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Advantages of Server Hosting

Server hosting is basically the offsite management and maintenance of hardware for a company and this is available for a monthly charge. Companies can enjoy advantages of server hosting in exchange for a nominal fee; they can take advantage of a comprehensive IT infrastructure without having to pay for buying, maintaining equipment of training IT personnel. So, server hosting is very beneficial for many companies that have to work on a tight budget and do not have the funds to afford expensive storage hardware or equipping such hardware with stringent security measures. When you choose server hosting services, you do not have to maintain resources on-site; you do not have to worry about monitoring the hardware or maintaining it or even troubleshooting server-related problems.

We get asked this quite a few times. Having a server comes with a lot of advantages.

Server Provides Reliability:

It is very likely that a single component when failed could to trigger a complete outage. Your files would be unavailable for a long time until the issue is resolved. This could cost you a huge sum, especially if you are a growing enterprise. A single failure means hundreds of lost man hours that could have gone into enhancing productivity.

Server is Scalable:

As your business grows you will need new computer to meet your new requirements. Purchasing a new machine every time can be costly. Though you can upgrade your old computer you cannot do so endlessly. You are bound to reach a time sooner or later - generally sooner - when your computer will be running at its maximum capacity and still be unable to cope up with tasks. With proper server configuration you are assured that as business grows the machines can grow, too, thus not limiting critical operations. Servers are also more convenient to upgrade in terms of access speed, remote access and storage space.


Server Facilitates Seamless Connectivity:


An older version of Windows Server would only allow you to have two remote users by default. However, there are options to add as many remote users as you want in the future using Remote Desktop licences or any 3rd party software if you are running Windows Small Business Server.


Server Hosting Enhances Collaboration:


Businesses using no server will have its electronic collaboration highly restricted. For example, such businesses would not be able to see the Outlook Calendars or notes of its staff. Any email you send them will first go through the internet and then halfway across the continent or the country to your email servers. It then travels back using your own Internet connection to the very person across the room from you. Don't you think the data packets need not travel this far to reach someone only a few meters away.

A proper server system configured with Microsoft Exchange Server would let you harness email hosting to its full power. This will also include unlocking emails to its full power, and allow you to harness the full power of email collaboration, including shared calendars, shared contact lists, group emails. A lot of other features would also become a part of your daily operations for you to utilize.


Server Allows Automated Backups:


A business with no server will always have lingering tendency to store all your data all over the place. There is no centralized system from where to download or store data when required. Data that is not properly backed can quickly get lost and might not find its way back to the system ever again. Without a server your data might not have a reliable system centralized email system like Microsoft Exchange, backing up company email is difficult and unreliable. Also, if your data is backed up to a server it is very unlikely that it will get deleted unless done intentionally. Thus, a server allows you with automated backup creation and also the ability to restore or make changes to your data and simultaneously move backups to it.


Server Helps Your Business Expand:


If you have a server located somewhere, adding new employees, their credentials and info can be made highly automated. Installing external devices and printers, network share mappings, installing printers, setting up a facility to fax straight from within Word or other programs, all of this can be done using scripts and other tools to speed up deployment of new staff and equipment.

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