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What is Email Server Hosting?

Email hosting is a service, which coordinates a network of email servers. For a commerce-focused website, it is desirable to have a professional email service for end users to make the most out of the features offered on the website.

Go4hosting offers clients excellent email server hosting, providing them ‘POP3 email’ as well as the necessary spam and virus protection software. Especially if you own a small-or-medium-sized business (SME), you should enhance your business email by utilizing Go4hosting email server hosting, as our services are way above par in comparison to other email server hosting services.

Go4hosting supplies an extensive set of email services to our clients, with a versatile set of features comprising unlimited aliases, autoresponders, support for massive attachments, unlimited forwards, sturdy spam and virus protection, IMAP/POP3 mail, online storage, mailing lists, calendars, whitelists, blacklists, backups, folder management, archiving, contacts management, and many more. Clients can access their email from any place utilizing the internet on their smartphones as well as through their favored email applications like Microsoft Outlook.

Go4hosting email server hosting service is extremely reasonable because we know what clients seek. It removes the necessity for in-house email servers as well as superfluous IT teams to handle communications. Clients are welcome to compare email hosting service providers by taking the benefit of the free trials which many email hosting firms do offer, and see for themselves why Go4hosting is best suited to fulfill all their requirements!

Go4hosting as Email Service Provider

Go4hosting’s hosted email service offers the fundamentals customers would require to handle their department’s email, calendars, as well as contacts. All of these three can be accessed on Go4hosting webmail application, or it can be synced to their opted desktop and mobile email customer. The most cost-effective plan offers solely the essential options they require, however higher-tier packages are accessible which provide tools such as cloud storage as well as immediate messaging.

For enhanced email options comprising push email, various shared calendars as well as contacts, with archival tools, Go4hosting additionally provides a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange. It is very efficient and reasonable to attain similar options as executing Exchange over their own servers and do not need to manage or install.

Emails are basically the backbone of a corporation. They continue to be the foremost necessary means of communication between a corporation and its numerous stakeholders. We tend to perceive the importance of email hosting for corporations and supply quick, safe, and malware secured email server hosting solutions to purchasers. We are a chiefly Indian Email Hosting service provider with more than ten years of expertise within the hosting domain.

How is Email Server hosting beneficial for business?

Undoubtedly, Email plays a crucial role in our day-to-day life. For that, we are associated with Google or Yahoo the major email service providers almost daily. However, when it comes to businesses, the requirement is different and huge. The email service plays a significant role in businesses of all sizes and industries. Thus, it is a good idea to look toward professional business email hosting India services.

Secure Webmail Access

Email hosting India service from go4hosting can secure your webmail access by following industry-standard encryption techniques on data. Through our email hosting service, we ensure that the data sent/received to the server is encrypted. It works from the duration of signing in to your account until you are not signing out.

Usually, some email hosting companies equip their mail servers with 128-bit encryption that is active throughout your webmail session.

Secure POP and IMAP Access

Another benefit of email hosting India is secure POP and IMAP access due to which many businesses move towards email hosting solutions. We allow our clients secure access to desktop email via POP or IMAP. The entire email traffic is encrypted, even the username and passwords also that are sent for verification to the mail server.

Go4hosting supports Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Eudora, and Mozilla Thunderbird, as popular mail clients.

More Storage Space

Email hosting service provider offers adequate storage space. Companies can purchase email hosting plans as per their needs and also easily increase or decrease the storage as per their needs.

Enhanced Performance

When you opt for email hosting plans of go4hosting, we ensure that your company’s productivity is at its best. You can seamlessly interact with your customers and suppliers inside or outside the organization. That is also under the domain name of your company.

Get rid of Spam and Viruses

An outstanding email hosting service blocks damaging email before it can enter the network. For Instance, go4hosting integrated the anti-virus scanners with the SMTP gateways while there are chances of the occurrence of spam mails. With greylisting, blacklisting, and whitelisting techniques email hosting providers stay away from the spam out of the business.

