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Advantages of Using Private Cloud Computing

A private cloud can be understood as a dedicated hardware platform that runs virtualization software and provides organization with facilities to run virtual private machines & associated services. One of the greatest advantage of private cloud hosting is that the infrastructure is not shared, and therefore the performance as well as compliance is guaranteed. The full control of resources rests with the organization. This offers an edge over public cloud computing where virtual machines compete for the same resources. Switching to private cloud computing helps organizations as there is no need for day-to-day maintenance & support. A private cloud can be excellent when it comes to customer satisfaction too.

Private Cloud Services

Private cloud is also known as internal or corporate cloud because it is primarily used for supporting business operations of a single enterprise. 

Public clouds, on the other hand, are open to the public and almost anybody can use the same for a small fee. Private clouds, when weighed against their public counterparts, are costlier and feature less users. Private cloud allows organizations to have their own infra instead of using public one. There is no fixed spot as to where this infra needs to be located – it can be built either in-house or outsourced to third-party premise. The private cloud on the other hand, allows organization to use their own infrastructure. The infrastructure can be hosted either within the organization or outsourced to third-party location.


Private clouds are almost entirely hosted on-site or in a third-party location (when enough space is not available). Because the entire infrastructure is meant to cater to a single enterprise, there is obviously more control as to what can be done and what cannot be done in conventional clouds.

When changes are required to be made hosted either on-site or on in a third-party data center, the same can be promptly incorporated because the IT workforce can intervene as and when required. This not only improves overall productivity but also enhances employee collaboration.


When it comes to cloud services, there is no one size that fits all. Every enterprise would want its own service, customized to its own taste and requirements. One of the most coveted features of cloud computing is the level of customization offered. With given freedom to twist and mold services your way, it become easier to tailor a service for yourself.

With private clouds procured, you can choose from varied options, ranging from specific storage and networking characteristics, choose an infrastructure with specific storage and networking characteristics, so the system is able to meet needs smoothly.

Privacy Remains Intact:

Another feature of private clouds that is touted the most is its improved security level and SLA compliance. Data is saved on multiple servers but managed centrally using a central system. The system pinpoints data in the entire resource pool, directs servers or the associated hardware to fetch and deliver content to the end-user.

Data is not replicated as a whole either. Data sets are spliced into smaller sets, encrypted and then stored into multiple servers. This ensures that even if an attack compromises data, files are encrypted and unreadable until the attacker also gets his hands on decryption algorithm.

Further, the data center environment is one of the safest. Internal IT team access data using their own network, heavily guarded by firewall and antivirus protection. This further downs the probability of any threat happening.


Even though private clouds are owned as private services, they need to comply with internal guidelines and policies laid down by the governing body. This ensures no ends are let loose by the provider for the sake of cost-saving.

Customer privacy comes first for any company operating in the domain of IT and cloud services are no exception to the unwritten rule. Most providers happily or reluctantly comply with cloud standard to keep their services up to mark and thriving in slit-throat competition prevailing in IT today.

Private Cloud Computing – Myths to Bust

The terms ‘private’ has often confused many into thinking that an organization is left to have its own cloud infra. While this is possible and in existence is not completely true. It is also possible to have your private cloud requirement fulfilled by a third-party provider. Doing so would enable you to seamlessly reap benefits from one of provider’s existing infra’s while still being able to save some pennies for your business.

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