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Building on more than 13 years of experience, we add real value to an organization’s upliftment through domain expertise and influential solutions. Go4hosting helps enterprises transform and thrive in a changing world through our explicit solutions and world-class data center services.

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Secure Cloud Storage India

Go4Hosting storage platform combines industry-leading storage and networking hardware to provide an incredibly fast and reliable storage platform for your data. It is presented to your Go4hosting servers as an ISCSI LUN and is capable of handling multiple connections to the same LUN simultaneously. This flexibility makes our storage platform invaluable for hosting virtual machines in situations where single hypervisor failure can lead to application failure. The storage and network architecture used in our storage platform are certified for use with VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, and virtually every other hypervisor product available on the market. It uses an automatically tiered mix of SAN Storage, with ultra-fast SSD/SAS disks to deliver a consistently high level of performance while delivering unprecedented availability.


How does cloud storage work?

Whenever we try to store something on our computer, the file will save on the system’s hard drive or any other external storage device like hard disks or flash drives. On the other hand, cloud storage works effortlessly and efficiently.

In cloud storage, files are sent over the internet, and then these files and data are stored on remote computers or servers. These servers are placed in data centers that are located anywhere in the world.

Mainly, these servers are maintained by cloud storage service providers. Through the web interface, you can easily access the data as it is on a hosted server. These hosted servers are known as cloud servers.

These cloud servers are designed to be connected remotely. So that, you can access your files from anywhere and on any device, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Actually, Cloud storage is an interconnection of servers that includes the master server and other storage servers. These servers can be utilized on the basis of the requirement of the business and the usage.

Cloud storage is very cost-effective as you would have to spend only for the resource or service that you use. you need to pay for the space occupied by your data in the cloud.

The server in which your data has been stored is shared with multiple users, but you can access only your account because of its robust security features.

In addition, cloud storage ensures data redundancy. In case one server is down, the cloud server automatically shifts all your data to another one without any loss of data.

Simply stated, cloud storage is like a massive virtual hard drive where you can store anything and can access it from wherever and whenever you want.

Is cloud storage safe?

As in the above section of the page, you must understand how valuable data is to businesses. Therefore, companies are concerned more about the safety of the data stored in the cloud storage.

Generally, Cloud storage includes an array of protective measures to keep your data safe. These safety measures include encryption or multi-factor access or two-factor access (2FA for short). This two-factor access protects your data with two forms of authentication.

For example, whenever you log in with your password a unique code will be sent to your registered number. This means if anyone would try to attack your data, they need to face multiple levels of access.

For the best cloud storage security, use a provider that offers zero-knowledge encryption. So that if any attacker hacked the servers themselves, then they could access your encrypted files, but they wouldn’t be able to decrypt them.

Now that you understand how cloud storage secures your business data and help you in the growth of your business.

Go4hosting offers a range of cloud storage solutions, hosting solutions, and other cloud services to help your business compete, collaborate and grow. Please get in touch with us to find out what we can do for your business.

Types of Cloud Storage

Mainly, Cloud storage has three types name as a block, file, and object storage. Each storage type comes with its set of advantages:

Block storage

In the Block storage model data is organized into large volumes called “blocks.” Each block stands for representing a separate hard drive. Cloud storage India providers like go4hosting use blocks to split large amounts of data among multiple storage nodes.

Due to low IO latency, the resources of Block storage offer better performance over a network. IO latency is the time taken to accomplish a network connection between the system and the client. Especially, block storage is perfect for large databases and applications.

Block storage effortlessly scales to support the growth of the organization’s databases and applications. This type of cloud storage is useful, for websites or businesses where there is a need of storing a large volume of users’ data.

File storage

File storage is another crucial type of cloud storage. It is used to save data in the hierarchical order or we can say in the file and folder type of structure. Most people are familiar with this type of storage process. No matter where the data is residing, whether in the storage system or the place where it originates, in the end, the data retains its structure.

The hierarchy makes it smooth and more intuitive to find and retrieve files when required. Commonly, the file storage process is used for home directories, development platforms, and repositories for audio, video, and other files.

Object storage

Undoubtedly, Object storage is different from file and block storage. As it operates data as objects. Each object comprises the data in a file, its associated metadata, and an identifier. The Objects store the data in the format as it arrives. Later it customizes the metadata in ways that make the data easier to access and analyze.

