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VPS hosting India offers better control, raw power, and root access.

Go4hosting’s VPS Hosting can transform your business by offering enterprise-class experience and reliable server-like performance. Our VPS lets you achieve isolation while on a shared network, helping you have a trouble-free experience on your website.

VPS Server Prices in India as low as @ 1208.06 / Month

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VPS Hosting: A Brief Overview

The speed of the server and the level of customization that the provider offers determine the vps server price in india. But first, let's define VPS hosting so we can talk about the features and customization choices available with India VPS hosting services. VPS Hosting India is a type of web hosting that gives websites private space inside a shared setting. The top VPS hosting India models so attempt to provide a fully-featured environment while maintaining the very important cost-effective qualities of shared hosts.

VPS hosting India is helpful for small to medium businesses that have outgrown shared environments but are not sure about a fully private server yet.

Though robust, a virtual private server isn’t at par with dedicated hosts, which, at Go4hosting, we aim to curtail the difference. With Go4hosting’s VPS hosting India plans, you would experience similar performance that you would experience in premium services like colocation.

Even cheap VPS hosting India offers comparable performance in a scalable environment. You can easily scale memory, storage, and CPU resources with a few clicks. Our automated system is advanced enough to take care of any malfunction that may occur.

Get started with the VPS Hosting India framework for your business and optimize your business processes without spending a fortune.

With the cheap VPS hosting India, the service providers take the onus of server management, offloading intricate and routine infrastructure management. These services are further categorized into two segments:managed VPS hosting and unmanaged VPS hosting.

What is VPS Hosting India?

In order to satisfy growing consumer and market expectations, cheap VPS hosting India is a cost-effective web hosting service model. It is a managed environment that is more flexible and focuses on protecting the privacy of your vital data and applications without incurring significant costs.

How does Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Work?

A VPS hosting India is a virtual machine based on computer architecture that provides the functionality of a physical server. This allows clients to configure operating systems and software applications of their choice.

Technically speaking, a hypervisor will run on a physical server to intelligently route resources to VMs as and when needed.

A hypervisor is a program from which all VMs' virtual servers are centrally managed. Hypervisors allow clients to install/reinstall the operating system and boot/reboot the allocated server independently.

Put simply, a physical web server is divided into several components that work as if they were independent physical servers.

Up Your Game with Upgrades/Addons on Your VPS Hosting

We make sure you get the best VPS server price in India by only picking the performance features you want. Select from the following plug-ins and get the best of cloud computing in your budget.

Basic Performance Add Ons Managed VPS Services
CentOS/Fedora/Ubuntu/ClearOS Top Notch Network cPanel (only with CentOS 7) cPanel Migrations
Several locations HDD/SSD Storage Plesk Plesk Migrations
Private Network Tier III Data Center WHMCS Network, Login, Boot, Hardware, Rebuild
Quick Virtual Network access DDoS protection Storage Area Network Apache Hardening and server optimisation
rDNS support Backed Networks CDN Firewall Setup

Five times the Performance of Cheaper VPS Hosts

Get the best of the cloud service at the fraction of the cost. Analysis shows our services outperform popular cheap VPS hosting India offers while keeping your spending budget the same. What more? Our VPS servers deliver five times the performance and are twice as affordable.

Crowned #1 VPS Hosting Provider in India for Five Years Straight

Our VPS Hosting India has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. We have been awarded as the best VPS hosting provider in India for five years in a row. We have in our arsenal some awards for operating compliant service. Our certifications include –

  • Certified Tier-III data centers

  • CMMI Level 5 Assessed

  • ISO 9001:2008 compliant

  • ITSM 20000 certified

What Is The Right Time To Make a VPS Hosting Move?

Your traffic dictates when you should move your website to the best VPS hosting India service. You should move to a virtual private server right when your website outgrows shared hosting. The catch is, most websites don’t typically show any sign until it is too late. You have to be proactive However, there are a few indicators that can help you determine whether you should move to a Virtual Private Server-

  • Your shared hosting account has reached its limit
  • You require full root access to your server & resources
  • You want privacy for your websites & applications
  • Neighboring sites are starting to bother you
  • You are aiming to run specific OS and applications
  • You want to offload the responsibility of server management
  • While you want to switch to dedicated, the expense is too much to bear

Why VPS Server Over Shared & Dedicated Server Solutions?

Goals and priorities fluctuate depending on the type of business. Shared VPS hosting India successfully satisfies the needs of websites with minimal CPU demands and moderate user involvement.

Shared servers are ideally suited for customers with modest web hosting needs, such as for blogs and small websites. Contrarily, dedicated hosting is a rather reliable option for heavily trafficked websites that have stringent security requirements. As intriguing as it may sound, dedicated hosts also cost five times as much. Shared hosts competently meet the demand of websites that have low user engagement and even lower CPU requirements.

Based solely on the premise of cost-savings, shared servers are best suited for clients with small-scale websites and blog requirements.

Dedicated hosting is a relatively robust solution for high-traffic websites that need to adhere to strict security compliances. Intriguing as it sounds, dedicated hosts are also five times more expensive.

Shared hosts competently meet the demand of websites that low user-engagement and even lower CPU requirements. Based solely on the premise of cost-savings, shared servers are best-suited for the clients with small-scale websites and blog requirements.

Dedicated hosting is a relatively robust solution for high traffic websites that need to adhere to strict security compliances. Intriguing as it sounds, dedicated hosts are also five time more expensive.

