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Dedicated Servers

Customizability, security and performance of dedicated servers now come with Plesk control panel.

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Plesk Dedicated Servers

Simplicity and convenience are the main driving forces for selection of Plesk control panel for dedicated servers in addition to a wide spectrum of advantages available with dedicated server hosting. Plesk enables multiple levels of controls to simplify administering tasks associated with web hosting and offers flexibility to support business growth. Plesk dedicated server hosting is unlike any other server. It combines the flexibility of a dedicated server with an intuitive GUI and the ease-of-use of Plesk control panel.


Features of Dedicated Servers with Plesk

  • In order to appreciate value of Plesk control panel in a dedicated server hosting environment one should gain some insights into features of dedicated servers. A Plesk dedicated server is aimed at allowing seamless flexibility to choose the type of software applications, operating systems and so forth.
  • Our dedicated server Plesk services have been designed with cost-characteristics in mind. With Go4hosting’s Plesk managed server, you will see a definitive performance surge while still paying less than what you would pay with any other host.
  • Users can enjoy unrestricted freedom for customization of the hosting environment in terms of server’s software configuration. Dedicated server hosting service is highly sought after by large enterprises for greater freedom, privacy, and flexibility. It also empowers users with freedom to access all resources of a standalone server including RAM, CPU, disk space, and processing power to name a few.

Advantages of Choosing a Dedicated Server with Plesk

Exclusive Access

Unlike a shared hosting environment, other websites will not be able to cause resource restrictions in a dedicated server environment. This will improve availability and access to RAM as well as CPU.

Moreover, users need not be concerned about bad scripts from other websites to impact performance or security of website that is backed by dedicated server hosting.

Performance and Flexibility

Serious and mission critical web applications must be backed by highly available and secure hosting support of dedicated servers. Dedicated server support is essential for seamless uptime and stability of websites that are designed to handle critical transactions involving SSL or FTP.

Clients of dedicated server hosting can operate in a flexible environment that allows a tailor-made ecosystem for using software and platforms that are required for exercising superior control and achieving perfect server configuration.

Decide What You Need

You understand your business needs more than us, that’s why we let you choose from a list of Plesk Hosting India plans. We have setup our data center environment in such a way that clients can alter their server anytime they need.

The added flexibility allows your business the freedom to adjust to changing landscape of modern market while still being able to cater to demands.

Dedicated Performance

It is to be noted that with our Plesk managed dedicated server you will get an entire server with all its resources at your disposal. Dedicated servers have proved their might in dedicated vs Plesk VPS battle, even with the same configuration. This is likely the result of the freedom and customizability offered by dedicated servers.

Sophisticated Web Sites are Now Easier to Configure.

A dedicated Plesk environment can benefit your website by providing you all the required resources as and when needed. The advantage of Plesk Servers lie in the fact they offer three to four times the convenience of ordinary servers at a fraction of the cost.

Ease in Management

Plesk makes the otherwise complex functions easy. With an intuitive GUI, Plesk is the easiest control panel you will find for dedicated servers. The eased functions will make the complex tasks easier to handle, thus saving valuable time in the long run.

Improved Supportability

Plesk servers are easier to maintain by service providers, and are perfect for new users who are not accustomed to managing servers.

For greater flexibility and freedom from challenges of managing complex tasks, one can choose the option of managed dedicated server hosting. This can also reduce the overhead expenses involved in maintenance and procurement of server and networking equipment.

Access to the dedicated server environment also allows use of dedicated IP address that facilitates secure and efficient running of large online shops.

Significance of Plesk for Dedicated Servers

Thanks to its seamless adaptability and user friendly features, Plesk has established itself as one of the most sought after control panels. In a dedicated server environment, Plesk provides automated setting up of a large array of applications such as database servers, FTP, and mail among others.

Plesk dedicated server allows ease of access via a graphical and intuitive interface to help users access a broad assortment of controls for a simplified server management. As a result, clients can streamline their business operations more effectively. Plesk control panel can be operated even by individuals who are not technically proficient.

  • Compelling Features

    There are multiple features of Plesk control panel that need to be highlighted in order to appreciate its superiority over other control panels.

  • Versatile and Accommodative

    Whether you are operating in a Windows or Linux environment, Plesk control panel has you covered. This also explains its extensive usage by a number of enterprises from all business verticals. Plesk supports every type of hosting such as shared, dedicated or VPS hosting to name a few.

    Plesk is also designed to be accommodative since it can cater to very simple as well as highly complex environments and allows end to end customizability that can be an advantage to user as well as the hosting service provider. Building and managing websites is further simplified with help of Plesk site builder.

  • Secure and Stable

    Plesk dedicated server is powered by integrated tools that help troubleshooting a variety of technical glitches and provides security from server crash or even a cyber-attack. With Plesk control panel to drive your website operations, users can gate access to a multilingual control panel to add to flexibility of hosting. The site building tools allow flawless integration with hosting environment of VPS or dedicated servers.

    To summarize, Plesk dedicated servers provide a simple and effective tool to manage configure and operate all types of websites irrespective of complexities. Plesk offers robust control measures for security and Firewall protection while assuring seamless visibility of server operations.

Advantages of Go4hosting Plesk Dedicated Hosting

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    5 Times More Plesk Extensions

    Dedicated servers with Plesk allow you to add more extensions when compared with a VPS. This is primarily due to the fact that dedicated Plesk hosting is more customizable and hence more suited for a wide range of plugins.

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    WordPress Toolkit for Plesk

    If you choose a Plesk managed server, Go4hosting will give you the option to configure it with a plugin of your choice, especially if it is WordPress.

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    Plesk Migrator

    Now you can migrate web content with ease with the Migrator plugin for Plesk. Plesk Migrator plugin is especially helpful while migrating web content between Plesk dedicated servers.

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    Google PageSpeed Insights

    Identify what it would take to make your website faster and SEO-friendly with Google’s PageSpeed Plugin. The faster your webpage will load, the better your website will perform in search results.

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    Security Plugins

    Choose from a range of plugins for your Plesk dedicated hosting. Security plugins protect servers against attacks such as DDoS and intrusions. You will get access to more than a thousand security plugins with Plesk servers.

Plesk Dedicated Servers – FAQs

What is Plesk Used for?

Plesk is a control panel installed on top of Windows servers. It lets users to easily manage several aspects of server accounts from one place.

Is Plesk used in Dedicated Server?

Yes, Plesk is available for all servers – shared, VPS and dedicated – and for both Windows and Linux. Though, available across all platforms Plesk is predominantly used for Windows OS.

How much does Plesk Cost in a Server?

Unlike, cPanel, Plesk does not offer a free version. The pricing starts at a meager $5.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Plesk offers a free trial.

Are Plesk Dedicated Servers Secure?

Yes. Dedicated servers, regardless of the control panel installed, are very secure. Moreover, there are several security plugins that make Plesk servers even more secure.

Is Plesk Better than cPanel?

Plesk is the better of the two if your website executes .Net and ASP frameworks. If you are directly accessing MSSQL databases, Plesk is inevitable.

How does Plesk Work in Dedicated Servers?

Plesk works pretty much like cPanel. It provides a user management module from where you can access all the things that are mandatory for managing a dedicated server. Think of Plesk as the control panel on your computer. While you aren’t aware of the operations that are undergoing in the background, you can handle pretty much everything with ease.

Further, there is CLI (command line interface) as well, if you want to sacrifice the GUI for the sake of added controls.

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