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How Many IP Addresses Do I Get With My VPS?

Usually every VPS hosting account is allocated one IP address because the service providers offer VPS with preconfigured IP address. If a user needs additional IP addresses, then it purely depends on the hosts policies to allocate anywhere from one to four additional IP addresses to a VPS account. It is strongly recommended that any application the needs more than 4 IP addresses should be hosted on a dedicated server.

Allocation of extra IP addresses must be backed by justification. This is essential because federal authorities including RIPE and ARIN need to be convinced regarding the rationale for having excess IP addresses. 

One of the commonest justifications for additional IP address could be the use of SSL certificate. It is important that users should be able to furnish valid reasons for convincing authorities that the IP addresses are not being handed out in a haphazard manner.

If you need additional IP address with VPS account, then the host is sure to charge you for the same. This is because of the host could have made more profits by selling a VPS account with that IP address. It should also be noted that, hosting service providers are also required to update clients justifications for every additional IP address to ARIN or RIPE.

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