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Select from well-designed SAP HANA packages to obtain as well as utilize SAP Cloud services and match the business requirements. Subscribe to the services that you require and gain an access to them. Avail benefit of famous usage cases and get started instantly.

Migrating to SAP HANA

It is nearly impossible to divide the vision of SAP from HANA, computing platform and in-memory database. Go4Hosting has an aim of running core solutions over HANA and migrating the customers in order to utilize it as application, innovation and cloud platform.

However, for the present SAP clients, HANA transitioning is an expensive and complex endeavor. A few factors must be considered while migrating to SAP HANA, such as

SAP runs enterprise apps and captures database spend

SAP attained a position where it can displace Oracle and Sybase database technologies. And it has opened door to revenues for hosting and application development.

SAP has positioned itself to displace Sybase and Oracle database technologies in some customer environments. That’s opened the door to new revenues for application development and hosting, as well as data access. For customers, it is necessary to consider that data should be locked in SAP footprint or whether an indirect fees would be applied for applications or third-party systems for accessing information. People who are migrating to HANA must know about additional maintenance and license costs.

S4 Migration will have substantial cost implications

Three years back, SAP made an announcement of S4 Business Suite, a big customer release. Users that are planning to upgrade to S4 should clarify that they need to pay license fee or not. People who are presently over maintenance are permitted to upgrade application for free-of-cost, however it does not cover database charge of runtime. The S4 runs only on HANA.

In addition, it is essential to consider additional hardware and software maintenance costs. These costs are associated with building interfaces or exporting data to HANA. Organizations must have clear image of that how much will it cost to migrate the databases as well as in re-training database administrators over HANA platform.

Choose correct license metric

SAP follows two methods of licensing the enterprise edition of HANA – firstly by data volume and secondly as runtime database charge. Specified exponential growth within data volumes experienced by many enterprises and most customers chosen to license the HANA as runtime database charge. The HSAV or HANA Software Application Value represents complete applications’ value that are running over HANA and fees is around 15-20% of purchase cost of the applications. It underscores importance of converting discount for each application, running over HANA.

Imperative to consider the indirect costs

Apart from the necessary costs, there are some additional software, maintenance as well as hardware costs that should be analyzed before migrating to HANA. Therefore, it is essential to count these costs as with the time data volumes grow. HANA migration is not easy or fast and data-driven spend view is a primary step in order to keep the check on the costs.

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