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VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting

Gone are the days when the entire responsibility of running your business website was taken care of by an internal team. With the world steadily moving up to the strategy of concentrating on your core business specialties and leaving the rest to us, who specialize in dedicated server hosting in india, you would be best served as we manage your website & applications! We expertize in dedicated hosting services in india and have engaged 1000+ clientele for specialized dedicated servers.

Indian Dedicated Servers
Multi Cloud

The cloud has become synonymous with ease of doing business, especially an information technology- based business. Even companies that deal with traditional services and products are increasingly moving their online tasks to the cloud so that their internal resources are freed up to concentrate on offline tasks. For core technical firms, the widespread adoption of the cloud has provided complete server solutions so that their services are never in danger of being interrupted.

Multi Cloud hosting services
Managed Hosting

Customized solutions are the backbone of managed hosting services. No matter what the size of our dedicated server that hosts your business network, it can be readily integrated into the robust facilities owned and operated by us. We have the ability to develop customized dedicated server configurations which deliver the performance your business specifically needs, so that your existing & new customers get a much improved experience.

Managed hosting services in India
Data Center

The internet has accelerated the growth of industries across the spectrum, so it is only natural that all businesses that are prepared for the future need to have a robust online presence. Maintaining a good position when prospective clients come to ‘visit’ your website should be top priority, because no matter how good your sales pitch is, if the client cannot be convinced of your capabilities through your website, there remains only a slim chance of converting that client into a profitable partner in business.

Tier 3 Data center servers in india

Our Dedicated Servers Boost Your Website Performance

and Enjoy Flexibility like Never Before

  • Fast Server
    Fast Dedicated Servers in india
    Fast Server
    Server Close
    Fast Dedicated Servers in india Fast Server
    To meet our top priorities of consistent performance and utmost security, we provide fully-functional, dedicated server infrastructure. Our fast-edge servers help you in building and running all kinds of scripts. All you need to do is initiate chat and share with us your requirements.
  • Greater Network
    Dedicated Server India
    Greater Network
    Server Close
    Dedicated Server India Greater Network
    We completely understand how crucial it is for your business services to be available to your users, which is why we ensure 99.95% guaranteed network availability for critical business website(s) & application(s), with complete freedom for you to choose your preferred data carrier. All the dedicated servers on our data center strictly adhere to the guidelines laid out in ISO.
  • DDoS
    DDOS Shield hosting service
    Server Close
    Our top of the line security measures help us authoritatively confront nefarious attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service, among many others. Additionally, our industry grade firewalls and data security systems help in nullifying not only malware attacks, but also data theft and leaks.
  • Guaranteed
    Dedicated Server Hosting India
    Server Close
    Dedicated Server Hosting India Guaranteed
    Experience our guaranteed network uptime with failover-proof network hardware and strictly enforced cloud hypervisors. Our hypervisors intelligently route resources from dedicated servers so each VM can run as if it were running in isolation. By giving our clients easy access to a suite of unparalleled tools, technologies and Tier III data center architecture, we help them in staying ahead of the competition.
  • Superior
    SSD Storage
    Hosting Services
    SSD Storage
    Server Close
    Hosting Services Superior
    SSD Storage
    To ensure seamless productivity and faultless computing experience, we store your mission critical data on our Solid State Drives. Designed with no moving parts, nor a driving motor, these disks use integrated circuit assemblies as memory, to eliminate the risks of mechanical failure. The result is faster caching of data, faster read/write speed and ultimately faster dedicated servers.
  • 24x7 Tech
    Hosting Services
    24x7 Tech
    Server Close
    Hosting Services 24x7 Tech
    Prompt and reliable technical support has become an important criterion for businesses seeking partnerships with web hosts. Understanding how important it is for companies to stay functional and available to their respective users, we guarantee 24X7 technical support across the globe.
  • Linux and
    Windows Support
    Dedicated Hosting India
    Linux and
    Windows Support
    Server Close
    Dedicated Hosting India Linux and
    Windows Support
    Backed by our certified team of professionals, we offer robust dedicated hosting solutions for both Linux and Windows web hosting servers. Our experts, armed with astute industry knowledge, provide quick resolutions to the problems plaguing your servers or web hosting accounts in a jiffy.
  • Performance
    Go4hostintg Server Performance
    Server Close
    That you make the most out of your business is our ostensible objective, which we pursue by powering your critical applications with utmost security, professional care and advanced technology. We help businesses make best use of their core competencies to grow beyond expectations.
  • Software
    Dedicated Servers India
    Server Close
    Dedicated Servers India Software
    Our experts work in close association with you to understand your core requirements, and accordingly deploy the appropriate software application to meet your unique business demands, whether it be PHP script, Perl, MYSQL, or SQL database or any other – our experts configure it all for you. You can approach us without hesitation and we’d happily troubleshoot your dedicated servers at any time of the day.

