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How to Configure Apache Virtual Hosts on a VPS

Apache is the widely used web server on the internet. It is an open-source software and runs on all the operating systems like Linux, Windows, Unix, Solaris, OSX and many more. The server can split its functions and other components into several parts or units each of which can be configured and customized independently. Each part contains a website or domain and is called a virtual host. This enables a single server to host multiple domains on a single IP address. The domains are independent of each other. When a visitor requests for a specific domain, they are connected to that site and the visitor will never come to know that there are other domains or websites on the server. You can configure your local hosts on your VPS hosting by the following steps.

Create a dummy virtual host and designate a real DNS approved domain or IP address. We will use the term dummy while referring to the domain name mentioned above. Allow the user to be the owner of the directory all it should be accessible for all to read the new files. Next create a new page and add some content to the file to test it when the IP sends to the virtual host. Enter the Apache configuration file and restart Apache. Though there could be a warning message you can ignore it and you are now able to access your virtual host. You can view your virtual hosts by typing your IP address into the browser. You can add more virtual hosts by following the same process.

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