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Apache Server

Apache server is often referred as a public domain open source web server, developed by a loosely-knit group of developers. It is the world's most popular web server software with a user base of more than half of the active website and top servers across different industry verticals. The first version of Apache, was developed in 1995 and the name is a tribute to the Native American Apache Indian group. Core development of this web server is performed by a team of about 20 volunteer programmers. However, as the source code is available free of cost, anyone can adapt the server to work on the specific need. There is a large public library of Apache add-ons, similar to the LINUX, which is also an open source operating system platform.

The genuine version of the Apache server was written for UNIX, but there are some versions that run under Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. Apache can host both static as well as dynamic websites that are programmed on server- side scripting languages, like PHP, Python, or Perl. Support for other programming languages is implemented through installation packages, modules, which are integrated to the standard Apache installation.

Apache is an open-source, free-of-cost web server software powering more than 40% websites around the world. Its official name Apache HTTP Server, and it has been developed and maintained the Apache Software Foundation.

Apache allows website administrators to serve content on the web, thus the name “web server.” it is one of the most reliable web servers (and also the oldest). The first version was released in 1995, around 25 years ago.

When you visit a website, you do so by entering domain name in the browser address bar.  The (web) server then delivers the files requested by your browser. It does so by acting as a virtual delivery agent.

Some ultra-modern web hosting infra use Apache in coalition with NGINX – another popular web server software. This setup unlocks the best from both the applications. Firstly, it significantly improves the performance of the website by compensating downsides of one web server with the advantages of its counterpart.

Database servers, file servers, and mail servers use different kinds of server software. Each application specializes in performing selected tasks and can access files stored on a physical server and utilize them for various purposes.

A web server serves various websites on the internet. In order to achieve this, web server needs to act as a middleman, bridging the gap between the server and the end-user. The web server will pull files from the physical server every time a request is made and then deliver it to the web, and finally to the client’s computer.

The biggest challenge faced by web servers is catering to a number of users concurrently, with each user request different files at the very same time. It is now the responsibility of web servers to process files and make them deliverable to the end-client.

Although called Apache web server, it is not a physical server, but instead an application (or software) running on a server. Apache’s job is establishing connection between server(s) and browser(s) of people visiting the website, transferring files to and from the client’s computer and the web server. Being a cross-platform software, Apache works on both Unix and Windows dedicated servers.

When a visitor loads a page from your website, his browser sends a request to your server, requesting the web server to deliver files to help it display the contents of the page. The response is returned with Apache and all the requested files are delivered. Obviously, faster the connection between your browser and the web server, faster the web pages load.

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