We offer Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions that suit every business

Each of our dedicated servers is designed and assembled on-site, by our team of experts. Each server is constructed using the latest next-generation components and can be customized to meet your most demanding business requirements. When you choose our expert you get a dedicated server in India delivered in less than 120 seconds. They will be provisioned as required for your IT projects, so you can easily scale them.

Our Dedicated servers India are lightning-fast and offer impeccable speed and services. With 100% NVME Storage and 99.9% SLA, our dedicated servers are reliable and secure. Additionally, we have a dedicated account management team who are available to assist you if you need anything other than our standard configuration. If you need SSD storage, DDoS protection, or other special features, we are here to cater to your needs.

With Go4hosting, you get an integrated, powerful, scalable Dedicated server India solution from which you can set up secure firewall rules, configure VPN connections, provision servers, and configure public and private networks from one interface.

We guarantee optimal performance and uptime for your mission-critical servers with our quick response time of 15 minutes or less.

Why is Go4hosting Dedicated Server India the best option?

We offer enterprise-grade hardware and custom built Dedicated servers at the Go4hosting data center to ensure performance and reliability. Our dedicated hosting India comes with exclusive features. Having the ability to connect to networks of up to 20Gbps N1 speeds on some of the best bandwidth providers in the world will ensure optimal performance. We also guarantee 100% uptime on the network so that you can rest assured your server is accessible at all times.

We offer a number of managed services that can reduce the amount of downtime for businesses as well as time spent providing technical support. Examples include proactive Dedicated server monitoring, hard and software management, and a complete hard and software solution.

The Dedicated Server plans we offer come with a wide selection of dedicated IP addresses assigned to unique subnets. Our team can provision thousands of IP addresses so you have access to the network whenever you need it, right from the control panel.

Considering that every setup is different, we offer Linux, Windows Server, and a custom operating system of your choice. We also provide custom operating systems installed by our experienced technicians.

As part of our commitment to providing enterprise-grade dedicated hosting hardware, we aim to deliver the highest quality of support at the best possible price.

Dedicated Server Hosting – Affordable Performance for Your Website

Go4hosting’s dedicated server hosting is touted as the best in the industry. Websites benefit from private servers because all the resources are available for a single use only. At Go4hosting, we assemble bare metals with utmost care, which is why you experience performance as much as twice that of an ordinary dedicated server hosting. Get hosted on an austere data center environment with robust security – all packed in affordable bundles.

Benefits of Dedicated Server and other hosting services

Server hosting is becoming the norm with the ever-increasing shift towards digitalization. Here are some reasons why dedicated servers are the premier choice for your digital journey

Online Business

You cannot set an online marketplace unless you have a website to attract visitors, and having a website alone is not sufficient either. To be able to make the best from your online business, you need the control, flexibility and scalability of go4hosting’s dedicated and VPS servers.

Scale as you go

Business hit popularity overnight? Worry not, a team of professionals are sleeved-up to help you at any moment. You can scale bandwidth, storage, RAM, or even opt out of your current configuration. Scaling dedicated server has never been so easy.

Tailor your own dedicated servers

Who knows your business the way you do? Our dedicated servers let you custom-make your plans, so you get to choose your RAM, Storage, processor cores and everything else.

Dedicated Servers Support

Our hosting stands out from others in its support. We keep our minds engaged and ears open to queries and suggestions. Feel like we can improve? Contact us and we shall hear with great care.

Dedicated Server Hosting Features

Dedicated Server Operating System Choices

Both Linux and Windows based operating systems are available to be configured with your server. Here is a list of Operating System we provide with each platform.

Linux Dedicated Servers Windows Dedicated Server
CentOS Windows 2008 Datacenter Edition
SUSE Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition
RHEL Windows 2008 Standard Edition
Debian Windows 2008 Standard R2 Edition
Cloud Linux Server Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition
Arch Linux Windows 2012 Standard Edition
Fedora Windows Server 2008
Clear OS
Scientific Linux

Dedicated Server Threads

Having multiple cores enable us to run the processor more efficiently. We provide servers with the following threads to choose

Processor Threads
XEON Quad Core x3430 4 thread
QUAD Core Xeon E3-1230v3 8 thread
HEXA Core Xeon E5 2620 12 thread
2 X OCTA Core Xeon E5 2630 v3 16 X 2 thread

Additional IP Addresses

For additional IP addresses, you can choose either of the three IP blocks

S. No. Blocks available
1. Block of 8 IP
2. Block of 16 IP
3. Block of 32 IP

Server Management

Both managed and unmanaged options are available

Unmanaged plans Managed plans
Basic - unmanaged Silver- Basic Managed
Gold – semi-managed
Platinum - managed
Titanium – fully managed

Why Our Server Hosting Customer Love Us

  • 4 Nos Data Centers
  • 5000+ Happy Customers
  • 100+ Hosting Professionals
  • 99.99% Network Uptime
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Dedicated Server FAQs

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a hosting model in which an entire server is reserved for a particular client. It is one of the most robust servers and the very fact that it caters to a single client offers its customers ultimate control, flexibility and customizability.

