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Virtual Private Cloud

What is a Virtual Private Cloud Server?

A virtual private cloud Server is a private cloud housed inside a public cloud. That empowers you to experience the advantages of a virtualized network while using the resources of the public cloud.

Virtual Private Cloud help in isolating your data through hosted virtualization from other companies. VPC looks after it both in movement and in the cloud provider’s network.

“ We find it challenging to build a private cloud, because it is not easy for our staff to be well-versed in self service, automated provisioning, tracking and monitoring”, says a manager of an IT firm. Frankly, operating a private cloud is much more than running a standard virtualized environment. To get the most of private cloud, performance is of paramount importance. You just cannot guarantee performance by having a well-designed private cloud network.

Cloud based APM ( Application Monitoring Tools) along with network must operate in tandem with existing monitoring and management data center services . Moreover, methodologies that automate workload migration are constructive to balance workload allocation across private load systems. Before you take steps to move over to virtual private cloud, here are a few things that you must know.

Importance of Virtual Private Cloud Hosting in the Current World

  • It helps to create a more secure environment.
  • To provide secure data transfer over the public internet, VPC connects to remote networks via a virtual private network (VPN) connection.
  • A VPC is intact for companies seeking high levels of privacy, security, and control, such as healthcare and financial organizations dealing with regulatory compliance.
  • Also, businesses find VPC perfect for running mission-critical applications.
  • You usually manage a VPC through a managed service provider’s control panel. This window into your VPC enables you to easily see and make changes as needed.

Your Cloud Your Way

Based on its unmatchable specifications, organizations can customize a virtual private cloud server. These unique specifications includes choosing IP addresses, creating subnets, configuring network gateways, and route tables.

Originally, the cloud computing service model was used to gave organizations a cost-effective access to the data storage and IT infrastructure resources. That are required to develop new applications and services.

But the public cloud resources doesn’t work same for all theorganizations. As some are concerned about the multi-tenant architecture, some about the impact on data security and compliance because of concept of shared resources.

These concerns led to the advancement of private cloud infrastructure. That could be handled by on-premise IT and offer greater security control than a public cloud.

While private cloud deployments were productive and secure, they were also expensive to establish and maintain.

Then a virtual private cloud hosting comes out and provides IT organizations with security and cost savings. They can provision isolated servers in the public cloud, along with access to the economical private cloud pricing traditionally enjoyed in the public cloud deployment model.

Why Use a Virtual Private Cloud?

  • Enhanced Security

    A VPC allows you to secure your virtual networking environment, including subnets, IP addresses, and network gateways.

    For instance, you can isolate a database in a more secure private-facing subnet that isn’t connected to the internet.

  • Data Control

    By using a Virtual Private Cloud to host your data, you are isolating it from other clouds at the network layer.

    This gives you more control over your data and helps to prevent it from mixing with the data of other entities. This is a potential risk of using public clouds.

  • Better Performance

    By prioritizing the network traffic of select applications, you can help optimize their performance and eliminate congestion and potential bottlenecks.

    This way, you can ensure that your most important apps are running smoothly and efficiently, without any interruptions.

  • On-Demand Flexibility

    You can design a cloud architecture that is best suited for your company’s needs. For example, if you want to set up your VPC for contractors, you can arrange for them to have individual direct connections that will bypass your internal network.

There are hundreds and thousands of benefits to having a private cloud solution. Want to know more?

Talk To Our Experts

How does Go4hosting support virtual private cloud hosting?

Go4hosting is a great way to manage all of your cloud services in one place. They provide a variety of performance, security, and reliability services, including bot management, DNS, SSL, and DDoS protection. The full Go4hosting stack sits in front of any cloud deployment and accelerates good traffic while blocking bad traffic.

Our support experts are always on hand to proactively monitor your VPC and ensure reliable performance. You can contact us 24x7x365 for any support needs you may have.

Despite several advantages, private cloud deployments are fraught with risks. You must avoid the following mistakes if decide to venture into it.

  • Bad team selection

    A team consisting of disparate skill sets and experience and varying levels of commitment cannot deliver even if the virtual private cloud project is very well conceived. Therefore the best bet is to bring together a team that has the right skills, experience and commitment to work.

  • Unwarranted automation intricacy

    Automation is an essential element of virtual private cloud. Nevertheless, automation is complex, calling upon a large number of detailed operations. To create the right rule sets you need knowledge and competence of workflows and processes.

  • Lack of long term commitment

    Developing, maintaining and deploying private cloud is not a onetime affair. It is for this reason; companies must select platforms carefully with a view for long term use.

  • Lack of public cloud compatibility

    Yes private clouds can be standalone. However it is better to have a hybrid cloud plan, wherein private cloud and public cloud can be integrated. This way you will have the infrastructure to accommodate large number of cloud applications with scalable resource demands.

Choosing the right cloud strategies is important

As cloud adoption gains momentum, you must choose the right cloud strategy to meet your business objectives. It is not just about system administration. You must manage networks and servers so that your company will be able to provide services to your customers.

A well-thought private cloud strategy will assist in provisioning and delegating tasks that are better performed in close liaison with the customer. It is good to remember that virtual private cloud is not harder to deploy and manage than public clouds. Many IT managers will tell you that private clouds can be simple to use and are even more agile than public clouds.

Private clouds offer top class SLAs and enterprise level security. Some IT administrators even swear that private clouds provide 99.999% availability or just 6 minutes of downtime. This is certainly far better than what you get in a public cloud model.

Security in a private cloud infrastructure

A private cloud infrastructure can offer a robust IT solution to deliver enterprise class security. As we all know, in a public cloud, sensitive applications are exposed to higher level of risks that are specifically related to data recoverability. Moreover, it is the responsibility of businesses to set up and control the right security settings.

We must keep in mind that enterprise level virtual private cloud can provide secure multi tenancy to accomplish isolation throughout the stack. As one IT manager rightly pointed out, “The challenges to deploying private cloud have nothing to do with technology. Rather most of the barriers relate to managing transformation across the human resource and processes”. Private cloud does have numerous benefits. All that an organization must do is nurture and recruit advanced skill sets of cloud savvy IT personnel.

If this is not possible, then companies must seek out infrastructure providers or vendors that can assist them through the entire cloud transformation journey.

Virtual Private Cloud - FAQ

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