Objects are kept in repositories that deliver virtually unlimited scalability, instead of being organized in the hierarchy of files or folders. Since there is no filing hierarchy and the metadata is customizable, object storage allows you to optimize storage resources in an affordable way.

How important is Cloud storage for business?

Undoubtedly, Cloud Storage India services are crucial for businesses, especially for business that has a large capacity of data to store like eCommerce. Go4hosting offers a variety of cloud storage services for almost every type of business— anything from sole proprietors to large enterprises.

For instance, if you are running a small business and you don’t have sufficient resources or skills to manage data storage by yourself then you can choose cloud storage services. As cloud storage India services help you in handling and managing your business data efficiently and effortlessly. You can choose our managed cloud storage services that manage all your storage-related issues.

Not only this, cloud storage is also budget-friendly and it gives you the ability to scale as the business grows.

Similarly, if you have a unicorn business like financial services, a manufacturing company, or a retail chain then also you need cloud storage to store hundreds of GBs of data regularly.

Therefore, in both the above instances, you need an established cloud storage provider like go4hosting who can handle your data volumes smoothly.

Cloud Storage Features

  • Cloud Storage India

    Instantly Provision any Customized Amount of Cloud Storage

  • Best Secure Cloud Storage India

    Enterprise-Class Storage Platform

  • Cloud Storage Services India

    Block Level Persistent Storage Available

  • Cloud CDN Hosting

    Automated Backups can be Scheduled

Cloud Storage Pricing

  • 0-5 TB
    INR 7.5/GB/Mo
  • 6-25 TB
    INR 7/GB/Mo
  • 26-50 TB
    INR 6.5/GB/Mo
  • 51-100 TB
    INR 6/GB/Mo
  • 101-500 TB
    INR 5.5/GB/Mo
  • 501-1000 TB
    INR 5/GB/Mo

Cloud Storage Technology

Our storage platform is powered by HP SAN infrastructure. The complete storage is on SAN device having 15k rpm SAS drives in Raid 5 configuration – providing you with top of the line storage performance. It uses an automatically tiered mix of SAN Storage, with ultra-fast SSD/SAS disks to deliver a consistently high level of performance while delivering unprecedented availability.

Go4hosting uses an automatically tiered mix of SAN Storage, with ultra-fast SSD/SAS disks to deliver a consistently high level of performance while delivering unprecedented availability.

Cloud Storage India

Benefits of Cloud Storage Services



Now with Go4hosting online cloud storage one can not only drag and drop files but do a lot more. There is nothing to worry about once your data is within our strong yet cheap cloud storage. Rest assured, accessibility shall augment exponentially. Files can be accessed from anywhere around the globe with a few clicks. The only requirement is strong web connectivity.

Unparalleled Backup

Unparalleled Backup

There is no question to it that every kind of business venture requires some kind of backup services for recoveries in situations like disasters. We include backups with all our services and post-migration disaster recovery won’t need asking for. It provides excellent provisions for storing data and recovery as and when required.

Unmatched Security

Unmatched Security

People tend to forget the basic nature of the cloud - being dispersed across multiple servers, and are often baffled with security concerns. This reduces the possibility of hardware faults and data getting affected through it. Thus within a secured cloud storage service, the data is the most secured and none another platform can provide such level of security.



Go4hosting provides one of the best cheap cloud storage with prices cut down to affordable limits. This will improve the cost efficiency to a whole new level. The internal resources of a firm can be therefore put into something much more useful like into development purposes.



Go4hosting cloud storage India prefers vertical scaling rather than horizontal: the best to do in the present data-driven technology. Implementing this will allow customers to scale anytime irrespective of the cloud storage environment. This gives more power to the whole structure of online cloud storage. Apart from bringing scalability, this also brings tons of flexibility and free storage space.

Easy Synchronizing and Sharing

Easy Synchronizing and Sharing

Files that are under secured cloud storage are very smoothly distributed among all the individuals and administrations involved. They have access to the whole infrastructure or to a part of it depending on the level of authority. Also, the best feature that your data can enjoy within a cloud storage India is easy migration as and when required. The documents and files can be easily migrated to any other system with minimal formalities.

" You talk about clustering, load balancing or any complex cloud hosting solutions. These guys are champ. This is my personal experience with them. "



Cloud Storage FAQs

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