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Automatic Online Backup

Features of Automatic Backup-


Easy to Use:

Automatic backup should schedule, manage and restore your files by our efficient cloud control panel or API (Application Programming Interface). Quick restore to the cloud server running as the backup agent and only choses specific files and folders to back up.


File-Based Backups:

Automatic backup is good at choosing files and folders to back up. The working of automatic backup is so smart that itself it selects the time frame and restores the specific files and folders to an entirely different server.



Automatic backup backs up files and transfers it over high capacity network and writes to different storage disks that are stored on separate nodes or locations all together. 


Customizable Scheduling:

Although the functioning of backup is totally automatic, but the user does not lose control. You will be the sole controller to decide when and how frequently the backups need to be performed. The decision of the time period for which a file is retained also lies on you.


Working of Cloud Automatic Backup:

Generally an organization’s backup application copies data and stores it on a whole other different media or storage system to get easy access whenever there is a recovery situation. It basically serves as the offsite facility for many organizations. There can be multiple options and approaches to off-site backup but cloud backup is one of the most renowned one. But the organization who does not own an off-site server can go and opt for cloud backup service provider. The onus lies on the organization now to select that service provider that might easily fit into their organization’s existing data protection process.


Varieties of Cloud Backup:


Backup to Public Cloud:

This is the way of backing up wherein organizational resources are duplicated on the public cloud directly. In this way, company uses its own backup software and copies the whole data to that cloud storage service. The backing software is capable enough to interface with the cloud’s storage service.


Backing to Service Provider:

In this way of backing up, the organization trusts an external cloud service provider with their data which offers backup services in the form of a managed data center. The backing software is just a part of the service that comes consolidated with other cloud services.


Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) Backup:

They are the latest kind of backup service that specialize in backing up of data that is already stored on the cloud. It copies the data from one cloud to another cloud and hence called cloud-to-cloud backup. It can be said a backup service that hosts the software that handles the process.


Online Backing UP:

In this way of backing up, dedicated hardware is used to facilitate backing up data to a cloud backup service. They are all in one back up machines that incorporates the backup software as well as the disk capacity that runs on the cloud server. They provide unified link to one or more backup services or cloud providers. They store the recent backup which is stored locally so that if any recovery required can be done from the local backup copy.



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