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Cage Colocation

Safeguard your Million-Dollar IT Infrastructure with Go4Hosting’s Cage Colocation

Experience unparalleled security and dependability by availing Cage Colocation from In a specialized cage, you can safeguard your vital IT infrastructure while also gaining increased privacy and control. Our cutting-edge data centers provide the ideal environment for your equipment thanks to redundant power, strong connectivity, and round-the-clock supervision. With the reliable Cage Colocation services from, protect your digital assets. The fort of your data is waiting!

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A Safe Space For Your IT Infrastructure

Every business has its own unique requirements in terms of computing power, data hosting, network demands according to traffic and overall robust security for the data and software that make the business run smoothly. In a few cases, even the long list of the usual configurations offered by best colocation service in India cannot pass muster for the specific setup required by the business. This is where cage colocation comes into the picture.

Some businesses run on a very specific resource and demand performance, scalability and security of highest level possible. While every colocation service is robust enough to cater to all these attributes, some businesses are concerned that sharing racks might put their business in jeopardy. For such businesses, we have configured the most resourceful cage colocation service.

To put it simply, a cage in this sense is a secure physical location which is dedicated to one specific setup of hardware, reserved exclusively for one particular client. The only people who can access this cage are people authorized by the client, and no one else. The exact components that go into the cage are chosen by the client and their IT team. Alternatively, Go4hosting provides solution development services as well, in which our team discusses the requirements with the clients and consequently sets up and maintains the cage for them.

Why Cage In Your IT Setup?

There are numerous plus points a cage colocation option has over the simpler options of cabinet or server colocation, even beyond the first and foremost factor of security. To take the example of a new or rapidly changing business, the required capabilities of the business’ IT infrastructure might change suddenly to address changes in market situations or in the demands of their customers. In these cases, since the cage belongs entirely to one client, adding, removing or changing the hardware becomes a fast task, done within minutes, rather than the relatively slower processes of upgrading or changing hardware that is part of a bigger network.

Since the cage is designed and laid out according to the exact needs of the client, managing it minutely becomes easier for them. When the load on the cage is low, the client saves on costs of maintenance as well. In fact, many firms realize that keeping their IT infrastructure offsite in a cage colocation facility allows them to dedicate more resources towards the revenue streams, which translates into better profit margins.

A Cage To Keep Intruders Out

Data security is one of the top priorities for any company. While the cage colocation solution guarantees the physical security as its basic protection feature, there are also associated factors which cage colocation takes care of, like regulated and consistent power supply (a critical factor due to the current- and voltage-sensitive nature of electronic components of the cage), individual rack cooling (temperature regulation to avoid overheating), and compliance with regulatory standards (like ISO, EHNAC and SOC Type II certifications). When you choose to go with Go4hosting for your cage colocation, the above factors are taken care of by our expert team so that you reduce the strain on your shoulders regarding IT security.

With state of the art mechanisms for managing power density of the cage, N+1 redundancy checks, customizable layouts and rapid scalability, Go4hosting gives you the impetus to grow faster than you imagined!

Cage Colocation: FAQs

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