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Remote Infrastructure Management

When IT infrastructure costs escalate, the costs for maintaining this infrastructure and retaining IT personnel for the infrastructure shoot up as well. Businesses that wish to streamline their operations and cut down on their IT costs reach out to remote infrastructure management services.

What is Remote Infrastructure Management?

Remote Infrastructure Management or RIM refers to processes for managing the IT infrastructure of businesses either wholly or partly from remote locations. Here, the physical infrastructure is separated physically from management of IT services. Most of the larger businesses will have to operate from different geographical locations because their functional areas are spread across the globe. This automatically means that their respective IT set-ups are also scattered across the world. With RIM solutions, it is possible to ensure that the IT infrastructure is monitored centrally with better coordination and ease-of-maintenance. Nowadays most companies are outsourcing these processes to IT service providers. These experts typically have the knowledge and experience to manage IT architectures.

How RIM works

Remote Infrastructure Management or RIM has grown into one of the more popular solutions these days for businesses that are not keen to experience stresses of maintaining IT assets. With changes in automation, better connectivity and bandwidth, new security processes, and proactive management by experts, RIM has become far more cost-effective and efficient these days. So, both IT experts and users can be interlinked to systems and networks easily and they can even enjoy scalability which is adjustable depending on business needs. So, RIM solutions are highly recommended for making businesses to make them more agile and responsive.

Why are RIM solutions popular today?

  • For any business, being able to reduce their IT costs is a big advantage. With RIM solutions becoming more and more readily available, more companies can now enjoy these advantages. Businesses can be spared of costs for buying more space or power and maintaining skilled personnel. The RIM plans will help companies reduce their operational costs.
  • The RIM solutions have also been very useful in process improvements. Now, companies can get a far quicker access to technical expertise, cutting-edge technologies and tools, optimized technologies etc to build the finest infrastructure for their needs. There are far lower risks of IT crashes and failures because of the vast improvements in RIM set-ups. Companies can also enjoy round-the-clock maintenance and monitoring from the provider’s staff. So, with RIM, businesses can enjoy support functions in network services, maintenance of servers, administration, end-user devices, internal help desk, mainframe etc. Besides these benefits, you also stand to enjoy individualized services to cater to your specific business needs. So, you get to choose what will remain on the site and what you will outsource.
  • Costs of outsourcing maintenance turns out to be much cheaper than maintaining separate IT teams for this function. Vendors offering RIM will also offer 24x7 supports to clients. Providers will also analyze the infrastructure from time to time to identify and deal with issues which are affecting the infrastructure. This helps to optimize the architecture for success and improves site performance.
  • Since the dependency on internal IT is reduced uptime and availability of the system improves. The providers of RIM solutions are also likely to have relationships with many other service providers; so, you can be assured of a constant uptime and network redundancy.

Choosing RIM solution providers

  • When you plan on signing up for Remote Infrastructure Management services, you need to consider the fact that every vendor will offer a different set of solutions for their clients. So, you need to perform a cost-benefit analysis for your business and find out your specific needs. Your job is to get a provider which can guarantee great network connectivity between clients and providers.

  • You should choose a provider that can align itself with all your core organizational objectives.

  • You must also decide whether you need a multi-vendor or single-vendor system depending on what your business requires.

  • Like in the case of any other decision, you should only select vendors after checking their reputation. The provider should have a solid track record and great expertise in offering supports.

  • You must look for companies that can do business impact analysis and can match applications with the basic infrastructure. Any transparent company will offer online dashboards that give data for all measurable metrics.

  • Talent readiness is another important factor to consider when choosing RIM providers. You need a company which has strong talent-nurturing and training systems in place. Your business will benefit from a company that has a workforce with multiple skills and proficiencies.

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