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What is Multi-Cloud?

If your workload demands management of multiple clouds, then such an environment is technically termed as multi-cloud such as Microsoft Azure and OnApp.

We offer one of the best multi-cloud environments in the industry today.

What is the difference between Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud?

  • Hybrid Cloud is generally used to connect deployment platforms such as public, private, dedicated, and on-premises servers with a single application.
  • Multi-Cloud, on the other hand, is used for multiple applications delivered through various cloud providers.

Why Do You Need Multi-Cloud Applications?

  • It helps meet the unique requirements of a business by allowing running of workload through an application where it can deliver the best performance and in a cost-effective manner.
  • It helps businesses achieve their diversification and redundancy needs while ensuring that latency and vendor lock-in is avoided.
  • The hassling and time-consuming task of moving legacy apps to a new platform can be completely avoided.

Multi-cloud environments involve sophisticated technologies and complex processes and that’s why you need to work with the best service providers. You can of course, hire and train your own in-house team but it can be an extremely challenging and time-consuming affair.

We have unmatched expertise in this developing domain and can help your organization leverage the best benefits of a multi-cloud environment. We help you enjoy optimum benefits while circumventing the complex elements and the high cost of having to do it on your own.

  • Offers Highest Degree Of Customization And Flexibility

    Multi-Cloud incorporates various types of clouds and a bevy of cloud providers within a single platform. This can result in the highest level of flexibility and customization. Multi-cloud features and benefits can be extended to include dedicated infrastructure and hosting to support the unique requirements of any business.

  • How Go4hosting Help Your Business Via Multi-Cloud Strategy

    Our multi-cloud experts can create a customized multi-cloud strategy for your business. They can help identify the best-suited cloud service for your business. Our cloud consultants will identify whether your business needs on premise cloud, private or public cloud for the best cloud experience. We will also advise you on how to make the best use of a multi-cloud approach to improve the efficiency and output of your business.

    When you choose us as your multi-cloud platform guide, you can enjoy the whole range of quality services associated with this technology. We will assist your team in choosing the best cloud providers and create the right processes for a successful implementation.

    Adopting multi-cloud solutions? You can do it right with us. Multi-cloud solutions are now being preferred by businesses. You too can explore the option of incorporating this wonderful within your business to:

    • Improve disaster recovery and boost presence
    • Get access to specialized cloud-specific services from different providers as needed
    • Enjoy cloud benefits at a low-cost
  • Low-Risk High Performance

    With multi-cloud technology, the risk is spread across numerous platforms which also reduces the chance of possible downtime. You are not locked into a contract or service terms with one vendor. The cost-saving associated with public cloud usage can also be leveraged to the best possible extent.

We also offer a robust and tested multi-cloud disaster recovery plan allowing your business to become highly resilient. In the scenario of one cloud provider becoming unavailable because of technical or other reasons, you can easily move your working to another public cloud without suffering any business interruption. Call our experts to know how to enjoy the best possible features of multi-cloud at competitive prices.

We also advise clients on how to use Multi-cloud and take advantage of cloud data centers located across diverse geographic regions. You can direct traffic to the data centers located nearest to the users for improving efficiency in applications that are latency-sensitive.

Yes, multi-cloud is not easy and will never be because the technology involved is state-of-the-art. We can make it easy for you because we have a dedicated team of multi-cloud technology experts to help you make the right moves.

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