The dichotomy is –

  • Shared hosts are cheaper but not robust in comparison of VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosts are robust but not cheaper then VPS Hosting

Thus, to balance the downsides of the two and combine the perks, Virtual Private Servers were introduced.

You should choose VPS hosting because –

  • It is cheaper than dedicated server
  • It is more robust than shared hosts

Why Selecting Go4hosting's VPS Hosting India is an Optimal Business Decision?

  • 2 Decades of Experience

    Go4hosting has been reeling since 2000 with strong & successful quarters under its belt. We offer a range of VPS hosting services that precisely accommodate the need of various clients settled across different geographies. We have data centers in multiple locations in India, so you can benefit from the geography of search intents.

  • Personalized Plans

    You will not come across a more robust provider of VPS Hosting in India. Our personalized VPS hosting plans include everything that a business may need to manage current and futuristic business needs.

    We allow our clients the flexibility to alter their VPS hosting because we believe it helps them to tailor a server more appropriate for their business.

  • Multi-Domain Expertise

    Our close connection with our clients that span across IT, education, manufacturing, aviation, banking, and supply chain has helped us to glean deep insight into different business intricacies and needs, thus, enabling us to deliver personalized plans to our clients.

The Go4hosting Advantage for VPS Hosting Services

  • Full SSH/RDP access to virtual private space
  • Dedicated IP, storage capacity, & mailing server
  • Easy to use Parallel Plesk/cPanel control panels
  • Round the clock Linux/Windows VPS support
  • Resilient power, network, & cooling facility
  • Enterprise-grade HVAC & prevention systems
  • Support all the Windows & Linux versions
  • A range of hardware & OS to select from24 hour server monitoring and management
  • Scalable disk space, compute, & IT resources
  • Transparent yet competitive billing structure
  • File Management System

    Create as many file transfer protocol accounts as you want, and safely transfer and modify files on you VPS Server.

  • Restricted Control

    Password-based access reinforces accounts from fraudulent logins. Create separate passwords for secure server administration, and one overruling master password for all everything.

  • Scale As You Go

    Need more storage than what your VPS hosting came with initially? Login to your account and scale in real-time.

  • Everything Taken Care Of

    Opt for managed VPS services and let us take care of everything.

  • Web Hosting

    Let Go4hosting deliver you a website powered by a robust VPS Server.

  • Maintenance

    More focused on running business than maintaining website? We will maintain it for you.

Go4hosting’s VPS Hosting India Can Transform Your Business

  • Reliability

    It goes without saying that any slip-up can have direct impact on financial status and reputation of an organization. To avoid this chaotic circumstances to arrive, we have incorporated enterprise-grade servers configured with latest Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, upgradable RAM and storage technology to power your website(s) and consistently support surge in traffic demands.

  • State-of-the-art Data Centers

    Our world-class data center facilities are supported by enterprise-grade HVAC systems, dual power supplies, diesel generators, robust backup and recovery solutions, and are under 24*7 video surveillance. We boast of several Tier III data centers in India. In addition to this, we offer clients an access to several best-in-price yet best-in-performance network providers with guaranteed 99.95% network uptime.

  • Elasticity

    Scalability is one of the major factors that ascertain the expected positive momentum in the business. Change is constant and so are our client needs that may vary from time to time. To support this, we have built resilient data center facilities that swiftly align to the needs of our clients – be it bandwidth, storage, or networking speed, scaling is simple.

  • Enhanced Security

    Lack of security can be devastating for a business’s reputation and evidently a reason for higher churn rate. We employ a multitude of technologies to meet stringent security demands of our clients that include logical security controls, dual authentication, biometric scanners, card key access points, anti-tailgating technology, and visitor escorts.

  • Full Support

    With a team of highly-qualified professionals in-house, we operate more efficiently and cater to the extensive support demands of our clients, allowing them to focus on strategic priorities that can help them move their business needle forward, rather than performing tiresome server management and maintenance tasks.

  • Renowned VPS Hosting India Provider

    We take pride that what began as a small hosting service is now the best in the world. We started with low-cost VPS Hosting India plans and made our name as both cost-effective and quality web host in the long run. The result, we have data centers in different countries and a network of globally-distributed CDNs.

A New Range of Possibilities with Cloud VPS

We have developed the best VPS hosting India solutions for meeting the needs of today’s customers. Combining the perks of virtual private servers and cloud serversinto one, we have combined the two. Now you can scale like clouds and control like VPS without buying these services individually. Before we dwell deep into this, take an insight into the difference between cloud servers and virtual private servers.

Before we dwell deep into this, take an insight into the difference between cloud servers and virtual private servers

VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

ParameterVPS HostingCloud Servers
Delivery TypeIP or Internet deliveredInternet delivered
AccessibilityWithin the network.Over the globe
Service typeManaged and semi-managed.Managed
ControlControllable front & backend.Front-end
CustomizationApplication & hardware front.Customizable application front
ScalabilityScalableHighly scalable
SecurityHighly secureSecure

Cloud VPS: Cloud-Virtualized Private Servers

Amalgamating perks of cloud hosting and VPS hosting into a single service.

ParaCloud Servers
Delivery TypeInternet & IP delivered
AccessibilityOver the globe.
Service typeManaged/Unmanaged
ControlControllable Front-end/Backend
CustomizationApplication/Hardware front
ScalabilityHighly scalable
SecurityHighly Secure

VPS Hosting – FAQs

Our fast, simple, and cheap VPS hosting plans offer more bang for your bucks.

So, if you are ready to experience the unparalleled level of hosting ecosphere, speak to our web hosting experts now at +91-120-6025102

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