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Is Your Unlimited Web Hosting Really “Unlimited”?

“Unlimited” in context of hosting

“Unlimited Web Hosting”, in general, refers to the web hosting plan that comes with unlimited resources, such as - disk space or bandwidth. Almost every host in the industry claims to provide unlimited resources. But it could be a trap. It could be more about making you sense that you’re getting a good deal. To make sure you’re not being cheated, you need to do a “litmus test”. You should investigate the catch points in the package.

Usually, hosting packages share common resources - unless and until they aren’t hosted on dedicated servers - which means a number of websites hosted on the same server. Technology getting revamped consistently, and so are the capabilities of our servers. We, reaping the power of cutting-edge technologies, leverage our clients to do more with their hosting packages and their bandwidth. That can be interpreted as we can offer unlimited resources to our legitimate clients practically if used for the right purposes, though, they aren’t unlimited actually. The shared hosting industry has evolved over the years. A significant change can be seen in the way the shared hosting packages are being sold. With the advancement of the technology, we can practically declare resources, for instance – amount of bandwidth, number of database accounts, number of FTP accounts, and amount of disk space etc. “unlimited”; because theoretically we can afford to offer unlimited resources to our genuine customers. This way, unlimited web hosting with us is truly possible.

What are excluded in “unlimited web hosting”?

Every hosting plan comes with certain Terms & Conditions that must be agreed upon prior to purchase. It’s always advisable that you must read Terms & Conditions of the host you’re going to enter into an agreement with. There are certain things that won’t be included in your unlimited web hosting package –

  • Backup, archive, file upload, mirroring, distribution sites.
  • Your account resources won’t be made available to the general public.
  • Site that is created primarily to drive traffic to another site

Isn’t is “practically unlimited” then?

The answer of the million dollar question is – Yes, it’s practically possible to offer unlimited web hosting if you choose us for hosting solutions. The catch point is that our legitimate customers can relish our hosting solutions without worrying about the acceptable use limitations of shared hosting packages. Resources offered with our hosting packages are too large to be exhausted, if used legitimately.

With our shared hosting packages, we usually offer 20 GB of disk space. For most of our customers this limit is ample and will never reach its threshold. However, in case, your resources are exhausted while hosting your website legitimately with us, you can contact us. We would be happy to serve you with best possible solution.

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