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Consulting Services for Small and Midsize Businesses


Innovate Your Business with Cloud ERP Solutions

Store all critical data in an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system developed for small-scale as well as mid-scale businesses. Go4Hosting cloud ERP and on-premise SAP implementation helps in managing everything: be it purchasing, accounting, CRM or supply chain management!

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign provides a great platform to compete in the market and scale up at a moment’s notice for growing businesses. This exclusive cloud ERP package helps you in interconnecting every function of the company, to establish in-depth analytics and best practices.

End-to-end &
integrated ERP
SAP in-built
mobile apps
& Fiori user

Select A Cloud ERP Software for Small-Scale and Mid-Scale Businesses

Business One

Have full control over SME through SAP ERP tools and business management software, specifically designed for boosting growth.

Key Benefits


Minimize the cost of managing your business, right from inventory, sales, financials, customer relations, project management to HR, operations and purchasing.


Gain complete control and visibility over each aspect of your business. Capture all critical info for quick access and utilize it effectively.


Secure achievement of your business goals faster than expected. Get a thorough view of your business with flexible, powerful, modular, yet simple interfaces.

SAP Business

The cloud ERP package offered by SAP Business By Design helps in competing and growing your small or mid-scale business.

Key Benefits


Leverage the configurable and dynamic solutions, built in order to scale up and help your business to make service delivery more efficient.


Experience end-to-end cloud service that is powered by focused compute processes as well as delivered in an instantly implementable package.


Acquire complete transparency in order to make the right business decisions each day with the analytics built into every process.

HANA Cloud

Get the advantage of the cloud ERP solution, combined with latest technology, real-time context, as well as spontaneous user experience.

Key Benefits

Latest Innovations

Go4Hosting offers automated software updates for SAP, so that you can access the latest innovations like predictive analytics and machine learning.


SAP S/4 HANA Cloud offers in-built processes as per the best practices for service-, product- as well as asset-centric companies.


Whether you want to expand organically, by optimizing across subsidiaries or through acquiring companies, you may use SAP to its fullest extent with Go4Hosting on your side.

Make Over Your Business with

SAP Digital
Business Services

Get started with SAP solutions by cooperating with support engineers, consultants and industry experts in order to know best practices, channel industry-grade expertise and receive top-level guidance.

Accelerate the pace of your business achievements by simplifying your digital alteration

In today’s era, anticipating customer requirements and remaining focused on constant innovation could be quite difficult to turn into reality. Owing to this, SAP Digital Business Services came into existence. Go4Hosting is a part of it and knows it better than most. With our extensive experience, our team can help you in achieving business goals faster.

Change your business through unmatched enterprise-wide support

The Digital Business Services of SAP connects the businesses as well as IT in order to help people to bridge the gap between transformation strategy and execution. From value discovery and designing to productive usage and accelerated innovation, everything can be changed in your business via breaking new ground with a reliable advisor like Go4Hosting, with our deep knowledge of the complete SAP software suite.

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