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Hardware as a Service

Thanks to the advent of internet enabled devices and other state of the art technologies such as cloud computing, businesses are able to enhance their reach across diverse target audience

HaaS solutions for businesses

Businesses face an array of hurdles while adopting new technologies by depending on old tools. Every growing business must be supported by the latest hardware equipment and software applications to stay ahead of the curve. Although, modern businesses have understood the significance of adopting new technologies, they may lack the required expertise and financial capacity to use the most up-to-date hardware.

HaaS or Hardware as a Service empowers businesses with an access to the most recent hardware equipment whenever the same is required. It also allows seamless business growth without any additional capital expenditure.


Hardware as a Service enables businesses obviate capital expenditure incurred due to outright purchase of the latest hardware equipment. HaaS can be procured by paying monthly subscription fees to reduce financial burden and also to gain access to the most recent versions of these products.

Providers of Hardware as a Service also look after monitoring and maintenance of the equipment since the subscription fees comprise of mutually agreed level of support and whenever the contract is about to end, businesses can either buy or replace the hardware equipment.

Forward looking businesses that are planning to register rapid business growth can leverage HaaS to gain much more than the financial benefits resulting from such an arrangement. There is no need to spend hours searching for the latest hardware options and dealing with hassles of raising capital for purchasing equipment as the service providers are backed by expertise and resources to support hardware needs of enterprises.

Versatile attributes of HaaS

HaaS is a relatively new business model that is designed to provide integrated hardware services to minimize capital expenditure. The end to end solution OF Hardware as a Service features managed IT services, choice of upgrades, routine monitoring, and training support to employees.

Enterprises can avail following equipment from HaaS providers:

  • Servers and racks

  • HDDs and PDUs

  • Cable managers

  • RAID cards

  • Network switches and much more

You need to make sure that the equipment offered is supported with Dell hardware and must be compatible with Microsoft Azure for building hybrid, public, or private clouds so the your customers are able to leverage top of the line IT features.

HaaS solution providers continue to own the equipment while shouldering the responsibility of its seamless working at remote locations. The service level agreements may contain details of response time, support levels, and so forth. Enterprises can free up their internal resources from the hassles of monitoring, upgrading, and maintaining hardware resources. Needless to mention, other service categories can always be added as per the need of your organization.

Identifying the need for HaaS

If you have been experiencing issues with the equipment in terms of support from service provider or are wondering about the exact time to replace the existing equipment, then Hardware as a Service can be the right solution.

Many small and medium enterprises have to struggle for funds while procuring new equipment. Similarly the available capital may be required to support other business activities. These situations can adversely affect equipment upgrades and may impact overall gamut of business processes.

How HaaS can add value to businesses

Ideal a provider of HaaS solution plays a role of business partner and is capable of providing end to end hardware solutions to all types of organizations including new businesses, large conglomerates and everything in between. HaaS equipment can also be purchased by users as the contract is nearing expiry.

Businesses can benefit from the latest hardware that offers seamless security and delivers remarkable performance. It is easier to upgrade to the next version without incurring significant costs in a HaaS environment.

HaaS solutions can also be leveraged to deal with some of the commonest hardware issues including back-up, licensing, maintenance, and depreciation among others. It is easier to focus on strategies for business growth by passing on the responsibility of hardware management to reliable service providers.

Reputed HaaS providers make sure that hardware is deployed and operational within 24 hours so that businesses are able to gain total control of applications as well as operating systems in a secure and isolated environment.

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