So, if unlimited spam wasting your time also then opt for a reliable email hosting India for your business.

Open Lines of Communication

If you want to keep your email host and your website independent of each other then choose a business email hosting service. It is one of the crucial benefits because in the absence of this benefit if one of them is down other will be down too. As a result, clients would not be able to reach you until the website goes and damage your business. That’s why open lines of communication are a must.

Explore More Than Messaging

As we all know messaging is one of the most important and beneficial tools an email is. But the hosting companies also offer contact data, significant records, and schedules.

Address Book Feature

This is one of the valuable features of an email hosting service as it stores the contact's details in a suitable method for easy retrieval and use.

Up-Time Assurance

Go4 hosting always ensures that there is a guaranteed up-time for your email access. So you do not face any issues regarding your communication with your clients or other important business partners.

Build Trust and Authority

Email hosting builds the authority of your business. Because people trust more on mails that come from reliable mail rather than the free version that can be anyone.

For instance, people trust more on [email protected] rather than [email protected]

While connecting to the customers, it is recommended that connect through a professional email address. As it gives a more reliable, trustworthy, and impactful image to your business.


If any company thinks about starting their own email hosting then you not only need to buy an expensive server. But also you need to spend on the hiring of IT expert for server management and updation. You need to increase your uptime and focus on email security. In the end, it comes out as the expensive one.

On the contrary, if you buy an email hosting plan from go4hosting you will get round-the-clock support along with all the security and upscaling features as per your plan.

It is clear that email hosting India through us will be cost-effective.

Smooth up-gradation

The migration of your business emails to the new server is not an easy task. As sometimes emails don’t transfer accurately or got corrupted.

But when you switch through go4hosting, you will get all your domain files in a much easier and more accurate way. Even your email is still working if the domain is propagating to the new server as it is not on that server.

Avail Additional Features

Mainly, the free email accounts do not offer extra features that email hosting service providers give. With a business email hosting India account, you will get various advantages like spam security, extra space, brute-force attack security, and recuperation focus.

In case you need a bulk email hosting service, choose go4hosting web hosting plans for these services. Such services include VPS hosting, email, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, shared hosting, and other types of hosting services for their clients.

We Provide the Following Email Hosting Features to Revolutionize Customers.
  • Email Server Hosting

    Email Characteristics

    We provide efficient services with a reasonable cost where customers receive everything they require to regulate their business email, comprising:

    • Provides excellent design thinking methodology for coming up with next-generation innovations.
    • Easily satisfy business priorities by building and extending mobile-enabled cloud and personalized applications.
    • Various investments are well protected and capitalized upon with SAP HANA.
  • 24*7 Email Hosting

    24/7 Support

    If customers do not have systems administrator, they do not require renting one simply to handle their email. We possess special tools which deliver continuous assistance, thus someone will be always there to assist the customers and their queries or problems.

  • Email Hosting India

    Security Features

    Customers will route all their email via a third-party application to induce options such as spam and virus-based filtering. However, many company are happier in employing a host which has those characteristics inbuilt.

  • email service providers

    Spam Free

    We provide enhanced spam filters to guarantee negligible spam intrusion.

  • Email Hosting India

    Simplified utilization of the interface      

    We offer Easy and mess-free email interface.          

  • Email Hosting India

    Quick Deployment

    We offer a standard configuration set-up wizard for the rapid installation of email server hosting set up.

  • Email Hosting Provider

    High Network Uptime

    We are a ‘Tier III data infrastructure’ with assured highest server uptime.

  • Email Server Hosting

    Remote web Access

    We provide remote web access to customer emails, contacts, calendars, chats as well as notes, identical to desktop customer.

Why you Should Host Emails in India?

Email hosting offers customers an email address to interact with their team, various partners, and potential customers. When clients notice an email utilizing a free and general address, such as '[email protected]', they suppose one thing: unprofessional. Numerous businesses utilize professional email addresses as it strengthens their organization with each email they transmit across the server.

