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AbanteCart is a boon for the small-scale online business houses, as it is secure and comes with an excellent layout. This is the result of the hard work done by the passionate group of people working towards the growth of the online business. This shopping cart is loaded with features that make the website user friendly and interesting. AbanteCart comes with an attractive storefront that was high in demand. It is extremely beneficial for the store owners as they are the ones who spend maximum time looking at the website. This shopping cart also allows the easy distribution of digital goods and gives complete control of the digital products to the business owners.

AbanteCart has many new features to deliver like the 1.18 version administrator of this shopping cart takes commands and verbally name the desired action given by the user. Some of the actions that can be performed by the voice commands include opening pages, carry out operations of the system, establishing speedy connections etc. This is not just easy to install but is also extendable and manageable. It is also known to have superior visuals, which will give complete new experience to the users. It is best suited in today’s time as new changes are made very frequently in the business environment and it is important to be up-to-date. The shopping cart is exceptional as it allows you to include new service or feature as and when needed. This is simply unique, innovative and best suited for any online business.

The ecommerce industry has a new player, which is not so new anymore. Based on New Jersey, AbanteCart is an ecommerce hosting technology and business software, which is extremely useful for the entrepreneurs planning to sell things online. It was created by Pavel Rojkov in 2010 but was not released to the public until November next year (2011). A free and opensource ecommerce application, AbanteCart has community-based project assistance, making it so widely adaptable. 

AbanteCart has been licensed under the Open Software License (OSL) and its foundation was laid using PHP and MySQL database.

The development of the upcoming 1.2 and 2.X versions of AbanteCart is being publically coordinated on GitHub.

On June 17, 2014, the ecommerce software was certified by a firm called Bitnami for automated deployments. These deployments would be made on Amazon EC2 cloud and other scalable cloud deployments on the Amazon EC2 cloud. 

The reason why Bitnami stack is said to become popular is that the stack is compatible with CentOS.

AbanteCart has outsourced its fraud management services and uses external service to better manage mainstream tasks. FraudLabs is the company given charge for reviewing customer orders and payments processed through PayPal, Authorize.Net and CardConnect.

In layman’s terms, AbanteCart is a free PHP based solution made for merchants that need the ability to create ecommerce website but lack the required expertise. AbanteCart application has been built and supported by some of the most experienced enthusiast that are not just passionate but also the experts of the ecommerce industry. Since the ecommerce industry is so full of rapid deployments and instantaneous changes, it takes more than a bunch of experts to handle such a robust platform.

How eCommerce owners will benefit from Abantecart:

- AbanteCart is an expandable shopping-cart app with an evolving application extensions list. 
- It has easy extension installation. Management takes no more than a few clicks. 
- You can virtually add features and/or service to AbanteCart, which would prove to be too important a benchmark in today’s rapidly evolving technology environment.
- Upgraded support that is directly accessible with the control panel provided. 
- Backward support included. Restore accompanies evert upgrade just in case the same is required.
- Virtually FTP-free ecommerce solution. 
- No need to know complex codes, programs or syntax to install modules.
- Use any pre-existing browser to manage your ecommerce application without any hassles. 
- It is a fast and swift-running shopping cart app that uses fewer resources than any other platform.
- It can run on any hosting platform, regardless of whether it is shared or dedicated
- Features a rich shopping cart experience that has never been experienced before. Standard features allow setting up of a complete online shopping experience with all the tools needed to sell the products.
- A number of payment modules and shipping options with the freedom to add additional extensions when needed.
- Extremely secure solution with in-built security practices, all being PCI-compliant.
- A flexible layout for pages to setup navigation based on the best usability practices to improve business conversions.

Benefits for eCommerce developers and contributors

- Extremely well-organized based on MVC.
- The core code layers need not touched for installation of extensions for feature developments. 
- Multiple tools and a large library of classes to manage debugging applications.
- Manageable and changeable workforce. 
- Extension organization with newly added abilities to further extend the app features and connect to multiple channels, all at once.  

Which factors should you consider while choosing an AbanteCart hosting solution?

a)    SSD Storage: When your data is stored on SSD drives, your pages tend to load faster and your ecommerce store works optimally.

b)    cPanel: With a cPanel in place, you can manage your store, database, domain easily using a single interface.

c)    Robust Security: Your AbanteCart hosting plan should include an SSL certificate that secures your e-commerce store’s sensitive data and boosts your business’ ranking in search engines.

d)    Regular Backups: An automated backup solution ensures that your site’s database, emails and other important information is safe and secure.

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