra resources if the need arises. You must also ensure that the host offers round-the-clock supports through live chats, phone calls and emails before you buy their plans.

Finally, you must check for the uptime guarantees stated in their Service Level Agreements before you sign up for any
VPS plan. This uptime guarantee is a reflection of its reliability and without this, there is no point in upgrading to a VPS plans from a shared hosting plan.

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