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How to Build VPS Hosting

A VPS is built by splitting a physical server into smaller virtual servers each of which runs its own copy of operating system.  You can create as many virtual machines as you want. The hardware requirement will vary depending on the number of virtual servers you intend to build. You will need RAM, hard disk drive(HDD) or Solid-state drive(SSD) and a processor. The physical server is often referred as the host machine and the virtual private servers are called guest machines.  

Download and install any hypervisor on your host machine. There are two types of hypervisors you could choose. Type 1 is the bare-metal hypervisor that run directly on top of the hardware like Xen, KVM, vSphere and the Type 2 is the software-based hypervisors. Xen is a hardware-based hypervisor. To build VPS servers you require specific software like SolusVM. Start building your VPS containers Install the operating system you are comfortable with. Install the software applications like Apache, MySQL, Nginx, and similar. This will require some sort of technical skills. you must also deploy firewalls., anti-malware solutions, and virus scanners.

The VPS hosting requires server space that you must buy from a reliable hosting company like Go4hosting.

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