If customers have a low business attempting to remain competitive, they require an email address which develops reliability and keeps customers on-par with the largest brands.

Email happens to be the pillar of business communication as the staff interacts with resources. Most of the emails are checked over mobile devices as reported by the market research. This illustrates a shocking rise in barely 4 years.

Furthermore, greatly leaving the desktop for mobile device abilities, customers are even asking extra from the various email services. It is not easy to just send and then receive messages. Customers need access to their accounts from some device, at any instant of time, and security is foremost.

With the utilization of a hosted email service, administrators will stay less concerned regarding the details or various attachments sent by them and concentrate on their significant business processes. Go4hosting-hosted email service, comprises firewall protection, SSL encoding, secure HTTPS connections and spam or antivirus filtering.

Go4hosting Email Server Hosting Platforms

MS Exchange Server

We have the required information with the technical experience to host and provide effective Exchange email hosting solutions to various customers. Exchange Server allows corporate customers to safely access communications such as e-mail messages, messaging, SMS text messages and voice mail from their systems, internet browsers or various devices. We provide uptime Guarantee, enhanced security, Integration with Skype for Business with facilities like saving with Exchange Hybrid and full Compatibility with Outlook. Exchange server, which is a product of Microsoft, is basically a mail server as well as calendar server which helps average firms to attain higher durability and enhanced performance.

It executes solely over Windows Server operating systems. It can even be referred to as a server-side application that offers information to the client-side cooperative application interface. This communication interface or exchange mail server offers durability for transmitting emails, voicemail transcriptions, calendaring, scheduling, and various tools to tailor collaboration as well as emailing service based applications.

Smarter Mail

SmarterMail is the ultimate webmail interface which permits customers to transmit as well as receive emails with web connection. For various businesses, Go4hosting, the top email hosting provider around the globe, delivers supreme expertise in business email with ‘Smarter Mail E Mail Server Hosting’, to its potential consumers. It's designed and priced to be useful and accessible to consumers, average businesses, and industry-grade corporations. We provide world-class Mail service solution. SmarterMail offers end customers with enhanced options like mail account statistics, customer level skinning, and accurate user-controlled spam as well as content filtering. SmarterMail is absolutely RFC-compliant mail server package which comprises entire webmail with anti-spam options.

Office 365

We provide remarkable revamping to client’s business with loads of business-driven applications, from permitting clients to maintaining client scheduling and referrals along with invoicing. The Microsoft office 365 cluster of applications comprises very distinguished services, as well as SharePoint Online, Office Professional Plus, Lync Online, Exchange Online along with an enhanced version of Office Suite, operated as Office Web Applications. Utilize this ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) resolution that delivers a comprehensive suite of application tools and various services that assist documentation and several maintenance tasks with no installation. Office 365 is an incorporated usage of software and services, created to assist customers to enhance and revitalize their business.

Zimbra Email

The term Zimbra is an open-source server and customer technology that permits corporate messaging, collaboration. Go4hosting has been a devoted advocate of open-source technology and delivers reasonable, distributed and committed Zimbra email hosting plans which are tailored to fit the distinctive desires of all businesses - no matter the size or various operations. In addition to this, it offers sync to operating systems like iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, Mobile as well as humanoid. In simple words, it's an internet-based application which may be deployed as on- premise private cloud or as an outsourced public cloud service. VMware Zimbra Collaboration sphere consisted of emails, contacts, calendars, documents, and so on so forth.

Learn the Difference between Personal and Corporate Based Email

Many get confused between personal and corporate email addresses. So the personal one is used to communicate with friends and family. Thus no sensitive or work related emails are sending through the personal emails. Depending on the type of account and kind of messages you are sending, severity of the security needed by the email addresses vary. Let’s see the difference between personal and corporate email addresses in more detail-

Personal Email Address

Corporate Email Address

Access to the Email Address

Personal emails can be accessed from almost everywhere. Email inboxes can be edited from any system as per the user’s convenience.

