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Application Management

Before anything is handed over to the end user, each and every application or product goes through multiple stages of development and testing. Then only it is trusted to be handed over to the end user and ready to use. For this Application Management is essential and takes of the following processes:

- Outlines Requirements 

- Designs and Builds the Product

- Tests It Thoroughly 

- Resolves Bugs

- Deploys the Product

- Performs Ongoing Maintenance

- Improves the Product 

Many a times ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) is confused for SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). ALM covers the entire life and involves each stage of an application starting from when the idea was initiated till the end of cycle. While SDLC only covers the development of the application. SDLC can be considered a part of the ALM as testing is inherently involved in ALM. The principles of ALM remains unchanged whatsoever and those are integration, collaboration and visibility. 

It helps businesses to make smart decisions related to their software and how to manage them efficiently and before time. Through this the company can reach optimum levels of managing software from starting till the end.  Each and every business must implement ALM and incorporate all the tools that are needed to reach those levels.


The 3 Major Elements of Application Management Are-




This is that part of ALM wherein all the decisions are taken. The idea for the application is born in the business case development and other ideas are mapped. The strategies to how to go away with all the processes is also involved in the governance along with the resource management. There may be some businesses who are dealing with multiple applications at a time. In that scenario application portfolio management is also a part of the application governance.




This is the software development lifecycle or more popularly known as SDLC. It identifies current problems related to planning, designing, and building, testing, deploying and updating the application. These steps can be completely secluded from each other and can also be integrated into one.


Operations and Maintenance:


This is the phase where the company monitors its operations and manages the deployed application. This involves some important commands like “release”, “config” and “monitor”. This phase ensures that the product is thoroughly tested before it is put into use. With the help of ALM tools all these can be carried out in the most effective manner. By integrating these tools into the development processes will provide the right visibility throughout the development lifecycle. 


Advantages of Application Management are Many but to Cover the Main Ones:


Releases Faster: 


It is one of the top benefits of ALM. With the help of ALM there are faster releases and the customers getting the products sooner. If all the phases are aligned at the right time with the right set of tools the product is in the market at the right time. 


Qualified Products:


The release cycles of some applications when not properly followed according to ALM invites many risks to the quality of the application. The very first thing that a user would not compromise with the application will be its quality; hence rushing through the cycles is not the solution. This problem never comes at the first place if all the phases of ALM are taken seriously. 




Knowing about the requirements and how to meet them on time becomes easier with the implementation of ALM. With the help of ALM tool, companies create a traceability matrix. This keeps track of all the processes whether they are completing on time or not. 




ALM enables any enterprise to have a better visibility throughout the product lifecycle. But getting the right visibility is no difficult with the help of ALM tools. This also provides a farsightedness of your product and what can be the future prospects stored in the market for your application. 

Keeping you updated about the changing technology and requirements is also fulfilled through Application Lifecycle Management. The best approach to implement ALM for your applications is by using the right set of ALM tools. Not only the mentioned benefits, it brings a feeling of dependence due to a single source of information and decisions been taken by a single authority.

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