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Security Services

Managed Security Services


Advantages of managed security services

  • The security risk of operating IT infrastructure is far more severe than it was envisaged earlier. Data vulnerabilities can be present within as well as outside the boundaries of firewall and therefore one must build impregnable security for an enhanced it preparedness.
  • This calls for adopting Managed Security Services that are offered by reputed providers for streamlining of IT security in an enterprise setup. These security solutions are aimed at mitigation of complexity and cost of the entire security infrastructure. The entire gamut of enterprise IT ecosystem that is designed to handle mission critical information is secured by these services against the existing as well as future security threats.
  • Managed Security Services also allow an integrated view of the enterprise security ecosystem by developing proactive measures and methodologies for dealing with security related issues that may crop up from time to time.

Ever evolving threat landscape

  • Among all categories of managed services, managed security services continue to be sought after the largest number of organizations. No wonder the segment of managed security services has been registering the highest growth during recent times.

  • Correlation of devices to acquire information from a vast assortment of sources has resulted in voluminous generation of data. In addition, data is also generated due to prevention systems, intrusion detection systems, firewalls, and many more security devices to exert significant stress on the in-house security infrastructure.

  • Managed Security Service providers aim to reduce the burden on IT infrastructure and staff. Enterprises can choose to outsource security services either partially or fully as per the size of the staff and infrastructure.

  • The Security Operating Centers managed by these service providers are backed by seamless availability to facilitate remote control and management of events as well as systems. Their round the clock services enable businesses to minimize burden of hiring, training, and managing in-house security teams.

  • Cloud computing has enabled development of an innovative platform that can be operated to deliver and ensure remote management of cloud based security services.

  • Every business that requires an IT security infrastructure needs to weigh options of in-house or outsourced security solutions by assessing needs of the organization. The first and the most important factor is the level of preparedness of the enterprise IT for availing outsourced security services.

  • Comparison between outsourced and in-house security applications is also important to understand the extent and importance of on-premise security applications. In-house security infrastructures have not lost their value in spite of the advent of outsourced services.

  • In case of mission critical applications, the services of managed security service providers should be leveraged and preferred over on-site infrastructure. Cloud based security solutions can be afforded by all enterprises irrespective of sizes and can be quickly implemented as well.

  • Landscape of online threats continues to evolve in terms of complexity as well as variety thereby exposing enterprises of all sized and categories to vulnerabilities. This is because the malicious activities are performed via the web and are most commonly backed by intentions to extract financial gains from the victims.

  • The cyber attacks are now aimed at individuals or organizations, rather than computer systems. Criminals from this domain are rapidly adapting themselves to new technologies.

Features of Managed Security Services solutions

Managed Security Services can be availed to deliver a wide spectrum of service components including round the clock management of compliance and security needs. Highly available Managed Security Services also make sure that DDoS attacks are averted by getting rid of excess traffic that has the potential to cause bottlenecks.

Web Application Firewall can provide an advanced security level to protect clients’ web applications. Moreover, yet another cost effective and simple solution to secure web applications is available in the form of SecureAT. These managed firewall solutions are designed to help enterprises avail optimum security against malicious elements.

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