On the other hand is the shared hosting, wherein a single server houses hundreds of websites. Thus, each client gets its own share of resources, which might not be adequate enough for his needs.

Dedicated servers also offer more security because they are island unto themselves, which means a dedicated server is more secure because there is only one client using it, so there is no unnecessary interruption from unwanted people. It is like renting an entire apartment and living alone. You have the liberty to live your way and in absolute privacy.

How does Dedicated Server Hosting work?

Dedicated hosting works pretty much like any other server does. However, it has a single tenant hosted on it. Means, all the computing resources are available for a single website.

Who should buy Dedicated Server Hosting?

Websites with an enormous amount of monthly traffic or those that have advanced applications hosted on their servers should buy dedicated server hosting.

How many websites can I host on a Dedicated Server Hosting?

There is no limit on the number of websites allowed on a dedicated server hosting service. Some provider may cap the number of domains but we don’t. You can host as many websites as you feel like hosting, provided there is enough resource on your server to take care of all the things.

Who Manages a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is segregated into two broader categories depending on the way they are being managed – managed hosting and unmanaged hosting. If you have opted for managed hosting, every task, including security patching, monitoring, and upgrading is managed at the service provider’s end, whereas in unmanaged Dedicated hosting, these responsibilities will be catered by you own internal technical professionals.

How do I Access my Dedicated Server?

There are several ways to access a dedicated server.

  1. If your provider provides a web-based access panel, you can directly login to your website, sign in to your account and start accessing your server.
  2. If you are using a localized dedicated server, you need to tweak a few of your IP settings.
  • Go to Start and click Run.
  • In the run box, type in mstsc.exe. This will open a remote desktop for you to access.
  • Type server IP and click connect.
  • The next screen takes you to the authentication. Enter Username and Password.

You can now access your dedicated server.

Is it sage to select a Dedicated Server?

It totally depends on your requirements. If you are looking forward to a server that uniquely and solely caters to your business needs and gives you the privilege to manage and configure tools, OS, apps, and databases the way you wish to while ensuring best-in-class security and performance for your mission-critical applications – then indeed choosing cheap and best dedicated server hosting is a sagacious decision.

What is the Difference between Dedicated Server and Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a variant of dedicated server hosting. In this hosting arrangement, the server is managed and monitored by the hosting provider. On the other hand, in dedicated server hosting, the client’s in-house technical team manages the server.

What should be kept in Mind While Searching for a Best Dedicated Hosting Provider?

The main concern while searching for a best dedicated hosting provider is round the clock technical support. It is important that your business website is always up and running with limited downtime. Apart from downtime, the other issue can be malware and viruses. You should, therefore, choose a web host that provides 24/7 technical support and guaranteed uptime.

What is the Difference between a Dedicated Server and Colocation?

A dedicated server is a server provided by the hosting provider and is configured by the hosting solution provider. On the other hand, a colocation server is owned by the organizations but configured on a remote location for better management and monitoring. We offer best and cheap dedicated servers, managed and monitored by in-house professionals of a web hosting organization. Colocation servers are also managed by the task force of administrators but this is a kind of a service that you hire for your own dedicated server.

Is Dedicated hosting expensive?

The starting price for renting a dedicated server is usually $100 per month, but the price can vary drastically based on the features and support you need. There are managed and semi-managed dedicated servers, depending on the level of support you require. The prices are comparatively high as compared to other types of hosting is because you get high availability of resources, improved flexibility, security, better performance, Dedicated IP address, and 24*7 technical support.

Can I upgrade my VPS hosting account to a dedicated server?

Yes, the process of upgrading a VPS account to a dedicated server is absolutely hassle-free. While the upgrade is taking place, your VPS hosting will be inaccessible. The upgrade normally takes very less time, usually 10 mins to complete the process.

What is RAID and do you offer RAID with your dedicated servers?

The Redundant Array of Independent Disks, also known as RAID, is a method of distributing data across multiple storage devices that leads to improved performance on dedicated servers. The RAID increases performance and redundancy by using several HDDs to store and access data. Yes, we offer RAID with our dedicated server hosting solutions.

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