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What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Windows VPS hosting is a cogent solution for companies and individuals that run higher-traffic websites and more complex applications in a highly secured environment.We offer secure, efficient and economical Windows VPS Hosting Plans that cater to diverse needs of businesses. Protected by Quick Heal AV and maintained by Microsoft certified professionals, our robust Windows VPS servers ensure swift business management.

Our Windows VPS hosting plans are available across many business verticals. With us you can choose any version of a Windows operating system to run on your power-packed virtual private servers . Our Windows VPS delivers unmatched performance, giving you complete administrative control (SSH access) to upload, install, and configure requisite software applications as per your business needs.

Windows VPS Hosting Plans

  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 1 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 1781.81/mo
    Rs 2096.25 /mo
    Total Price : Rs 64,145.16
    2 Core Processor
    1 GB RAM
    40 GB Storage
    1 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 2 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 2419.31/mo
    Rs 2846.25/mo
    Total Price : Rs 87095.16
    3 Core Processor
    2 GB RAM
    60 GB Storage
    2 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 3 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 3056.81/mo
    Rs 3596.25/mo
    Total Price : Rs 110045.16
    4 Core Processor
    3 GB RAM
    80 GB Storage
    3 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 4 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 3630.56/mo
    Rs 4271.25/mo
    Total Price : Rs 130700.25
    4 Core Processor
    4 GB RAM
    100 GB Storage
    4 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 5 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 4076.81/mo
    Rs 4796.25/mo
    Total Price : Rs 146765.25
    4 Core Processor
    5 GB RAM
    120 GB Storage
    5 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 6 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 4395.56/mo
    Rs 5171.25/mo
    Total Price : Rs 158240.25
    5 Core Processor
    6 GB RAM
    150 GB Storage
    6 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 7 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 4841.81/mo
    Rs 5696.25/mo
    Total Price : Rs 174305.25
    6 Core Processor
    7 GB RAM
    200 GB Storage
    7 TB Data Transfer
  • Linux VPS Hosting
    Windows 8 GB Plan
    Managed VPS*
    Rs 5351.81/mo
    Rs 6296.25/mo
    Total Price : Rs 192665.25
    6 Core Processor
    8 GB RAM
    250 GB Storage
    8 TB Data Transfer
Windows VPS Hosting

Technical Specifications of Windows VPS Server

Even though we offer you the freedom to choose from a variety of configurations, here are some key differentiators that are inherent to every VPS plan.

  • Choose Cores to Run

    You know your requirements better. Go4hosting’s Windows VPS allows you to customize your server from scratch. To start with, you can cherry-pick how many cores you want to run with your VPS.

  • Specify Storage Requirements

    Go4hosting’s Windows VPS hosting now comes with flexible storage. A plethora of storage offerings lets you choose whether you want to run low-storage, high-end machine or high-storage, low-end machine. Moreover, if the storage offered does not cater to your requirements, you can opt for additional space from the select-service page.

  • Transfer Needs Met

    You could be running very high-traffic even on your low-storage server or little traffic on a highly-configured machine. We offer varied Windows VPS hosting plans depending upon your transfer needs. You can order additional bandwidth to make sure things run smooth.

  • Backup with Ease

    Network Attached Storage (NAS) makes it easier to create backups. Windows VPS hosting integrated with NAS allows you to easily create & restore data from restore points.

With free set up, free weekly backups, and full-root access, our Windows VPS has been designed with cost-effective characteristics in mind. We guarantee our clients fixed resources with multi-processor Xen instances, combined with dedicated IP address. Packed with premium bandwidth, Windows VPS server will not let you down at any moment; 1 GBPS connectivity will further reinforce your trust in us. Our Windows VPS hosting comes inbuilt with hexa core Intel CPU, so you would have no troubles streaming graphics to your workstation. Go4hosting understands what value your server uptime holds. Our VPS Windows hosting has been configured by the industry-best professionals who know the tech inside-out.

To double-sure the server runs into no glitch, our support team is at its toes and live 24/7. At any moment you feel your Windows VPS is not performing the way it should be, we have experts to hear your say. With customer-centric approach, intuitive control panel, and the liberty to opt either managed or unmanaged service, go4hosting has long proved its credibility as the best Windows VPS hosting provider in India.

Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting

The core face of Windows VPS is to strive to solve the problems prevailing in the hosting industry.

  • Free Installation & Quick Stationing

    Go4hosting’s installation is charge-free, so you pay only for what you use. Your hardware will be stationed immediately, allowing you to get started with the service with zero lag. Our team will install your Windows VPS servers, configure it with applications (if required) and hand you the controls thereafter.

  • Guaranteed Resources

    Run as many websites as you want, delete or backup files your way. Run multiple instances of the same application. Every Windows VPS plan will get you an assured amount of resource, which is all yours to work with.

  • No Loose Ends with Security

    We understand how important the security is to you. To overcome hurdles on your path to privacy we now provide clients with remote IP and isolated Windows servers. Windows VPS hosting has never been so secure.

  • Unmatched Scalability

    Inadequate resources keeping you from business expansion? No more.
    Get go4hosting’s upgradation-friendly Windows VPS hosting and switch configurations up or down without worries.

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