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Growth Chart of Your Website with VPS Hosting

If you consider what web hosting is all about, you will invariably be able to conjure up an image of numerous websites which form the Internet; to understand web hosting in its entirety one would have to analyze different facets of web hosting which are designed to cater to different kinds of needs. To enjoy all the benefits which come with web hosting, businesses must pay a price. Shared hosting is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to host any website but in shared hosting; resources are limited because resources of one server are shared collectively by many users on that server.

In comparison, dedicated servers are far more powerful and reliable; they are also customizable because they allow you to control resources belonging to the server. And the server is not shared among multiple users; it belongs to a single client alone. You will however need a high degree of expertise to be able to use dedicated servers and this will entirely depend on the hosting service provider you have chosen. Most of the small and medium sized businesses do not have unreasonably large websites but at the same time, they do get more traffic than what shared hosting plans are capable of handling. They also do not have the funds or the expertise to maintain dedicated servers. So, they automatically turn to VPS hosting plans. VPS hosting plans are designed to resolve these problems for the SMEs. Hosting the virtual server is simple and it is an affordable and scalable hosting solution which can benefit requirements of most websites. So, cheap VPS server hosting in India is ideally suited for companies that may have outgrown shared hosting but are not yet keen to opt for dedicated servers.

You will however find that specifications of VPS hosting tend to vary from one provider to another when you closely analyze its features and benefits. You should therefore make sure that the provider you choose is able to offer you the features you require. VPS plans will typically cater to websites which get high web traffic and are expanding fast. So, when viewers come to your website, the hardware needs to perform different types of tasks; different kinds of tasks will also need different combinations of system resources. So, the more the traffic to the site, the more will be the demand for resources. When you do not have enough resources, there is the possibility of downtime.

The main reason to choose VPS is that you can get some resources allocated to your account and these will belong to you exclusively. This means that you can get resources on demand whenever you need them. This benefit is similar to that of a dedicated server except that it is far cheaper. VPS hosting is also designed to prevent businesses from losing revenues when they are migrating from one web host to another.

So, given these benefits, VPS hosting is preferable even though it is more expensive than shared hosting. When you consider long-term expenses, VPS hosting plans are worthwhile. You can get better security and support for your online business for a modest price.

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