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Data Center Rack

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Own Data Center Racks without a data center

Rack Space Colocation services release your important resources by giving freedom to your IT team to focus on the mission-important business functions. This further facilitates you to avoid capital expenditures on deployment, management, scaling, and maintenance of physical devices. By housing as well as protecting the critical systems and applications, it reduces capital and operational expenditures. You can easily setup a colocation facility with affordable data center rack for less than $100 per month.

Key Features of Our Rack Space Colocation solution

  • Tier III Data Center Facility
  • Redundant Cooling, Power, and High Network Performance
  • Premium Bandwidth
  • 24x7 Customer Support

Why Your Business Needs Rack Space Colocation facility

Data center rack is the fundamental building block of every data center. We offer robust and reliable Rack Space Colocation Data Center services that empower your business to perform better. Having your own rack space in a colocation facility can unlock a number of advantages for your business including security, reliability and cost-cutting.

Security: We follow stringent security measures to safeguard your important business data that are not limited to

Robust Infrastructure: Our network architecture supports maximum speed, redundancy, quality, and traffic throughput. By using the best software and equipment, we have designed our Data Center and rack space colocation facility to offer reliable services at competitive prices. Our data center racks are locked and configured with the best security possible. We have an extensive list of programs that protect our network from attacks thus helping us to keep intruders at bay. We continually focus on improving our colocation facility by upgrading software and equipment and providing new services. We offer the best colocation service in India that are focused on cost-savings while delivering the same level of performance and productivity.

Technology: We deploy Foundry and Cisco components to protect our data center rack and cabinet against any unsolicited events in the advent of component failures. Our data Centers are equipped with the latest technology as well as networking solutions to help your business reduce costs, simplify the management IT resources, and enhance scalability. There is a lot to leverage when you choose Go4hosting’s colocation facility.

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Data Center Rack: FAQs

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