Corporate accounts are routed through mostly Outlook and cannot be accessed through Web based service. They cannot be edited from any system the user wants. The passwords can only be edited by the IT employees that have been dedicated for this work only in the organizations.

Level of Security

Personal emails are not monitored by any third party. Services of a personal email are paid by the user itself hence its security lies in their own hands only.

Each and every email or attachment goes under scrutiny. As the corporate email service is been paid by the company hence wants to keep it under their control and is way more secured than personal emails. Companies dealing with financial spreadsheets and other affairs like these go for more standard security options.

Etiquettes and Attachments

Personal emails can have funny or other endearing attachments. Thus personal emails are dealt with casual etiquettes. Although one should not take it very lightly but they can attach files of their choice. Informal naming of email accounts is allowed with personal email addresses.

Corporate emails follow professional etiquette and do not allow any informal attachment. The emails are doubly checked for any kind of grammatical or spelling mistakes. Email addresses uses full name of the users and no informal naming.


Personal email accounts are most of times free of cost from the internet service providers.

Business or corporate email accounts costs much more than personal emails. Even the email size, attachments costs a lot. The free email accounts do not look that much professional are prone to security breaches.

Benefits of Email Hosting India


When your business emails are hosted by a business email hosting provider it will be monitored 24/7 for all your employees? Due to world-class security of all your business email accounts, it will definitely result in improved results in the end. This is because every employee and member of the organization is focused on the subject related to their profession and thus improving the results on the charts at the end of every financial year. Also corporate email hosting protects email accounts from any spams and viruses.


As corporate email hosting keeps each email account on different domain there is no risk of going down of any domain. The load is balanced in the best possible manner and is the biggest benefit of corporate email hosting. Thus, by this it keeps the communication open 24/7 and business running.

Easy Migration

Good corporate email hosting services are known for their ease during migrating to any other service. Hence, whenever one finds a service at better price, faster speed or any other reason, migration is the last thing to worry. None of the files get corrupted and there none of the issues. The migration to any other server will be like a cake-walk for any professional email server.

Additional Benefits

Additional storage space, spam protection, attack-protection or recoveries all account under additional benefits that are covered under the services of an ideal corporate email hosting provider. Go4hodting corporate email hosting also provides multiple domains with the overall service.


The very soon a business starts to expand; one will require a costly server and expertise to manage it. This will cost a lot to any company but this cost can be saved by just hosting the email servers on a corporate business email hosting provider. They are always equipped with extra space that can deal your expansion as and when required. This increases the scalability of your business to a whole new level.

Go4hosting Email Migration Services

Go4hosting’s email hosting services are provided with efficiency and handled with a simple to utilize control panel. We have a tendency to connect numerous third-party tools, various applications and software programs to provide tailored business email hosting solutions to consumers. Our email hosting services are supported by our Tier III data center infrastructure and continuous technical assistance which ensures huge network uptime and accessibility of consumer email network. Thus instead of observing each feature of email hosting service providers, we have the services which are applicable to all kinds of operations:

Simple & Free Email Server Migrations

We possess a professional team of consultants committed to the migration and the entire onboarding expertise. Also, customers will have to understand where their name is presently registered.

Fanatical Experience

We provide professionals across the customer’s aspect, but we will make sure the work is done rightly. From the initial consultation to regular operations, Go4hosting merges the ability of productive service with world-class tools as well as automation to provide technology whenever they require it. We combine email hosting with:

  • Custom Domains: We allow customers to make their email accounts utilizing their organization’s web site domain address.
  • Mailbox Storage: If the staff create business choices or interact with customers by email, they're going to require a lot of space for archiving previous emails. The providers we chose provide at least 2GB of storage for every customer.
  • Sending Size Limits: Every provider permits the customers to send various emails as well as attachments which are at least 25MB in size. Several even provide file-sharing tools that allow customers to send bigger files.

Email Hosting FAQs

Did We Miss Out on Something?

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